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Blink 182: What Went Wrong? Meaning


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What Went Wrong? Lyrics

I'm sick of always hearing
All the sad songs on the radio
All day it is there to remind an over sensitive guy
That he's lost and alone, yeah

I hate our favorite restaurant, favorite movie, our favorite show
We would stay up all through the...


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    easytarget z 3
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    Oct 2nd 2005 report

    "I'm sick of always hearing all the sad songs on the radio
    all day it is there to remind an oversensitive guy that he's lost and alone, yeah"

    (Tom is alone with no girlfriend...he hates hearing the sad songs on the radio to make him feel more depressed about his ended relationship)

    "I hate our fav. resturaunt, a favorite movie, our fav. show"

    (tom is saying he hates all the stuff they loved together to not remind him of his exgirlfriend)

    "we would, stay up all through the night. we would laugh and get high and never answer the phone"

    (tom is saying all the things they had fun doing all the time when they we're together. (just remembering all goodtimes they had)

    "i can't forgive, can't forget, can't give in...what wen't wrong? "

    (he can't forgive what she had done...so she obviously did something bad like "used tom" or "cheated on tom" he can't forget what she did to him. and he can't give in to makes things how they used to be.) and when he says "what wen't wrong? " meaning...they had so much fun time together, why would she do somehting like this to me?

    - i love the solo and the violin (my fav. part of the song)
    the reason thatsmy fav. part of the song is...that i think the music has like a sad tone to relate to the song (almost as if the music blended with the words to describe how tom feels) when the violin is played...i get all tingley cause i know how tom feels...i felt this pain before. its not easy going through a break up when you had so much fun with that person and you loved them.

    "'m kicking out fiercley of the word around me"

    (taking a guess on this one...i think with all this horrible feeling he had with his g/f, he just feels like he wanna kick something to get rid of his pain. haha i think i'm wrong with that one...just a guess

    awesome song!

  2. anonymous
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    Dec 22nd 2012 report

    I think that it doesn't have to be about a broken up relationship, it could be a relationship that never was, a guy who is crushing on this girl who he's friends with (they did everything together, had a favorite resturaunt, fav movie) but she doesn't like him back, he was a fun, happy guy until she told him about a new boyfriend. Now he's all depressed, she "f**ked up his life" he hates sad and sappy love songs cause they remind him of what never was, he can't forgive, or forget was she did which was show off her new boyfriend and how happy he made her. He tries to get over her but "he can never escape"
    I know this cause this is exactly whats happening to me right now

  3. anonymous
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    Jul 15th 2011 report

    I think this song is much more than just a girl or ex-girlfriend, but life in general. In the verses through out the song, I think Tom is talking about how he's screwed up some of his relationships he has with other people. Not necessarily a girl, but anyone from his friends, family, girlfriends, etc. He's talking about how he misses the times they had together and how deep down he wishes he had never messed it up. In the chorus however, I think that Tom isn't directing it at his friends or family, but that he is actually talking about himself.

    "I can't forgive
    can't forget
    can't give in what went wrong
    cause you said this was right
    you fucked up my life"

    He can't forgive himself for what he's done.
    He can't forget what happened.
    He can't give in to the fact that he himself messed up.
    He wanders what has gone wrong because everything seemed right for him at the time and he told himself what he was doing was the right thing.
    He fucked up his own life.

    Tom could've been not himself for a time for whatever reason. It could've been he was doing drugs or that he decided to leave all his friends and family behind. I think this song is a way for Tom to tell everyone he's hurt that he realizes that he was the one who was fucking up and he wants things to be how the used to be again.

  4. laxmonkey44
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    Dec 15th 2009 report

    when tom sing the line, "im kicking out fiercly at the word around me" he is saying that he hates the fact he gave this girl the word that means alot.... "love" the word love is so strong and she didnt show the love back to tom. he is upset cause tom gave ther to word that is really strong and meaningful. and the word is still ringing in his head cause he is hurt and the word he said to her is killing him.

  5. laxmonkey44
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    Oct 22nd 2008 report

    It is about tom and a girl who left him and he wants to get rid of the memories he had with her. he can't forgive her and doesn't want anything to do with her. The song means to much, blink-182 in general and this song saved me from the biggest heart ache, they make songs that are meaning to life. thanks blink-182 you saved me. even though they broke up... live on blink-182!!!!!!

  6. anonymous
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    May 26th 2007 report

    This song is plain and simple about a relationship that was thought to be love but things happen, hearts break...

    To me this song resembles most busted relationships.

    I've used lyrics in this song to tell my ex how I felt wen he cheated..

    I love blink... How do they manage to find the balance between songs that make you laugh and songs that make you cry... god bless them.. c'mon boys get back together!! do it for GEO!

  7. anonymous
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    Feb 19th 2007 report

    You, the one who was talking about having a bad christmas. And you called everyone dumbasses, even though you didn't know them. THATS what tom means by the last part. He's kicking out fiercely, meaning he's taking out his anger on the world.

    Thanks for being a good example.


  8. anonymous
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    Nov 14th 2006 report

    Great interpretation, but that last bit (i'm kicking at the world around me), I think it means he's lashing out at the people around him cause he's really pissed off and doesn't give a shit anymore.

  9. PaulJohnGeorgeRingo4
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    Jun 23rd 2006 report

    another great song!!! I said stay together for the kids was my favorite on the cd but this one is my favorite of the seperate songs for the album...this song is about a boyfriend/girlfriend breakup situation...thinking of all the times he had with this girl and now he regrets everything and says I hate all what we did together. (I hate a favorite resturaunt, a fav. movie, our fav. Show)...the fight gets intense (more cursing and yelling)and it only hurts him more (this place, it's fucking cursing its plague and I can never escape when my heart it explodes)...sad song...every guy who went through a breakup with a girl can relate I'm sure

  10. anonymous
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    May 2nd 2006 report

    Yeah, I agree with the other guy, great interpretation. I'm probably wrong here, I'm not to good with this sorta stuff, but I think the last bit is how he just wants to destoy something to get out his sadness and frustration, wanting to get back at the world. I dunno, just a guess.

  11. anonymous
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    Apr 28th 2006 report

    Sorry, guys but I think this is about another girl. I don't know though, it sounds to me like she said it was right what they were doing and they ended up breaking up and everything was wrong. Like maybe he got um *cough* something from her or vis-versa (sorry for the spelling) and he is all pissed at her now and that's how she screwed up his life. I DONT KNOW GUYS IM JUST SAYING IT'S POSSIBLE!!!

  12. anonymous
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    Dec 25th 2005 report

    You dumbasses, the best part of the song is the simple guitar solo part, and the rythm power chord in the during the clarinet part. Merry Christmas, dumbasses, I'm haing a bad one right now.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway
  13. xrosiex
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    Oct 17th 2005 report

    Great interpreation, by the way.
    I can't add much more but I have to say, I totally agree about the instrumental part in the song, it reflects the lyrics perfectly.

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