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Song Released: 2008

Rehab Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Baby, baby
When we first met
I never felt something so strong
You were like my lover
And my best friend
All wrapped into one
With a ribbon on it
And all of a sudden
you went and left
I didn't know how to follow
It's like a...

  1. anonymous
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    Mar 14th 2022 !⃝

    The girl was in great love with a boy but the boy left the girl though she was still in love with him,and it's like it's too hard for the girl to forget all she did with the guy,I relate to rehabilitation center where we go to have our life brought back to normal after long period of using a certain drug

  2. anonymous
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    Aug 12th 2020 !⃝

    Well, for me, it's like that 'first' thrill of a love, contract,friendship ...
    The rush you get when you feel this is it!! And then, things begin to topple over but oops! You already gave in your all. You went all in and it was all too consuming only to wake up to the realization that the other party was in for a different reason and had one leg in and one out ... Listen;'The only problem is that you was using me in a different way that i was using you' You could say that it's possible her way could have been any way too but then, if it was anything but pure, she wouldn't be lamenting. So, yeah! The other party.

  3. anonymous
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    Jun 29th 2019 !⃝

    It’s about being hopelessly devoted and in love with someone even though they aren’t good for you. In the song they use a metaphor of a drug addict and how they need to eventually get help when they’ve Hit rock bottom

  4. anonymous
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    Sep 5th 2016 !⃝

    this aint about love...she signed for a deal...maybe a contract and then all over sudden everything went against what she thought...like a blessing in disguise.
    cant you see that,these guys never really sing about love

  5. anonymous
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    Sep 2nd 2016 !⃝

    i think that a gal is addicted to a boy like a drug addict,but through it all the boy messed up.So the gal ought to wean off,but shes afraid to lose him further;just like an addict is force to leave drug in rehab.its hard for her to lose him

  6. anonymous
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    May 13th 2012 !⃝

    this songs seems to be about a girl who had something amazing with a boy, he was her everything and somwhere down the line he had messed her up so shes trying to get away from him and forget to get back on the right track.. as they do with drugs.. known as rehab.

  7. anonymous
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    Apr 15th 2012 !⃝

    The song sound as if the singer has been to a rehabilitation center for whatever and she seems to compares anything that happens to her; like love to that rehab. But why is she so attached to the rehab, could she have been there severally?

  8. anonymous
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    Jan 26th 2012 !⃝

    It is a song about two lovers the women has to wean herself from the man for whatever reason maybe he is married? it definitely isn'f a song for a women to share with a man if they are married.

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