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Blink 182: Man Overboard Meaning


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Song Released: 2000

Man Overboard Lyrics

So sorry it's over
So sorry it's over

There's so much more that I wanted and
There's so much more that I needed and
Time keeps moving on and on and on
Soon we'll all be gone
Let's take some time to talk this over
You're out of line and...


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    Dec 17th 2008 report

    This song is about the former blink 182 drummer, scott raynor who tom and mark kicked out of the band because he had some really bad problems like drinking and about the direction he wanted the band to go (some say he wanted to take on a more metal style but idk that may be true) The story goes that the band or friendships with scott were really going downhill and scott missed out on a lot of shows because he was drunk and wasted all the time. So blink was touring with the Aquabats, who's drummer was travis barker, and travis filled in for scott at a few shows. They liked travis so much that they talked to him and travis said he would be willing to join blink if they needed him. So they gave scott the weekend to think it over and go to rehab, and if he didn't want to he would be out of the band. Sunday came, and Scott tells them that he's changed and will go to rehab. That's when mark and tom tell him that travis is already the drummer because he took too long. In the end some might say tom and mark were dicks to scott, but they had to do what they had to do because they thought travis was the far better choice, but they are still a little embarrassed of how they treated scott...
    it talks about the drinking problems scott had("you're out of line, and rarely sober")... and it says how they gave him so many chances to clean up his act but he never did("you can only lean on me for so long"). And it also is about them saying, so sorry it's over, like we got this far and I'm sorry our friendship is over. and there's so much more that he wanted and needed from scott so that their friendship and the band could progress. In the end when it mark is singing the verses it just talks about how they tried with scott but he was unmoveable, so the band didn't even bother, was sad he was gone, but wouldn't miss him too much due to his behavior.


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    Feb 1st 2007 report

    Ok. This song is about Scott Raynor. He had a drinking problem, and mark and tom and rick (manager) gave him a choice to stop drinking and go to rehab or leave the band. One night at a concert scott was to drunk to play and and so they got travis who was playing with another band. He was a success and so scott left the band and travis took over. There you go. Thats the truth out of marks mouth so everyone just shut the fuck up!!!


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    Jan 30th 2006 report

    Yes this song is about Scott but he did not ask to leave the band he was given a choice to either quit the drink or get kicked out, he was given one weekend to think about it but he took to long so was then kicked out! But who cares Travis is 10 times the drummer he was!

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  7. anonymous
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    Jan 25th 2011 report

    Man Overboard is about blink 182's old drummer Scott Raynor. Scott had a drinking problem and was asked by his band mates "mark" and "tom" to stop drinking or leave the band. one night at a show Scott was to drunk to play Blink 182's set. so "Travis Barker" filled in. barker learned the entire set within two hours. while he was playing another set with his band the "Aquabats". Travis then became the new drummer of blink 182 and Scott left the band to go go where ever the fuck he went HA FUNNY SHIT! bet he wishes he would have quit drinking. he still a good drummer thou.

  8. anonymous
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    May 30th 2010 report

    i would also like to add that the line "tight lipped procrastination" was about scott taking to long to give the band his decision about rehab.

  9. anonymous
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    Nov 23rd 2008 report

    This song is about Scott "lost of a good friend" yeah marks obviously talkign about Scott leaving and him not careing because Travis is on another level than he ever was.

  10. anonymous
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    Nov 22nd 2008 report

    Actually to anonymous on July 9th... you're an idiot... Mark never denied No it isn't being about Tom. He denied that the song breaking out on their website on the internet on Toms birthday being a malicious attack at Tom. He always maintained that No it isn't was about him.

  11. anonymous
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    Jul 9th 2007 report

    For everyone saying blink denied the song being about scott, I believe mark also denied that "No It Isn't" (+44) wasn't directed towards tom, but then later came out saying it was. Just a thought.

  12. anonymous
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    Jun 24th 2007 report

    It is about Scott. He got kicked out of the band because of his drinking problem. He all was used to get money off them (before they became big) to buy alcohol and saying goodbye (so sorry its over).

  13. Fenderboi
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    Dec 3rd 2006 report

    I read in an interview with scott reynor that they asked him to quit drinking or quit the band. After a while he decided that he would quit drinking and stay with the band but it was too late and Mark and Tom replaced him. This song most likely could be about this.

  14. anonymous
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    Aug 1st 2006 report

    I had heard it was about their ex-drummer scott, but then I heard blink-182 say it was not about him at all, he left the band because he wanted to go in a different direction.

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  15. edd
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    Apr 10th 2006 report

    This song's about no suicide!
    its about their x-drumer scott raynor who was kicked out of the band or he quit but I'm not sure. anyways the song is:
    "so sorry its over" they are telling him that its over for him. That he is no longer in the ban

    "Let's take some time to talk this over
    You're out of line and rarely sober
    We can't depend on your excuses
    Cause in the end it's fucking useless" it's about how he ha drinking problems" You're out of line and rarely sober"
    and that his excuses are useless.

    Well.... That's pretty much it....
    its easy to understan if you have know the story behind it.

  16. anonymous
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    Apr 6th 2006 report

    Actually, what I've heard from blink 182, I think, is that this song is about a friend of theirs who commited suicide because he had a drug/drinking problem. So, this is like their song for him.

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  17. anonymous
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    Dec 3rd 2005 report

    Straying from the point slightly, Scott left as he didn't have the same ideas about where the band should move onto. But, yeah, he did have a drinking problem I think, as I read it in a book written by Mark's sister back when the band were still printing the T-shirts themselves.

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  18. anonymous
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    Nov 9th 2005 report

    The song supports rumors that Scott Raynor (Drummer) was actually asked to leave the band because he had a drinking problem. The end of the song states "can't say I miss him around", and also, "hand in your resignation". Obviously refering to his bad habits and wanting him to leave.

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