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Pink: Who Knew Meaning

Song Released: 2006

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You took my hand
You showed me how
You promised me
You'd be around
Uh huh
That's right
I took your words
And I believed
In everything
You said to me
Yeah huh
That's right
If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone


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    Apr 15th, 2009 4:45am report

    I have never done this. I am a self proclaim bad army dude. I have heard this in the gym for weeks. anoyed me at first, not motivating. I undertand points of view presented before me. I heard this and actually left soon after to go home to my chick. I was upset which NEVER happens. Had some love and moved forward. I think this is something about a love, with regret held on to. I understand this now at 30. a real, true love, that moves on and has a path, that I assumed is death. you cannot reclaim that loss. This hit me as, tell them you love them when they are the real one and don't regret. You never know when you're chance, nor time, will come. As an attempted heartless killer, this suddenly hit me to strong. A good song, or movie, sends us our own direction. I think this is it. Don't run past regrets for stupid casues before its not your choice. BTW, we had a great night because of this impression. Do the same if its right. It isn't always right.


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    Mar 23rd, 2009 3:18pm report

    This song is about someone you love dying... no matter how much you want not to beleive it.. no matter how many people tell you it will happen.

    It means a lot to me as I was diagnosed with cancer a little over two years ago. My wife still hold out hope that I will live forever no matter what friend and family say.


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    Jan 25th, 2009 1:45am report

    Drugs where the hell did that come from ?????
    and I don't think she's talking about a dead B/F he just keep not showing for his promises and everyone keep telling that he won't show up you should leave him and that's makes the part who knew I wish I could touch you again I wish I could still call you friend I'd give anything... Hmmmm or maybe he is dead hard to tell =S

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Nov 30th, 2008 11:26pm report

    This is old, and probably out-dated, but I would like to take the chance to say that you're all right, and you're all wrong.

    Songs are like poems; of course the writer had a single story in mind, but that doesn't mean the reader/listener can't take it to mean something else that's just as true.

    Yes, Pink wrote the song about a friend that OD'd. That doesn't mean you can't listen to the song and hear a breakup. Or a broken promise. Or maybe just somebody close to you that just walked out. Possibilities are nearly endless. For me, it's about someone you love promising you they'll be there forever, but then they just leave. When people told you not to expect forever, you shrugged it off and chose to believe in forever; after all, we all lose ourselves in passionate love, and we don't always think logically. We refuse to hear anything that could put a damper on our parade.

    The second verse could mean a variety of things. For instance, if it's a heterosexual relationship, perhaps they didn't feel it necessary to use condoms during sex and she got pregnant? Or maybe it's an STD like HIV/AIDS. One of them freaks out and leaves, leaving the other alone to deal with the problem. That act of leaving is such an act of betrayal that we know we'll never take that person back, and we'll likely never see them again.

    In the end though, we still love that person, and we miss them.

    Rather, that's one of the ways it could be taken. Don't be closed-minded to lyric interpretation.


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    Sep 12th, 2008 9:15pm report

    Pink in the London Daily Mail May 26th 2006 said this song is about losing a loved one to drugs: "My life was insane, I was (in her youth) out of control and doing lots of stupid things. Some of my friends were selling crack, and I got into drugs too. I've always been honest about that, although I don't like going into details. I've got lots of young fans and I wouldn't want to give them any ideas. I found a friend dead from a drug overdose when I was 14. He was a male friend, not a boyfriend. Most of the people at the funeral were just children. It should have been a wake-up call for me, but it wasn't." (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England)


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    Sep 5th, 2008 9:07pm report

    This song is amazing. I lost my brother when he was 19 to an accidental drug overdose. And everything she says I have felt to a T. The meaning of the song isn't to focus on drugs its to focus on the relationship between people and how it feels to loose them. You never think anything will happen to you or anyone you know and love, and people can tell you they are fine and everything is ok and it doesn't mean its true. I played this song at his funeral and I hope it helps others as it has me.


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    Jul 30th, 2008 7:06pm report

    I think this song as a very sad story behind it. This girl dating a boy that has a drug problem. They are madly in love. He promises her the world. Everyone around her tells her he has a problem but she's in denial and doesn't want to accept that he might not be around forever, and he isn't, he dies. This same thing happened to me. It's horrible, and pink does an amazing job and singing exactly what I feel. "I'll keep you locked in my dreams, the last kiss I cherish until we meet again. Who knew."


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    Jun 17th, 2008 6:15am report

    I think..
    the song is about a couple, who were in love.. They were obviously young, they broke up.. And the male died, at least.. That's what I get from it..

    "That last kiss.. I'll cherish. Until we meet again.. Time makes it harder.. I wish I could remember.. But I keep your memory, you visit me in my sleep."

    He is obviously gone.. I relate to this song, very much.

    My ex passed away, he committed suicide.. and I really miss him a lot.. He was my best friend, and I'll never forget him.. and I often dream about him.


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    Jun 9th, 2008 6:06pm report

    She was in love with this guy and she thought he loved her back, and she thought it was the "real" thing and her family and friends were like he doesn't love you its not real...and he was like lets have sex and they did (her first) then he ran away, leaving her doubting everything and still in love with him.

    im guessing!!


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    Jun 8th, 2008 6:45pm report

    Actually if you read all of the lyrics, it's about a girl whos boys dies, she's saying "That last kiss I'll cherish until we meet again and time makes it harder I wish I could remember/but I keep your memory you visit me in my sleep" if he didn't die they why is saying that last kiss ill cherish until we meet again? she means together in heaven, also why would he visit her in her sleep if he was still alive, yall need to read the whole of the lyrics.


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    May 18th, 2008 5:47pm report

    This song is about friends/bf/gf and how whether their on drugs or just separation it's talking about when you meet someone you love you believe it will last forever and then realizing it don't and also realizing that your love ones may have a drug or other problems


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    May 16th, 2008 5:15am report

    This song is about A teenage couple who is in love. The boy has a problem and the is obviously upset about it but doesn't believe he is bad off. He promises her forever and he promises he'll be there forever. Eventually he was so bad off he overdosed. This song is exactly what happened to me. My babysdad Overdosed and passed away when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant. At 17 this is very difficult to live with this song actually expresses my feelings to a "T". This is my favorite song!!


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    May 12th, 2008 5:58pm report

    I think the main message in the song is to express the intense feelings a person has after losing someone - anyone close to them completely unexpectedly. That ignorance and denial that nothing bad will ever happen to you.. The constant reflection on specific moments that you just can't have back, or have again. And that intense pain that makes you yearn for that one person.
    I completely get that whole drug addiction thing. Although that's not what I think of when I hear it. I don't follow pink I just really connected with this song.
    Personally, my mom passed away seven years ago. She was in a car accident and she died instantly. When I first heard this song- I just thought of her. I was only 15 when it happened, but that hurt and pain never really goes away- overtime it lessens, but then there are days when it just is all so hard to believe - still. The way pink sings with all she has, with such strength- its just, exactly how I feel. And its something very difficult to explain.


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    Mar 28th, 2008 3:55am report

    I Guess you can make any interpretation you want to . When the song came out it really freaked me out because I had recently heard news of an old boyfriend/friend who died from a heroin overdose and was very crushed and disappointed over his demise. One morning as I was pulling up my driveway thinking very hard about him, the radio premiered the song and in the beginning the dj on the station said "'This is Pink's new song about a close friend who overdosed on heroin." It was just really ironic. This song comes to mind every time I think of him and everybody who struggles with addiction.


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    Mar 3rd, 2008 3:06pm report

    It's about having a friend with a potentially terminal disease... Hearing people talk about a living friend in the past tense. She knows, or believes, she's going to fight for every breath she can get and overcome it, but everyone is telling her not to get attached.

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