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You & I Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I figured it out
I figured it out from black and white
Seconds and hours
Maybe they had to take some time
I know how it goes
I know how it goes from wrong to right
Silence and sound
Did they ever hold each other tight like...


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    Nov 29th 2013 !⃝

    to me, this song is about a couple who doesn't give up on each other for no reason, being any circumstance. When they say " did they ever fight like us " I take it as did other couples fight for their relationships as much as person a and person b have.
    Or you can take it as I have and think of it as a long distance couple like me and my boyfriend who will not give up on one another, no matter how far apart they are they will not give up on their relationship, no matter what happens in the relationship can tear them apart.


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    Jan 12th 2015 !⃝

    You & I is an extremely heart-touching song, to state the obvious. As Liam once explained, this song is for us, Directioners, fans that have always supported the boys through thick or thin. I guess we are all family, nothing can come between us and the boys. Looking back, the boys have saved us from the dark, they make us smile and laugh. We're like in our own wonderland, a place where we can all share the same liking, where nothing can break us from appreciating and supporting the boys. 'Nothing can come between you & I,' tells us that our fandom and the boys will always remain powerful and strong. We don't let society tear us from liking One Direction, people throughout my life, for example, have called me mental or crazy for loving these boys to such an extent! Hell, my teacher calls me obsessed, but of course, that doesn't stop me from always supporting these five boys. They don't know about our unique fandom, people will never understand why I-we love One Direction. "Cause they see things in a different light, like us, did they ever fight, like us' these lyrics represent our special, one-of-a-kind fandom. We are always supporting/fighting the haters for these boys. Regular people will never understand why we love them. all they see are the boys' faces, not their heart and personality. All they hear is the music, not the lyrics. This song is for us Directioners. 'Did they ever hold each other tight like us? did they ever fight like us?' THEY will never know, we are unique. We should be proud to be directioners


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    Aug 20th 2014 !⃝

    It's about us Directioners! The long ( really long) distance relationship we're all in! It's about us holding on to them through almost everything!

  4. anonymous
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    Jan 19th 2023 !⃝

    It’s about my deceased son and I. The “bond” we had, mom and son, and it still goes on, our love, even after he’s gone. You and I….

    Miss you!

  5. anonymous
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    Feb 22nd 2021 !⃝

    I was working on this song to my boyfriend but we obviously had soft rock on the music me and my band, big time rush. We’re doing music together, and do music summer camp at camp star. We’re doing lots of good music on the album it’ll be like pop and soft rock. We will rest up and find ourselves to set free to be like camp star grounds. But we’re doing it’s on from recent movie camp rock. It’ll sound like rock and roll hall of fame. Our friend Luke, who is a rap legend at camp star. He is so amazing he’s good with rapping and also he does dance especially singing. Luke and I are best friends we’re Facebook friends, we always be friends. Obviously Tess Tyler isn’t on camp Star with us, she goes back to camp rock with mitchie my girl, and Peggy. And me and big time rush would move to camp star and film new camp star 1, who we will be, and be ourselves. But I’m dating Logan Mitchell he’s on big time rush. He’s kind and thoughtful and very talented, he writes my music.

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  6. anonymous
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    May 20th 2019 !⃝

    A little secret between 2 people . Nobodys business really and nobody needs to know except u and I .

  7. anonymous
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    May 8th 2019 !⃝

    I personally think it's either about One Direction and us directioners, or it's about Larry. Here's why.
    Firstly it could be about the fans because they're saying that we've worked through the good and the bad, and now our bond is unbreakable. We all know how much the boys love us, and how much we love them.
    Now I also believe it could be about Larry, because, again, they have worked through all the good and bad, and they trust and rely on each other enough that now nobody can separate them - Management in particular. Also One Direction have a fragrance called You & I. If you look closely at the cover of the box, all the boys have shadows. The normal pictures are smiley and happy versions of the boys, however if you look closely, Louis and Harry's shadows are looking down to the floor as if they are ashamed. Zayn, Liam and Niall's shadows are smiling and happy - Only Louis and Harry's shadows look sad and even ashamed.
    Just my opinion xx

  8. anonymous
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    Jan 3rd 2019 !⃝

    I think its about how the lads feel about their fans. Although, I disagree with 'Not even the God's above can separate the two of us'. I'm a Christian, and anything you say against God upsets me. But it is a beautiful song, I won't lie.

  9. anonymous
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    Jul 20th 2018 !⃝

    Well my idea has changed after I read those interpretations. We can definite this in our own way. Like you all did here. Well I think this song is about a relationship. A very strong one. I like the lines nothing can come between you and I, not even the God above could separate the two of us. Of course God can't separate two of you. Because he's so far away from you and you guys are so close to each other.
    And the song has the words day and night, silence and sound, black and white, wrong and wright. According to me these opposite words use to show their difficulties. I mean the difficulties they have won. They overcome the hardships. So that's why they don't be like others. Because they have overcome the difficulties and they have understand each other very well . At finally I wanna say I like very much the melody of this song. The song exactly found the most suitable melody for it.

  10. anonymous
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    Jul 10th 2018 !⃝

    I don’t think it s about some lovers relationship or the fandom with the band’s.I really think it’s about the band member’s friendship.Like,they thought they aren’t like any other bands who eventually split up bc they are so close to eachother and back then maybe they seem to hold on to eachother forever.Well,they ended up spliting up like every other band that ever existed.Still,I thing they made the a huge impact at their time.

  11. anonymous
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    Jul 13th 2017 !⃝

    They are saying that their love is so strong that not even god could separate them. They have an inseparable love that no one can separate

  12. anonymous
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    Mar 5th 2017 !⃝

    First of all I wanna say that everyone's interpretations are awsmm...every one have their own viewpoint...nd each one of u have explained it so beautifully...after all everyone doesnt thinks the same way....evry1s were great but i like the 4th one very much..thumbs up to u...great..u have think so deeply and i like the main view point of yours thats the opposites sound nd silence, day nd night...amazing...

    So i am also jst like others giving my viewpoint ...i dunno it will be correct or not bt jst giving a try...

    I also like many others think this about a long term unbreakable relationship.No matter if anything comes between our relationship we shall fight for it and..u shall be alwys nd forever together... the bond between us is unbreakable nd god also cant seperate the two of us...

    And in this it has been so beautifully explained that we do not need be like others, we didn't need to imitate others coz we can make this relationshil stong by our efforts not either by doing the things what others do coz u are unique..nd i too appreciate the use of opposite words day nd night , silence nd sound make this song more unique,deep ,beautiful nd meaningful.

    And there may be issues in a long distance relationship but do not think over it so much either than u try to make it out wd some efforts from yrslf.

    And i shall write this much only.And if I have wrote something wrong for that thing very sorry ...n lastly thank u all guys for reading...

  13. anonymous
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    Feb 17th 2017 !⃝

    It means that he doesn't want to be divorced like other people he wants to stick with her till the end and not even the gods above can separate them. It's really a touching song.

  14. anonymous
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    Jul 20th 2016 !⃝

    This song was originally about directioners but liam changed it into ziam's love song he even got the tatoo I figured it out and it's about him realising that zayn loved him and realising he loved him back

  15. anonymous
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    Dec 31st 2015 !⃝

    I think you and I is about a couple of lovers or it can be about friends, that no matter what will always persevere and be together.

  16. anonymous
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    Aug 17th 2015 !⃝

    I've read through most of the interpretations below and there are many different interpretations of this song, but here's mine:

    So basically this song is about a couple in a strong relationship. "Nothing can come between you and i... not even the gods above can separate the two of us", this shows that they're inseparable.

    Now, if we look at the lyrics in the verse, i was able to spot this pattern. "Seconds and hours, maybe it had to take some time." "I know how it goes from wrong and right." "Silence and sound." "Saw the mistakes of up and down." etc. As you can see, the 2 main subjects mentioned in each phrase are the opposite of each other.

    Also, I'd like to also mention the phrase "i see what it's like for day and night, never together, 'cos they see things in a different light." I think this phrase has a deep meaning, especially because "day" and "night" can't appear at the same time.

    So to sum it up, i think that the idea of the song is that "nothing can come between you and i, unlike day and night, seconds and hours, up and down, silence and sound, etc." i might not be right but that's definitely something interesting to speculate for sure.

  17. anonymous
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    May 18th 2015 !⃝

    You & I is about the directioners and one direction. They are saying we're inseparable and want us to always be there fans, they don't want to be forgotten like some bands and want us to always be fans. They're saying the directions can be fans till the end and they trust them not to leave and try to be loyal fans.

  18. anonymous
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    Nov 3rd 2014 !⃝

    I believe that You & I is about the personal relationships between Liam and Sophia, Louis and Eleanor and Zayn and Perrie. For Niall and Harry I think it's about the way they want to feel with their future partners and it shows how much love they have to give to whoever that person may be. The line 'not even the Gods above' is so strong an proves how mature these still rather young men are.

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