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OneRepublic: Secrets Meaning


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Song Released: 2009

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Secrets Lyrics

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I need another story
Something to get off my chest
My life gets kinda boring
Need something that I can confess
'Til all my sleeves are stained red

From all the truth that I've said
Come by it honestly I swear
Thought you saw wink,...


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    Oct 9th, 2011 10:16am report

    if you're going to comment about the song at least get the lyrics right...they're right there.....


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    Sep 12th, 2011 9:03pm report

    It's about being homosexual and then having to be honest. Written from the gay male faking straight perspective.


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    Jul 12th, 2011 7:30pm report

    I love this song--and think it simply is about a songwriter who is making a promise to those who listen to the band, that he will always write songs about something real to him.

    He acknowledges that the truths he writes about may not be as impressive as the song stories of other songwriters, because he has not experienced the trials and tribulations others have. But he's promising to his listeners that he'll always write what's true for him; he hopes he can find a subject that'll excite them, but he won't cater to sensationalism, exaggerate his songs, or write about newsworthy situations just to sell albums. In a way, he basically states he can't.

    He acknowledges that in some cases, writing this way may make him 'disappear' because his songs may not be as exciting or hot topic as those of other bands. This is the fear he has, of disappearing, despite always being honest with his listeners. He also acknowledges that such songwriting might not win over critics and may not always be the best written songs. But the best he can do, for himself and for his listeners, is to be one-hundred percent honest in everything he writes. And that's the promise he makes, to us, in the song.

    In a way I think the song is almost a disclaimer for the band, letting everyone know that they're writing what is true to them, and whether it's criticized, or popular, or whether and we like it or not, it will always represent who they truly are.


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    Apr 3rd, 2011 4:29am report

    The first four lines are total sarcasm...dancing into and around the whole farce of the relationship. One is tired of it... with one still not wanting to give it up just yet, like throwing the guilt on the other.. So baby, what's it gonna be today, type thing...into the question, What do you really want???
    They have been living a lie, being insincere to each other. Telling each other what the other thinks they want to hear...but that will only go so far till it crashes and burns. One never meant to hurt the other. It just happened. Amazed that they made it that far...what else could they possibly get out of it? Relief that the secret is out...Not going to worry what the friends, family or anyone else who think they need to be "in the know" say. One of them approached the problem previously but it didn't feel right or sincere enough at the time. Thinking/thought of all the energy/time wasted to have what? An illusion...of love? Lust made into Love can be very deceiving. You can't make someone love you.

    But like the rest of you..it could take on a couple of meanings.... Caught someone you thought you knew in a lie and you're gonna reveal them...and about the famous.


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    Mar 31st, 2011 3:18pm report

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    Feb 16th, 2011 2:25pm report

    ill keep this short. This and stop and stare are really about the authors struggle with sexual addiction. I could explain further but wont.

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    Jan 25th, 2011 1:58pm report

    I think that the song is riddled with different meanings. As I believe, the best songs are the ones we cannot understand. However, I'll present 2 different meanings that I think best fit in with the passion and lyrics of the song.

    1st Meaning: He (or she) has been living a dreadful, questioning life. He has seen many things, engaged in many things, and seen only black and white his whole life (metaphor, of course). He's never really had a conscience of decision and now he's experiencing the heat of it. No more lies, dishonesty, no more living a second life! He's quote "Givin' all my secrets away!"

    2nd Meaning: In close relation to the 1st meaning, he has met someone remarkable, a special someone who stands out from the everyday dreadful humdrum of his life. He really wants to impress this someone (or possibly prove himself in some way) and he's giving all his secrets away.

    As I said before, various meanings of the lyrics could apply to this song. Although we can all agree on one thing: this is one darn good song!!!


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    Jan 17th, 2011 1:07pm report

    The song is about a band trying to think of a song to write. They don't wanna just be a short time thing, so the writer is asking his audience what they want to hear

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    Sep 21st, 2010 9:45am report

    Think this song is about a person who's living alone, he's living the same daily life, the same routine, and he has this new friend...and he doesn't this friend to go or to get bored of him too, so he's telling me I'm sick of this insincere and I'm gonna be honest I'm gonna make you hear something will enlighten the new friend about me..I'm not gonna give a shit about what sick close-minded are gonna say about what I do or what secret I'm gonna tell you..
    he has no reason not to do this..it's not a shame to do it..


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    Jul 17th, 2010 7:46am report

    Lyrics with my interpretation attached :

    Verse 1:

    I need another story (needs a secret)
    Something to get off my chest (wants to relieve himself of a burden)
    My life gets kinda boring (his life is boring...)
    Need something that I can confess (wants to tell a secret)

    Verse 2:

    'Til all my sleeves are stained red (blood and truth are generally linked)
    From all the truth that I've said (<-- what is written)
    Come by it honestly I swear (the truth and nothing but the truth)
    Thought you saw me wink, no (girl winks at him)
    I've been on the brink, so (he doesn't know if she's flirting or something else)


    Tell me what you want to hear (what secret does the girl or people want to know about him)
    Something that will light those ears (satisfy her/their curiosity)
    Sick of all the insincere (sick of liars who use him to get him to spill his secrets)
    I'm gonna give all my secrets away (he will tell everyone everything so he was be a truthful honest man)

    This time, don't need another perfect lie (another reference to people (paparazzi?) who want to know his secrets)
    Don't care if critics never jump in line (wanting to know more about him)
    I'm gonna give all my secrets away (they will have nothing on him if he is a "clean" man)

    Verse 3:

    My God, amazing how we got this far (amazed at how people lap up all the news about people)
    It's like we're chasing all those stars (people chasing the lastest on film stars..etc)
    Who's driving shiny big black cars (what cars they drive)

    Verse 4:

    And everyday I see the news (watches the news about stars)
    All the problems that we could solve (the news about stars is pointless, they could be solving real issues)
    And when a situation rises (when singers, film star go through difficult problems)
    Just write it into an album (they write songs about it)
    Singing straight, too cold (singing it but do they really mean the lyrics they are singing)
    I don't really like my flow, no, so (Doesn't like this idea of life)

    Chorus again: (just scroll up to read it again)

    Verse 5:

    Oh, got no reason, got not shame (he has no reason or shame)
    Got no family I can blame (no family he can blame his problems on)
    Just don't let me disappear (doesn't want to be sucked up into the lies)
    I'm 'a tell you everything (He'll tell all the secrets)

    Chorus again twice : (just scroll up to the first chorus!)

    For the full lyrics you can go here: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/o/one_republic/secrets.html

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