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System of a Down: Chop Suey Meaning

Song Released: 2001

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Chop Suey Lyrics

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We're Rolling Suicide

Wake up(wake up)
Grab a brush and put a little makeup
Hide the scars to fade away the shakeup
Why’d you leave the keys upon the table?
Here you go create another fable
You wanted to
Grab a brush...


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    Jul 6th, 2012 7:01pm report

    These dudes are muslim who view Jesus as only a prophet and not the Son of God...the song is deep in the beginning keys on the table refer to the Catholic Church make up and all that stuff fetal position is vague refernce to pedifile priests (who are like 1% of the priests) The self righteous suicide would be a muslims interpretation of Christs crucifiction which they deny ever happened. The father why have you forsaken me is directly referencing Christ.
    Basically the song is mocking Christianity.
    remember islam was created by a man named Muhammad and he didn't walk on water or do any miracles for that matter...oh and he created islam 700 years after Chtist. Chop Suey that S.O.D. lol


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    Jul 6th, 2012 7:41pm report

    I think it's about a girl in an Islamic family who gets raped and the only way to restore honor is to commit suicide.

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    Jun 21st, 2012 6:34am report

    Yall are trippen. this song about a bitch. he gotta a bitch and she a angel to him until she fucks him now she deserves to die. all that leaving keys and creating fables and hiding shit he talking to a bitch. and he telling her she dont believe he'll kill himself over that shit which maybe he will.

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    Jun 9th, 2012 6:42pm report

    I think this song is about using drugs, or alcohol. I think the lines ''Wake up, grab a brush and put a little makeup, hide the scars to fade away the shake'', refer to sobering up from being high or drunk, because you have to hide the evidence of being under the influence of the substance. While the lines '' I don't think you trust in my...'' refer to people thinking that he can't control of the substance he's using even do he knows that it's killing him.


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    Jun 4th, 2012 6:20pm report

    First of all they said themselves that it's not about god or the bible see post #2 js ah

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    May 23rd, 2012 5:04pm report

    all of these are great interpretations, but when does "you wanted to" come in? everyone tends to leave that out, it's because of those 3 words that throws off most of these interpretations (at least for me)


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    May 9th, 2012 5:41am report

    The posts i've read take it way too seriously. Just becuase we have biblical references, or suicide allusions doesn't mean that the song is about either killing yourself or martyrdom. Maybe we need to listen to what they are saying, instead of what we think they are saying.

    It really sounds as if it's just about life. We all have scars (...put on a little make up), devote our lives to something and die (self righteous suicide, why have you forsaken me). It's definately not about death, destruction or drug addiction. Definate hints of Armenian Genocide but still, I think the song just is what it is!

    anyways not gonna waste your time with BS but that's my 2 cents.


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    Mar 12th, 2012 3:31am report

    It's very deep and simple: it perfectly describes the agony when losing faith..


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    Mar 12th, 2012 3:25am report

    It's very deep and simple: it perfectly describes the agony when losing faith...


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    Mar 6th, 2012 3:37pm report

    I think it's more literal; starting with the title.

    The song is about suicide.

    Another commenter noted that the song was originally called "Suicide" but the record company made them change it. I was thinking about that...

    So what did they do? They "chopped" the word in half so you just had "Sui" or "suey" for phonetics sake. The exclamation point, in my opinion, was icing on the cake saying to the record company, "look, we did what you told us, we made a happy! song...eff you." Even right before the song starts, you know how one person in the band tells the other members what song they're playing next? You can hear either the drummer or lead say "okay..Suicide" like he's giving the cue,"okay, we're going to play this song now."

    With that said, I agree with the commenter who quoted the lead singer "the song is about how we are regarded differently depending on how we pass. " Suicide will not get you into heaven. But any other way that you can die, is okay. Why can't someone be saved AND commit suicide?

    So you have this guy, putting make-up on what I think, are cutting scars on his arm. The first stanza describes what he goes through to keep this hidden. Maybe he uses a swiss army knife on his keychain or the keys themselves to cut.

    Second stanza, he's replaying what he does and other's responses over in his head like:

    Other: Why are you using make-up?
    Him:..I wanted to
    Other: Why are you putting it on your arms?
    Him: I wanted to
    Other: Uh why did you leave your keys on the table?
    Him: Shit, I have to think of a reason for me to have left them there (create another fable).

    The next part, he's being a little sarcastic when he says "trust in my self-righteous suicide." He's saying "listen, just because I do not want to live anymore doesn't make me selfish and self-righteous" and that it makes him cry to think that just because "I'm depressed, why does that make me deserving to die and be condemned and not go to heaven?" Other than wanting to kill himself, he is an angel in every other aspect.

    At the end, I think he's praying. He's asking God to save him "I commend my spirit." But he feels God has forsaken him by creating him, giving him feelings, and ultimately therefore, depression. He feels forsaken because the Creator will let everyone else into heaven, who commends their spirit to Him as long as they don't kill themselves. That's the only caveat...be saved, you're okay. Be saved and commit suicide, you're screwed.


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    Feb 25th, 2012 2:47am report

    It is a song about a person trying hide some truth.The "key leaving in the table" part, is a clue that the person leaves about the truth.Then when the person gets caught he/she wishes that the truth could be hidden longer-(you wanted to.....[in the song]).After the truth is exposed the person thinks somebody else does not trust him and thinks angels deserve to die for not protecting him.The person might have called GOD as father in the same voice as Jesus once spoke to God.He now felt forgotten by God as he was not protected from hiding the truth and facing the disadvantages of life.


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    Jan 13th, 2012 1:36pm report

    There are some main points in this song as i see it that everything is based on

    fakeness, (from the start of song also there is a symbol in the song name, chop suey = fake chinese dish

    I see it as relation to

    - fake ordinary persons life and every time it ends with "You Wanted to" - its his/our choice to live like this.

    Which leads to

    "i dont think you trust in my
    self righteous suicide i cry
    when angels deserve to DIE!!!".

    So how to find sense in this?

    First of all i dont think that author is refering "when angels deserve to die" as song theme's wish that angels die because lyrics have > i cry WHEN angels... < which
    could also go both ways but i doubt since the rest of the song doesnt point any anger to god/angels...

    Connecting it with the first part it seems as he is talking from Jesus's perspective(since on the end of song he does show that)who is sad that about us who cant see/care about his sacrifice and keep living in fakeness.

    "I cry when angels deserve to die" could also be connected to author of song who cries/is sad upon injustice...(this could also be connected to something from his life/experiences)


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    Jan 9th, 2012 1:17pm report

    Wow actually nobody has the correct understanding of this song. System of a down is a band of Armenian descent and made their songs about the Armenian genocide that happened in 1915 when the Turks slaughtered over 1.5 million people. No one really talks about it because World War I was happening, and the media didn't focus on that. All the songs are all about getting recognition. It is an important ambition for them, the Armenian population, and the diaspora to gain world recognition, especially in the United States because its a super power.

    "Wake up, Grab a brush and put a little makeup" is referring to the turkish government and how their crimes are so obvious, yet they're trying to cover it up, hence the reference to the makeup. System of a down is also making a reference to them being young girls and running away from their problems, not facing the truth of what they did.

    "Why'd you leave the keys up on the table" is referring to the Armenian people not being able to have what is theirs, the homeland. Eastern Turkey is Western Armenia. The "key" was left in the house not letting them inside. All their churches lay in ruin to this day. Its Armenia's belongings.

    "Here you go create another fable" is once again in reference to the Turkish Government making up stories about the genocide. They say that Armenians killed their people. Yet they also said no such genocide occurred. System of a Down is basically saying "Wake Up" and realize what your doing and saying.

    "In my, self righteous suicide" does not literally mean that they think suicide is justifiable, but that the turks make it seem like the Armenians killed themselves and their own people for attention. They say "I cry when angels deserve to die" because how could the Armenians, a nation that did nothing wrong (the angels), be killed in such an awful way for no reason? Essentially, this line is sarcasm for the Ottoman Empire's foolish actions.

    "Father, into your hands, why have you forsaken me" Although this line is an allusion to Jesus before he died, this line is speaking for the Armenian people as a whole. During the time of the genocide many Armenians lost their faith in God. They thought to themselves, if God was with us, he wouldn't let something so tragic happen to our people. So they're asking "why have you abandoned us father?"

    Now tell me, doesn't this song make a lot more sense now?


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    Dec 27th, 2011 12:10pm report

    "Grab a brush and put a little makeup. . ." refers to someone hiding their inner emotions.
    "I dont think you trust in my self righteous suicide" self righteous suicide is when to kill yourself for someone else's benefit. Like Jesus on the cross.
    "I cry when angels deserve to die" this also refers to Jesus and how the people killed him and thought he deserved to died.
    Now of course in the part where he screams "Father, father" he means God.
    "Father into your hands I commend my spirit" He's giving his spirit to God to hold in His care.
    "Why have you forsaken me?" are the words of Jesus before he died on the cross.
    How does this all connect? Maybe this person is living a terrible life and wants to kill themself? You can put it all together yourself but I really believe that these are what the lyrics are supposed to mean.


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    Dec 27th, 2011 12:54pm report

    i think the "Why'd you leave the keys up on the table" part, means that the guy who voers his mistakes, errors and misfortunes, can't see his defects and prefer blaming the others; like, some problem happened, and he needed the key, but he didn't find it, so he blames other person, not himself

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