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The front pages are your pictures,
They make you look so small,
How could someone not miss you at all?


I never would mistreat ya,
Oh I’m not a criminal,
I speak a different language but I still hear your...


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    Nov 25th, 2013 11:08am report

    I think Diana is for the fans dealing with depression and bullying etc.
    The first verse, "The front pages are your pictures, they make you look so small, how could someone not miss you all?" I think might be a reference to the fan pictures that the This Is Us poster was made up of and that you couldn't miss them no matter how small they made them.

    Harry's part is about how he means her/the fans no harm and no matter what language she/you speak, he can still hear your call for help.

    The chorus is about how he wants to be the one to make her feel better and save her life. He can 'feel' the girl/fans crying and he wants her/them to let him help her.

    Niall's solo is about how it hasn't been very long but she's feeling worse and he's amazed at how someone could mislead and lie to her by making her think she isn't wanted and that she's stupid and ugly etc.

    Louis' is about how he wants to help her get better and feel better and that no matter what language you speak, they're both the same and he can still feel that she needs help.

    Harry's second solo says that he wants her to trust him and he'd believe in her and be there for her no matter what happeneds.

    And I think that the name 'Diana' is a reference to Princess Diana who had depression. I also don't think it's a coincidence that it is a princess they were talking about. I reckon these means they think that 1)No matter who you are, you can still get depression, even famous & royal people can get it and 2) that we are all princesses as well.

    Anyway, I think this is what it all means, from what I've put together. :)


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    Jul 23rd, 2014 7:20am report

    This is very long but PLEASE!! read this could help

    This song is talking about a girl, if you really listen to the song carefully and not think everything is about you guys. i'm not hating on the fans but there are songs that are about girls they care for. just saying it's not about eating disorder,self harm,etc... but all those things are important. i can see why you guys thought so.

    Here is my interpretation:

    1)in all of the photo's they make her look small, and how can he not miss her at all.

    2) he would never mistreat her in anyway,he's not a bad guy and he does things a little different, they live in separate worlds. but he still hears her call, as in get her messages.

    3)let him be the one to put a spark in her eyes and fall in love again. he's know she's been lonely and the fact that she doesn't really know him, he knows she's been crying.

    4) let him be the one to take her pain away and stop her from crying. let him show how much he loves her and she doesn't realize that he really misses her and she's the one that's really saving him.

    5)it's only been a while (it's only been four months) since they've been getting to know each other and now that he's gone,(but you've fallen down so far) she fallen for him in that short time, he's surprise that she had fallen for him but he know that already because he fells the same way. (how could someone mislead you at all) how can he mislead you when he's busy all the time but at the same time trying to keep in contact. he misses her and she's always on his mind.

    6)(i wanna reach out for you) he wants to talk to her but it's very hard to when everyone around hum is always ways watching every move he makes. (i wanna break these walls) he want to get to her but it's so hard he's afraid to out her in danger. (i speak a different langue, but i still hear your call) two different world but he still gets her calls.

    7)let him be the one to make her happy and give him all his love(Diana let me be the one to light a fire in those eyes) she's been all alone by herself crying because of him. the fact that you doesn't know him makes her fell dumb. he know what she's going through all of this but he's doesn't know what to do. she's in a lot of pain and it kills him (you've been lonely, you don't even know me but i can feel you crying) let him be the to stop the pain and start loving her, he's saying that she doesn't realize that she's the one that would be saving him because of all the pain he's put her through. (Diana let me be the one to lift your hear and and save your life i don't think you realize baby you'll be saving mine).

    8) he doesn't want her to give up on him, he needs her as much as she needs him (we all need something, this can't be over now.) he's wondering if he could hold on but at the same time he would never put her down but it's really hard.if he knew sooner how this would effect her.(if i could hold on, swear i'll never put you down)

    then the course says it all.

    so basically this song is saying even though she doesn't know him but she want to get to know him and it's really hard. but at the same time he's telling her that he know how she feels and that she's the one that would save him from his pain. he's really scared because he want to love her with all his hear but all he wanted was for her to love him for him and now that he's seen it it's breaking his hear so when he see's her he would never put her through the pain again and she's the one who saves him because she love him more than anything.

    this is what i think of this song. i got to say most of you that are reading this aren't going to believe me but these boys write songs about the girls in their current life the ones that the re dating and the ones they've dated secretly and are dating secretly. sooner or later the two boys that are left single won't be single for long. moreover, don't be sending death note and writing nasty letters to their girlfriends. when you don't even know them, there is a reason why they are dating. not because of money and because he famous but because she really does care for him. she's putting her life at risk putting herself in the public life because she knew what she's getting herself into but also want to be able to support him. you guys as fans of the one direction boys shouldn't be putting a damper on their relationships because that girl she's with isn't "you" or "he could do so much better" but really your just upset because he's not yours himself. your not only hurting her but you'll be hurting him the most. who want to see nasty words about their girlfriend online? that would just make him upset and just couldn't believe those words. don't judge the girl because you don't know who she is. here's what to do put yourselves in her situation. i don't think you would like that. would you? don't start spreading rumors and don't be digging into someones past. the only person to judge you is yourselves. also he knows here and they are still trying to get to know each other. and every girl you see them with or taking a picture with don't assume that they are dating them and if they say so let it be.

    they are going to get tired of it and just stop responding. if you want to know something ask them. wait until they say something. also love them for their music and if you want to get to know them that's going to be hard unless you meet them somewhere and not go all nuts treat them/him like he's someone you want to get to know for them and not what his status/ know for but for the person he is. don't pretend to be someone your not around him because of what he does. but generally talk to him as a human-bean he's a regular guy just with an abnormal life still. respect their space. we all go boy crazy when we see a handsome guy. then you start to plan what out what it would be to be with that person. everyone does it, if you say you don't then your lying. overall they just want someone they would love them for them see their flaws and love it, love them more than they can love you. no one can love someone equally someone always loves some more.

    for me i want Niall and Harry to find someone that would love them for who they are as a person. do silly things together, got to the movies with out anyone knowing, midnight adventures, simple dates, play fights, travel together, being absolutely annoying to each other. etc... that would be good if the fans do be happy for them because their happy.

    Niall looks like a trouble maker but really he's the sweetest person just don't make him upset. he would say the most ridiculous things, he's a tease, protective, kind heart, selfless, has playful side, funny, a gentlemen, not too serious. some what hard to read but there's something about him that you just love about him. you don't have to be afraid to say anything to him, even if you are he'll just try to get it out of you. when anything upsets him he'll swears like crazy. he's got a dirty mouth. talking to girls are not he's strong suit,he's never the one to be rude unless your being disrespectful. he doesn't like it when a girl pretends to be something she's not. he want to see the really her. doesn't like a lot of make-up on girls only make-up would be lip gloss or colored. but who would say no to that boy. overall you would never be bored with him.

    Harry he'll go out of his way to see you happy, he may seem like he's not fun but he's a funny person, kind, funny, sweet, old school, selfless, a gentlemen. he seems like a ladies man but he doesn't get way girls like him. he's never the one to be rude unless your being disrespectful. he doesn't like it when a girl pretends to be something she's not. he want to see the really her. doesn't like a lot of make-up on girls only make-up would be lip gloss or colored. he wants to see her natural beauty.

    with both guys they have similar things in common. don't believe everything you read in the magazines and where the source hears it from. these boys want to keep their dating life private and just love the music they make amazing voices and their music grow as they grow.

    thanks for reading my long interpretation!!
    :) <3 this is what i think and what i know about them.


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    Nov 19th, 2018 11:35pm report

    I heard from an **inside source that I can't get into** that a young girl sent a letter to Niall saying she was going to kill herself, and how she couldn't take it anymore. She kept talking about how miserable and that she was so fed up with life. I'm pretty sure her name was Diana, actually. I find it so touching that the boys took time to write a song about this girl and show that they really care. They care so much for their fans and if anything were to happen to them, they'd be devastated. When the boys say "I don't speak your language" I think it means that they can't personally relate to whatever is causing this girl so much pain, but they've been through this and that it gets better. Anyone reading this, please know- wherever you are, whoever you are, I love you. Just know. If you think no one does, I do. <3.


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    Oct 26th, 2018 10:39am report

    I think that the boys are telling us that we are not alone and they will always be there for us.


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    Jan 2nd, 2018 1:48pm report

    I think this is song was written for Princess Diana. the chorus is about how they can hear her crying because of her divorce from Prince Charles after his very public affair. “How could someone mislead you at all” is a reference to how he could betray her trust.The idea is that the singer would never let her go or hurt her. I’m not sure if this right, but it is worth suggesting.


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    Jul 14th, 2016 7:05am report

    Well my interpretation is that its for the fan who self harms or anything like that.


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    Jun 19th, 2016 6:06am report

    I think Liam dated a girl named Diana and wrote a song after her to show that he cares about her, and will keep her safe. Also, Liam Dated a girl named Diana

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Jun 9th, 2016 6:00am report

    I think this song about fans who self-harm. Coz Diana is actually "die"(Dia) and "anorexia"(ana). This song remember me if i'm too precious for that. We had reason why god made us. And i really love this song cause this song make me trying to stop harm myself. Thanks x


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    Nov 18th, 2015 11:28pm report

    Guys one direction themselves said this song is about princess diana.


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    Oct 8th, 2015 10:56am report

    hi baby cakes well to me personally i think its about self harm and suicide "and baby you'll be saving mine" the name of the song was going to be called Johanna but then Louis said it sounds too much like his mothers name so they changed it to Diana so guys no hate but thats what i think stay beautiful MWAHZZZZ XOXOXOXOXO


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    May 18th, 2015 5:17am report

    It's about a one direction saying that even though he may not now some of there fans they want to save them and that the fans save their life's in different ways. They don't want their fans to feel unloved and rejected and just want their fans to feel like they belong and are loved by others and that they matter to the world. This is what I think it's about


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    Mar 9th, 2015 3:23pm report

    I think Diana is about any girl who is harming herself,commiting suicide, being bullied,and\or so insecure about her image.
    All of the boys are singing about how they wanna help you, even though they don't know you. And whoever is reading this, always remember that you are perfect just the way you are,and the gods made you how you are and didn't do that for no reason or did any mistakes at all.I say this to everyone but have trouble believing this myself, you know what I mean. The boys care about every one of you worldwide.Thank you and I have a random announcement to make and say this to defend yourself:I'm a waffle!SWAG! And I love the realities!Thanks!


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    Mar 4th, 2015 3:13am report

    Guys I don't think it is about Princess Diana because apparently the song was meant to be called Johanna but that was Louis mums name or something so they changed it to Diana. I do think it is about the fans though like the part where it says "looking lonely, you don't even know me" *fans pov* "but I can feel you crying" *the boys pov*


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    Feb 17th, 2015 2:34pm report

    Okay I think this song is of course about us, the directioners. Obviously, Diana means Princess Diana of Wales. Diana had self harm, I know, but, it is also saying we're princesses. When it says "I speak a different language but I still hear you call", it's talking about how our fanbase is worldwide and diverse. They want our suicidal (not all of us, necessarily) fanbase to know that even though we think that we're just another fan in the crowd, they know who we are and love us. Also when it says "I never would mistreat you" It's about other fanbases attacking us and bullies just because we like one direction. Also the "you don't even know me" Is how we haven't even met them, but we still love them. Lastly, when they say "I don't think you even realize, baby you'd be saving mine" we love the boys so much we'd be putting out lives at risk just for our heroes. That's my theory.


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    Feb 17th, 2015 2:43am report

    It's actually about Princess Diana back when Prince Charles left her and she went into a stage of depression after he left her for Camilla.


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    Jan 10th, 2015 1:37am report

    This means to stop self harming. They want you to feel special and beautiful. One Direction told us that we are beautiful so dont self harm. This song helped me because I used to self harm.


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    Dec 28th, 2014 12:34pm report

    There are a few ways to think about this song. Most people seem to think that it's about suicide or selfharm and that "Diana" means princess Diana who attempted suicide 5 times. Where as others think that it's just a song about a girl they miss. It's been confirmed by the boys that the song is about us (directioners) in general, but also is directed towards the suicidal fanbase. They said that originally they were going to use the name Johanna,but it sounded too similar to Louis's mom's name so at the last minute, they changed it to Diana. So, were not really sure if it means princess Diana, but there is a good chance. I think the song is incredibly sweet and proves that the boys really care about us. Hope this helps :)

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