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Michael Jackson: Thriller Meaning


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Song Released: 1984

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Thriller Lyrics

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It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark
Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze as horror looks you right...


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    Sep 26th, 2009 9:05pm report

    This song is just about the genre of thriller, and things that happen in the supernatural world. However, before this song was released, a church of Jehovah's Witnesses contacted him and told him not to release it, because it reinforced beliefs that they did not dwell with, what was beyond their beliefs. Michael wasn't going to release it for this reason, but he had signed a contract and was obliged to. Lucky he did, because this is some of his best work to date, and not to mention the best selling album of all time! Love you Michael x.



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    Jul 6th, 2011 7:20pm report

    He was exposing Jehovah's Witnesses. Ask a former Witness who was treated unjustly to read those words, watch the video and compare it to the elder witch hunt. Micheal turning on his girlfriend is like family & friends who say they would always be there for you then turn their back on you & side with the organization who are the zombies.


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    Feb 26th, 2012 2:43am report

    This song is Michael's description of the 'thumb' that the music industry has on him....the evil being the Illuminati...close to midnight.. 12 am until 3 am are the witching hours....the darkest time of night said to be most evil....'they're out to get you - there's demons closing in from every side - they will posses you unless you change that number on your dial' refers to the demonic messages imbedded in the music we listen to including his. He's saying 'they will posses you' unless you turn the channel or station and don't listen. Think this is far fetched? Just look up John Todd and see how far fetched it is....


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    Oct 4th, 10:05am report

    I recon the song is about what falling for someone feels like...


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    Jul 7th, 7:29pm report

    He is simply saying to look into the skies. Look at the moon. Wonder if u will see the sun. Referring to same sky both in existance. We live in a thriller. They are out to get you. The government. The masquerade is the song itself he speaks of. A diversion from what's real in this world and what is not. Thriller the dome is gonna get you with its jaws wide open. Coming back referring to the bible is easily summed up by one world changed while recording forever embedded in music history. The jaws of the alien. Why alien? Because that's what exists within reality not the round thriller we think of. We are the zombies depicted. Brilliant!


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    Mar 14th, 2019 3:52pm report

    If u read it, without thinking about the rhyming(as MJ had all the lyrica written by himself, created the music video, produced it, oversaw the music video production in most aspects, even made a disclaimer, abt not maing any claims, in congruence whatsoever, to the occult), as he made it a point, not to stray away from the main concept. The true lyrics, indeed, were about his childhood abuse,& how u can't escape it..the cold hands, the door slamming, you can't fight it (esp as a child, for himself,being powerless to the beast,no matter how much u wanna fight it off..it s too late).. This is a true account of experiences from his childhood..his father, being 'the beast',& not being able to escape it. 'Thriller' was the 'thrill' his father got,from his grotesque abuse towards michael,& (who knows if it was not just mike, but his other siblings). He then, turned honest lyrics, into a zombie/werewolf theme (creatively), to hide his true intentions of thr actual lyrics which scream out pain& hurt. I think,that's why he turned out the way he did. No disrespect to MJ fans. Obv, he was the best performer&musical genius, however, it couldn't be more *apparent* of his ways w children that were extremely inappropriate.


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    Mar 7th, 2019 3:07pm report

    Anyone think he's singing about being raped?

    "It's close to midnight
    Something evil's lurking from the dark
    Under the moonlight
    You see a sight that almost stops your heart
    You try to scream
    But terror takes the sound before you make it
    You start to freeze
    As horror looks you right between your eyes
    You're paralyzed
    'Cause this is thriller
    Thriller night
    And no one’s gonna save you
    From the beast about to strike"

    "You hear the door slam
    And realize there's nowhere left to run
    You feel the cold hand
    And wonder if you'll ever see the sun
    You close your eyes
    And hope that this is just imagination
    Girl but all the while
    You hear a creature creeping up behind
    You're out of time"

    "Darkness falls across the land
    The midnight hour is close at hand
    Creatures crawl in search of blood
    To terrorize y'all's neighborhood
    And whosoever shall be found
    Without the soul for getting down
    Must stand and face the hounds of hell
    And rot inside a corpse's shell"

    "Cause this is thriller
    Thriller night
    And no one’s gonna save you
    From the beast about to strike
    You know it’s thriller
    Thriller night
    You’re fighting for your life
    Inside a killer thriller tonight
    I'm gonna thrill ya tonight"

    "Ooh, babe
    I'm gonna thrill ya tonight. 'Cause this is thriller... get up (I'm gonna thrill you tonight)"

    Seriously wtf?


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    Aug 1st, 2018 8:17pm report

    Within the lyrics it's not a stretch to go to the "predator" type behavior that he was later accused of...


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    Jul 14th, 2018 7:46pm report

    It's actually pretty simple. He's trying to get his lover scared enough to get her to hold himself closer to her and comfort her.

    Then he'll "Thrill Her."


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    Jun 24th, 2017 6:52pm report

    The song lyrics actually depict the book of revelations of the Bible, regarding the beast and end times of the world. Revelations chapter 8 and 9 talk about darkness falling on the land and the Beast marking people with his number 666. Also about the demonic creatures being released from the bottomless pit to seek out people who aren't Christians. The song is definitely about the end of the world and what will take place.


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    Apr 30th, 2017 4:38am report

    I think the song is about a guy trying to scare a girl into only trusting him and manipulating her so she will be more loyal to him.


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    May 16th, 2011 5:46pm report

    If you watch the music video, (which, by the way, is on youtube.com,) MJ is walking down the street with and singing to his GF, leaving the movie theater. Basically, a bunch of zombies decide to come out of their graves and surround them. MJ looks like he is going to protect his GF, but then his eyes go weird, and becomes a zombie! So he dances with the zombies and then his GF wakes up to find that the whole incident was a dream. So it's a spooky, creepy experience with zombies. What a thriller!

    It's close to midnight and something's lurking in the dark...

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