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Pink: Nobody Knows Meaning


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Song Released: 2006

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Nobody Knows Lyrics

Nobody knows
Nobody knows but me
That I sometimes cry
If I could pretend that I'm asleep
When my tears start to fall
I peek out from behind these walls
I think nobody knows
Nobody knows no

Nobody likes
Nobody likes to lose their inner...


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    Sep 5th, 2017 9:10pm report

    I think think this song is about someone not being happy and pretending to be happy and hiding there painI myself relate all to we'll I've lost two of my beautiful boys,to death sense 2012 and I hide the pain every single day because I feel I have to be the strong one of the family but my pain is deep within me and nobody KNOWS but me,also this song fits one of my beautiful boys he was so depressed and used he was hideinghis pain and couldnt take it any longer fits my daughter to my husband to wow is all I got to say it's a powerful song.


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    Mar 13th, 2017 3:48am report

    I believe that some parts of this song could even speak to ladies who have had a miscarriage or abortion as well


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    Sep 2nd, 2016 9:30am report

    I think this has a deeper meaning than depression. If you look into the dark corners of your mind, and if you have ever been affected by addiction, either first hand or exposed to it by someone close in your life, you can recognize the sad love letter of addiction that these lyrics are. Many addicts hide their addiction from their family and the world.  In the fog of addiction the addict can sometimes have a false reality that no one is aware of what they are doing. They delude that people believe their lies of being sick, tired, in pain from injuries,and no one would ever suspect that they are abusing drugs. The addict struggles with the release of reality that they obtain from doing drugs. "If I could pretend that I'm asleep" if you have ever witnessed what heroin does to it's  users, you can confirm that it puts the user into a false sleep state. "Nobody likes to lose their inner voice" we all have an inner voice that tells us right from wrong.  However, once the drug gets a hold of you, your inner voice is diminished and replaced with the need to use. "The one I used to hear before my life made a choice" once you make a choice to try drugs, such as Heroin, your inner voice is the need to fulfill your addiction and no longer has the good sense to walk away from the horrors of this addiction. "Oh, the secret's safe with me. There's no where else in the world that I could ever be and, baby, don't it feel like I'm all alone?" Addiction is a very lonely, demanding secret. It consumes you and the only place in the world you are is deep inside it. The addict feels helpless overy it's power. "Who's gonna be there after the last angel has flown, and I've lost my way back home?" This is what happens when the addict comes down from the high, and feels like there's nothing they can do or anywhere that they can go. "The road to darkness has a way of always knowing my name." The need to use is always there calling you down that dark road. Once the drug has a hold of you, it's pretty grim."Tomorrow I'll be there, my friend I'll wake up and start all over again, when everybody else is gone." The drug will be there. The desire to use will be there, and the struggle remains your entire life. Whether you are sober or deep in the hell of addiction. The battle for control looms over you for the rest of your life. "Nobody knows the rhythm of my heart,The way I do when I'm lying in the dark and the world is asleep" The power of this drug, the way it makes the addict feel when the have sunk deep into the high, no one understands this like the user does. It destroys families, lives, careers, and futures.


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    Jun 12th, 2013 6:50am report

    It's about someone who does their best to put on a happy face around their peers, but on the inside is miserable and is looking for someone to help them. I relate alot to this song, cause I do my best to cheer others up and try to make everyone happy, when I am miserable on the inside.


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    Oct 5th, 2012 10:41pm report

    I think that she pretends that shes happy around people but in reality shes very sad in the inside. So at night time when shes all alone she lets her true emotions out and she starts to cry in silence. Her tears starts to fall on her pillow. So for everyone else shes strong and happy.


    Jackie Martinez
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    Jun 15th, 2011 6:44pm report

    I thik It Is about Someone when theyre people they pretend to be happy and stuff.But when they're all alone the're diffrent Sad.So Nobody Knows

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