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System of a Down: Darts Meaning


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Darts Lyrics

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May I please remain in this space,
For darts screech by my desires,
May I please remain in this space,
For darts screech by my desires,

Art thou not human man (x 8)
Not human man art thou

Life threatening lifestyles,
A hitman, a nun,...


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    Apr 5th, 4:52pm report

    Its about how society is falling.


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    Jul 27th, 2012 7:26pm report

    To who ever wrote the one about Twilight Sparkle:
    This song is older than MLP:FIM.
    Don't get me wrong, I love that show. But... I think you might need to lay off the ponies, brony.
    That is all.


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    Jul 26th, 2012 7:45pm report

    "May I please remain in this space"
    let me stay faithful to my good old religion

    "For darts screech by my desires"
    the desires are maybe things this person wants to do but is afraid to do because religion doesn't permit it. the screeching darts are dangerous.

    "Art thou not human man"
    i think this the religious person defending them self saying that their way is the way of man.

    "Not human man art thou"
    is the response telling the religious person that their life is deprived of humanity.

    "Arise as did the gods Ninti, and Ishkur"
    i think this telling us to start a new way of life or to adapt and change from the old ways because ninti was the "ladyof life" and ishkur a god that brought spring the season of change and life.

    "Life threatening lifestyles,
    A hitman, a nun, lovers,"
    this depicts the clashing of religious views and actions; how so many were killed in the name of religion.

    "Clock men for they will fail,
    Fear not the gods that come from the sky,
    Long not for the one who's lost their way,"
    This line tells me that men in ours ways will eventually be our own demise and its just a matter of time. Fear is a tool used to suffocate us. long not for the lost and the scared but instead get up and act.

    "can you tell me? I don't know."
    im not sure about this i think it might be like "can you help me?" or can you tell me what is wrong or what should i do?

    thats what i can pull from it without looking at other interpretations first


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    Jun 16th, 2012 6:40am report

    "May I please remain in this space,
    For darts screech by my desires."
    This is actually referring to Twilight Sparkle, the best horse in the world. It is basically saying, 'may I please remain in the same space as Twilight Sparkle because she's awesome and I love that horse.' The darts are possibly referring to her magical horn, which is a part of desiring to be with that beautiful pony.

    "Art thou not human man"
    This is just saying, 'Twilight Sparkle, you're not a human man. You're a female horse.'

    "Life-threatening lifestyles,
    A hitman, a nun, lovers."
    It is life-threatening to go to Equestria and live there with a horse because humans aren't supposed to go there. The thing about the hitman and the nun makes absolutely no sense.

    "Clock men for they will fail,
    Fear not the gods who come from the sky,
    Long not for the one who's lost their way."
    This is saying, that in order to travel to the enchanted land of Equestria and meet Twilight Sparkle, you must go to the gods who come from the sky and use their time-traveling magic to enter a time warp going into Ponyville. But the people who cared about you, like, your friends and family and everything, must not long for you once you've gone, because you are happy now. You are in Ponyville, the most happiest place in all of the world.

    This is just what I get out of this song. I hope this interpretation is helpful.

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    Apr 24th, 2009 4:41pm report

    I believe this is about people being shunned for not going with the norms of society and how something that is normal at a present time is believed infallible, then a time later another idea is put in its place. It might be a message for us not to be absolutely certain in our beliefs in religion or generally, because absolute pride in oneself destroys all other possibilities. Also getting back to my first idea, it might mean society is always changing and because of this change something that is shunned at one time is embraced at another. All in all I believe it is about never being to sure of yourself that you throw out all other possibilities, in other words be open minded.


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    Aug 5th, 2008 8:31pm report

    Well, this here is a song about religion, and modern religion. The quotations I speak of so much from the lyric booklet read, above "Darts":

    "Why do old societies hold the pantheon of 12 gods to be true, while modern societies generally have one God?'

    So, yeah, this song's about religion and questioning religion and who is the one God.

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