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One Direction: Story of My Life Meaning

Song Released: 2013

Story of My Life Lyrics

Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain
I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days

She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones
It seems to me that when I die...


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    Oct 30th, 2013 10:19am report

    To me, this song is about someone who is afraid that he will never find a girl who will love him as much as he loves her.

    He says that the story of his life is that he feels he gives so much and loves so much in every relationship but that it always ends up the same way - the girl wakes up one morning and realizes that she doesn't feel the same way as him. It has happened so many times that he thinks that it's something about him and the way he loves too much that makes the person he's with feel like she can't reciprocate the same level of love. He's afraid that this pattern is inescapable, will continue for the rest of his life and define him to the extent that after he dies, this is what people will think of for the epitaph.

    He can't explain why this keeps happening, but these failed relationships are now a part of his history and who he is now
    (Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain/Written in these walls are the colours I can't change).

    Despite of having almost resigned to his "fate" of never finding the one, he still believes in love at his core and keeps letting himself fall in love
    (I know that in the morning now, I'll see us in the light upon a hill, Although I am broken my heart is untamed still)


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    Dec 2nd, 2013 12:04pm report

    I personally think they're are so many different meanings to this song and no one is wrong with their interpretation.

    I totally agree with all interpretations. So in a nutshell here is what I've found this song to be about so far;

    1. The one most people believe it is about, a love interest. These boys love too much and in the end get heart broken because the girl does not give as much effort as they do, hence the line "I'll drive all night to keep her warm." He is willing to drive all night to wherever she needs to go just so she will not be out in the cold. This could also be because some girls will just be using them because the are famous. "I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days" he keeps he's heart open waiting for someone to love him but it stays empty because no girl ever actually loves him. "She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones" this would be her excuse to get away after she's had what she wants, "baby running after you is like chasing the clouds" it seems impossible to keep her. This is the story of their lives as it is constantly happening which is why they feel that when they die this will be written on their stones because it is the reputation they have, never finding love. Etc.

    2. Similar to the first one but the other way round, they can never keep a girl because in time they realise they did not love her in the first place. It is not love they feel for the girls they date but rather lust.
    At first it is all well hence the verses; "the story of my life I take her home, I drive all night to keep her warm" he feels that he loves her so he will do anything to keep her happy/"warm." However later on her realises this is not his true feelings, she realises he is feeling this way "She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones" she doesn't feel like the relationship is right if he doesn't feel the same as she does. But he still "gives her hope" that it will get better but then ends up "spending her love until she's broke inside".. He then wishes that they were "frozen" in the time when everything seemed perfect. This is the story of his life as it keeps happening over and over "the ground beneath my feet is open wide" he just wants the ground to swallow him up so he can start fresh but he can't and he doesn't want this bad reputation to be what people remember him by when he dies, doesn't want it to be "written on his stone."

    3. Last interpretation I have found is that this song is for their families especially their mothers, hence the video.
    They are sort of apologising for growing up and leaving them the way they do. But also letting them know that the memories they have made together will never go away and they know with them is where they belong and deep down only their families know they real them as they have watched them all their life, growing up, making mistakes etc. Even though they know it breaks their mothers heart every time they leave they know it has to happen, they are being taken by fame but they won't give it up because this is what they have always wanted ever though it is not all it cracked up to be, they just hope that fame doesn't change their true colours. They hate leaving their family behind but they know they have to but when they do they feel hurt and alone and just want to go back because they know that at home is where they belong. They feel empty because a big chunk of them is missing (their families) but they know that their families are with them in their hearts supporting them every step of the way. So as well as an apology this is a thank you to their families for always being there no matter what.

    Didn't think I needed to give lyric examples as after reading that you should be able to read the lyrics and understand them if that is the meaning.

    If you have a different interpretation I am not saying you are wrong I'm just saying these are the only ones I have come across so far but I think they are all right as everyone has a different opinion and will take this song in a different way and gain a different opinion.

    Honestly when I first heard it I did think it was about a lover but also thought there must be a deeper meaning to it, after watching the video and reading different interpretations I feel all are right in their own way and I think this is why they did this song because all interpretations are right.

    Thankyou for reading :)


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    Feb 19th, 2014 2:57pm report

    I think that their solos represent their love lives. harry:written on these walls are the stories that i can't explain,it might mean the rumors that are always surrounding him. liam: she told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones, it's probably about his break-up with danielle. niall: i leave my heart open but it stays right here in it's cage, how he hasn't met the one yet. louis: and i'll be gone gone tonight, is about when he leaves for tour. zayn: and i've been waiting for this time to come around, is about his engagement to perrie. but that's one way to look at it


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    Jun 27th, 6:44pm report

    The song is really about their relationships
    Harry's is about all the rumors and the media ("written on these walls are the stories I can't explain")

    Liam's is about this breakup with Danielle ("She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones")

    Niall's is about how he has not found the one for him ("Leave my heart open but it stays right here in its cage")

    Louis' is about him having to leave Eleanor all the time and how he doesn't want to give up on their relationship ("And I'll gone gone tonight...The way I been holding on so tight...")

    And finally, Zayn's is about finally finding the girl (Perrie) to spend the rest of his life with/his engagement (" I've been waiting for this time to come around")

    The video was simply just about no matter how their relationships go (girls being brought and taken out of their life), their memories with their families will stay with them forever

    It is truly a very heartwarming song that brings us more into their personal life, I have really come to love the video because it is just one of those videos that can't help but make you smile (I mean, did you see the way Zayn looked at his sister and how Louis part was a big tear jerker, and OMG, HARRY AS A BABY, I just need a moment to scream and cry at the cuteness (not that all the other boys were no cute, I just really can't stop thinking about his baby face!!!!!))


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    Aug 22nd, 2014 8:03am report

    I think that the soml is not only about girls what I think that the "her" in the lyrics is not only talking about a girl it is also a way of telling their families that the memories they had will never fade even though they have grown up and become "famous" " I drive all night to keep her warm and time is frozen" . That the fame will never change them and that those memories will be the only thing they take with them when they die " it's seems that when I die these words will be written on my stone " . The soml also talks about in my opinion how the fame gets a little to much sometimes and that they feel as if the ground is swallowing them "the ground beneath my feet is open wide " . Also harry talks about wearing his heart on his sleeve and how the media makes stuff up about him that are not true " written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain leave my heart open but it lies here empty for days". Niall talks about never changing and that he can't seem to find love even though much like harry wears his heart on his sleeve " written on these walls are the colours I can't change leave my heart open but it stays right here in it's cage". Louis talks about leaving his family and girlfriend also about all the hate he gets " and I'll be gone gone tonight and the fire beneath my feet is biting bright ". Zayn talks about finally meeting his love and getting married soon and how hard it was to do so " and I've been waiting for this time to come around cause baby chasing after you is like chasing the clouds". Liam talks about his first girlfriend and how he thought she was the right one but wasn't and how badly it hurt him but also about the memories that will never fade " she told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones it seems that when I die these words will be written on my stone " the boys also talk about how much love they give and even though they have been hurt before and used they still continue to do so " although I am broken my heart is untamed still ".


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    Jun 17th, 2014 6:39am report

    Each solo has a meaning, Liam's solo "she doesnt feel the same about us in her bones: he is talking about Danielle and there break up.

    Louis is talking about the hate and the gay rumors

    Zayn is talking about people who say he a terrorist and Stuff

    Harry and Niall for not finding the perfect girl yet and the hate

    but even when all this happens there familys will always stay here for them.


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    May 18th, 2014 5:51pm report

    He's a narcissist.....he spends her love until she's broken inside... The story of HIS life, not really caring about hers.


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    Mar 16th, 2014 3:25pm report

    A friend told me the story of my life is the story of there life. about family and people who died in there past.


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    Feb 12th, 2014 2:25pm report

    Guys, this song is about the story of our lives. Who we are. I believe the "her" they are referring to are their stories, memories, their pasts. They are remembering "their story", and giving it hope and thinking about it. Living in the past. Missing people, thinking of people. They're telling their live's story, and referring to it as a her.


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    Feb 5th, 2014 2:22pm report

    I think that this song is about a boy. And this boy is just rejected over and over and he is just saying they have turned into "the story of my life" if you know what I mean.
    OK guys well I hope this helped!!! :)


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    Feb 5th, 2014 2:08am report

    It's not about a girl at all. The story that is being told just represents all 5 of their feelings in one way. They each miss someone in their life that they are far from. They end up breaking their heart.They would do anything for that person. They wish that they could have just a moment in time frozen to enjoy that moment again. To re-live it.


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    Jan 23rd, 2014 1:33am report

    at first i thought it was about love between a boy and a girl but when music video realised it shows something else i mean peopole love about their familly.


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    Jan 20th, 2014 1:24am report

    I'm very confused here. Everyone talks about a relationship with a girl or girls that never go far and always fails no matter what, but then what do all the people frozen represent. I see men, women, girls, boys all frozen in time. So with being surrounded by all this frozen life, where does the girl fit in the equation?


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    Dec 26th, 2013 12:16pm report

    if you listen to the lyrics closely, its like the song is dedicated to us directioners like, "written on these walls are the colours that i cant change", our posters in our rooms on our walls are different colours and "i spend her love until shes broke inside", they use our love to an advantage where they can't take anymore from us.


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    Dec 8th, 2013 12:53am report

    I might be wrong, but I think this song refers to the pains of trying to be in a relationship while on the road. The person singing the song wants desperately to be in a relationship and wants to love, but because he's always traveling, it's impossible for him to be there - he gives the girl hope and takes her love, but she always ends up broken. This is the life the singer chose, the "story of their life." The worst part is, when the singer is not in love, he feels totally empty. And he knows this will be the story of his life because his life will never change, this is the nature and the cost of what he's chosen (running after you is like chasing clouds aka a stable relationship is something he wishes for, but will never happen) (my heart stays in its cage - speaking to the trap of fame). It seems like the boys really had their hearts broken from not being with their significant others on the road.


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    Dec 4th, 2013 12:18am report

    I believe esp after seeing the video that the girl they are singing about is a different one for each of them. Harry is taking about his mom, Zayne is talking about his little sister, Niall is talking about his grandmother and mom it seems. Basically each member is rmieferring to a very important woman in their lives that they love and miss so much they would do anything to keep her safe.


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    Nov 28th, 2013 11:42am report

    The story is about all of us, all our loves and relationships with our parents,children brothers, sisters, friends, and lovers.

    We all give each other hope and love deeply but that love hurts and kills hope too.

    Our love we have for our mums.... she does everything for us. Her love is endless and we give her hope, and then we hurt her when we don't try hard enough.

    We love our lovers and we worry that their love is not returned. We are filled with love, but we still feel empty. We feel empty because if we loved unconditionally, then that love we feel for someone should be enough, if we know that they are happy.


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    Nov 27th, 2013 11:39pm report

    I am pretty confused on this song...the music video showed how much they missed their families, and from the previous comments, people assume it's about their love life. but not every song is about one's love life. my best friend hates this band, but i love them, so much she says that they never know what theyre singing about. but she is just looking for an excuse to hate them, so i dont really listen or ask for her opinion when it comes to them. i think it's about missing their families and there is no way to change their past and sometimes i can be bad at finding meanings to songs but i feel confident about this song.

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