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Soundgarden: Black Hole Sun Meaning

Song Released: 1994

Covered By: Brandi Carlile (2020)

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Black Hole Sun Lyrics

In my eyes
In disguise
As no one knows
Hides the face
Lies the snake
The sun
In my disgrace
Boiling heat
Summer stench
’neath the black
The sky looks dead
Call my name
Through the cream
And I’ll hear you


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    Mar 26th, 2009 3:28pm report

    um...Chris cornell said himself this song has no meaning

    but it's depressing all the same

    chris cornell stated "it means whatever you want it to mean"


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    Sep 30th, 2013 9:38pm report

    what I get out of it is: Severe Depression -This is someone who expected something different for his life... and instead he did things that not only disappoint him and killed his childhood optimism but that really horrify him, things he would have never believe possible when he was a child. More than likely he hurt someone or some people. His life deeds haunt him even when he drinks or tries to tune out...to the point that he doesn't just want rain or the religion of his past to wash him clean, he instead looks forward to complete obliteration, non-existance is more comforting to him. Reminds me of my uncle.


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    Apr 8th, 2009 4:32pm report

    The music to this song tells the story (and is fantastic) it is for people who are either depressed, frustrated, melancholy, or in a dark mood, etc.

    When you are experincing one of these emotions the song really speaks to you because it combines a lot of different thoughts together and pulls you in different directions.

    Emotions aren't logicial and these lyric's aren't either so in my opinion he captured an emotion very accurately (just not a happy one lol).

    For those of you whom believe that this song is sexual or religious, I would have to guess that you have sex or religion on the brain more often than not.

    But since we are a society that tries to make sense of everything... to each their own :)


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    Sep 28th, 9:40pm report

    Ok. Idk if anyone will rear this but whatever. I love this song because i was having these deep thoughts and then it came on and I’m like woah. That like exactly the same thing I was thinking. I’m going to write imma thoughts which u can relate to the song.

    Basically Y care.

    Like all we are is just a bunch of cells doing their job. So why do people have to care so much for stuff that doesn’t relate to them. Mind ur own business. And then I was I just got sick of everything with society. Politics, religion, etc. I just wanted people to do their stuff and not have to have a full fledged opinion on everything and they MUST be right. Back to what I was saying, y can’t we all just be some cells doing our job. Then this song played.

    Black hole sun, won’t u come.

    Chris is wanting the apocalypse to just end everything. Nothing matters and people complicate everything. They ruined it. He just wants everything to be get a clean slate.


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    Aug 27th, 8:57am report

    RAPTURE DUH! I've known the meaning of this song since 94 because it says exactly what it means, no hidden message here folks,wake up before it's too late!!!


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    Apr 3rd, 2020 4:41pm report

    By now everyone knows of the secret societies behind our entertainment industry, that every last musician, actor or actress is an initiated coven member. So interpret it as Chris revealing cryptically what he is.

    In my eyes.

    The eye of Horus, the sun god (with Ra), as all of your celebrities cover their eyes or throw a 666 over them in deference to whom they serve.


    Unwell. Ill. Perhaps averse.

    In disguise as no one knows

    That's the clincher. The public is not aware always as to who it is that is entertaining them, enslaving them not through labor as old Pharaoh did, but through cinema and music. It's...

    Lies the snake

    Yeah. The devil.

    The sun

    Freemasons and other secret societies worship the sun, just as in Ezekiel 8:16-18. Nothing new under the, well you know.

    In my disgrace

    Indisposed again. He's ashamed of what he is a part of, of the agenda.

    The rest of the song is about getting on with it already. He would know there are no honest men considering the beast system he was initiated in to and the lies and spell cast over the world by them.


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    Oct 19th, 2019 10:48pm report

    No one sings like you anymore, referring to Lucifer, he was the highest most beautiful and best in music, heaven sent hell away meaning Satan.... and yes he doesn’t sing in heaven anymore. It’s an ode to the devil, this song all together. Genius but evil


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    Aug 2nd, 2019 8:39am report

    I just watched a special about the square black hole in the sun. Thats what the square base of the pyramids represent. And the Ancient Egyptians, Myans and Aztecs all vanished because they reached the highest knowledge and were taken to another deminsion thru the black hole (portal) and mankind was destroyed. Everything we have now (airplanes, electricity, etc..) They have had before... We are stupid and refuse the knowledge... We are being kept from all of this knowledge... But when we reach this level of knowledge and wisdom, those who acquire it will be taken thru the portal (the square black hole) and the rest of mankind will be wiped out. This is why there are no signs of what happened to these ancient civilizations? Like they just disappeared... Because they really did... They say we are on the 3rd cycle of civilization now... Meaning mankind has been wiped out 2 times before...


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    Jan 5th, 2018 1:20pm report

    The song is a depiction of the mystical sun of high spiritual attainment. This "black sun" or "the sun of midnight" is spoken of by spiritual masters throughout religious disciplines around the world and throughout history. It is a universal, archetypal experience of "Dhyana", as depicted in 8 limbs Yogic meditation, that occurs before the ultimate experience of Sammadhi, or complete unity with Godhead.

    People can attain to this through decades of intense meditation practice or... through certain drug experiences... if they're graced by this. It seems, Chris most certainly has.


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    Nov 10th, 2017 11:13pm report

    Theres currently a black hole in the sun, a giant coronal hole, and black hole sun means something about rebirth thru destruction. A theme of the illuminati. Comes from ancient aztec beliefs symbolizing the end of the world. That's what I believe the author wrote this song about, the end of the world, which starts or comes with a black hole sun, which we currently have. It's only starting though, we will see soon enuff =).


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    Jul 21st, 2017 7:08pm report

    Black hole sun, snake, cream...darkly homoerotic. Perhaps revealing sexual molestation in youth. Very dark, painful song.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Jul 4th, 2017 7:13pm report

    I'm usually Long winded and anonymous with my interpretations on this forum... But I'm feeling really good... and bad, of course, about my interpretation of this Soundgarden song. BLACK HOLE SUN is definitely a cryptic suicide note deciphered through semantic ambiguities, puns, and imagery... The Image of the Black Hole represents the dark hole going down the barrel of a gun. The Sun is the Bright Flash of Redish-White Light that comes out of that darkness when the weapon is discharged. The BLACK HOLE SUN is really a metaphoric Image of the Bullet leaving the barrel of a gun to end his mental pains and depression. Although it wasn't the method of Chris Cornell's suicide, a pistol pointed against the temple of one's head is the most widespread mental picture of suicide. Amazingly, Cornell alludes to the true method of his suicide (successfully hanging himself twenty-two years after writing the lyrics.) The last four lines of the song are very telling:
    "Hang my Head
    Drown my Fear
    Till you All just

    'Hang my head' is a physical expression where a person literally bows their head in defeat. Here, Cornell has actually flipped the literary use of figurative language from a play on words. This expression is so commonly used in everyday dialogue and in the general English dialect that no one appreciates or recognizes the opposite, literal meaning: To Hang from his head till death and the subsequent disappearance of everyone from his 'world.'
    With the exception of intentional overdose, jumping from a great height, and purposefully cutting one's viens followed by bleeding to death; Cornell makes reference to the three most popularized methods of suicide: Gunshot wound in the Head, Loss of oxygen or breaking of the neck bone from a neck-strangling device, such as a rope or belt(in the case of Cornell) tightened by the gravity forces of our planet and aforementioned said person's body weight, and drowning oneself which is a common occurrence and is mostly caused by jumping from a bridge.
    I understand that Cornell had repeatedly and vehemently denied that there was no known or intended meaning in Black Hole Sun, but if you take a step back and look at the entire collection of song lyrics, especially up to the point of writing the lyrics to Black Hole Sun and the SuperUnknown album.
    Cornell writes lyrics that provide powerful insights into universally hard-pressed, pent-up feelings that cater to the music and these songs were crafted through aesthetically chosen words into clever, cohesive ideas that complimented each song's emotional tone. Some songs he wrote were very detailed and visual and were less cryptic when involving the songs purpose. Rusty Cage is a perfect example of this more obvious, yet color-formated, heart-felt dream of freedom and victory.
    On the other hand, he has displayed perfect poetic expression using basically metaphors, repetition and only a few additional literary devices to compose his lyrics, but while Cornell deceptively achieves a more musical entanglement between melodies and lyrics that seem pointless until you physically read the words like in 'To The Sky!' 'To the sky' might be another prelude for suicide or death (I believe that there are many more reoccurring examples of suicidal themes throughout all his work!)
    He has also mastered a perfect prosaic mix of meaning, feeling, and imagination through a multitude of poetic devices and literary tools from simple metaphors to complex allegorical ciphers, yet somehow the songs purpose is thematically intact and relatively not convoluted. The songs, 'Mind Riot,' 'A Room A Thousand Years Wide', and Seasons' are great examples of Cornell's diversity in the art of writing music to/and lyrics.
    Following this train of thought his skill as a songwriter was peaking around the time he wrote BLACK HOLE SUN. Doesn't it seem a little strange that he repeatedly, through decades, denounced any meaning whatsoever to the most popular and known song by the band? A song that made them one of the most known bands of all time? The cadence, lyrically, lends itself to a myriad of words and meanings. He said the title and most repeated line from any Chris Cornell song ever... was just some words that fit? But they don't really actually logically fit together with each other?! I'll make up something else in that cadence right now that will fit and probably gonna be stupid but I bet it fits:
    "Don't be Dumb
    I'm not dumb
    I'm just going insane
    Don't be dumb
    You ain't fun
    When you're dumb...

    That was really stupid, and it was NOT an insult to Chris or his music. Just trying to provide an example of how idiotic we are to think he wrote nothing BUT brilliant songs, but then he, oops! Drops the ball on the goal line during the Super Bowl. Sure are a lot of purposefully sounding words and lines from start to finish in the song
    I would like everyone to have a moment of introspective thought for the loss of great musician and poet.
    R.I.P. Chris Cornell

    PS if you have depressing thoughts or think about suicide, the worst thing you can do is nothing. It's not your fault it's just a disease. Try not to get isolated from everyone who loves you in your life. Reaching out to someone you trust is the best thing you can do. If you can


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    Jul 2nd, 2017 7:47pm report

    This song is about heroine.
    Heroine is the black hole sun. The feeling of heroine is the most content warmth.
    If you've ever had an opiate addiction this makes perfect sense. Aside from the fact that addiction, particularly heroine, is a common grunge theme,these lyrics couldn't be any clearer.
    Stuttering, cold and damp is a horrible withdrawal feeling.
    Steal the warm wind tired friend. Times have gone for honest men and, sometimes, far too long for snakes.
    Heaven, send hell away
    No one sings like you anymore.


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    Jun 27th, 2017 6:03pm report

    I have heard him say numerous times on stage and in interviews that there is no literal meaning. Just stringing words together to go with the music.
    I myself have always associated with depression and very sexual. Weird I know.


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    Jun 11th, 2017 6:32pm report

    I saw Sound Garden live two years ago and this was the last sone they played. Before Chris started to sing he said, "I have no idea what the fuck this song means". I personally think we over analyze meanings to song. Sometimes words just come together. A lot of his songs had a message, sometimes a deep dark message but I am sure there where some he just wrote.... this could have been a hallucination from an acid trip he was on.... now we will never know for sure.


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    May 30th, 2017 5:10pm report

    This song is about whatever it means to you, just like life!


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    Apr 24th, 2017 4:09pm report

    Here goes my attempt. Look for words within square brackets "[]"!

    In my eyes, indisposed [my perception's ill]
    In disguises no one knows [avoidance; guilt]
    Hides the face, lies the snake [concealed peril]
    The sun in my disgrace [contempt revealed]
    Boiling heat, summer stench [repressed emotions, passion of passed experiences]
    'Neath the black the sky looks dead [mystery of imagination absent]
    Call my name through the cream [give me money]
    And I'll hear you scream again [I'll acknowledge your anger, frustration, and/or fear]

    Black hole sun [death; oblivion]
    Won't you come [satisfaction]
    And wash away the rain [rid of my sadness]
    Black hole sun
    Won't you come
    Won't you come (won't you come)

    Stuttering, cold and damp [insecure, detached, and cleansed]
    Steal the warm wind tired friend [remove apathy/shame]
    Times are gone for honest men [corruption will prevail]
    And sometimes far too long for snakes [esp. for threatening men]
    In my shoes, a walking sleep [exhaustion from his perspective]
    And my youth I pray to keep [enthusiasm preserved]
    Heaven sent hell away [hope removed distress]
    No one sings like you anymore [emotions digress]

    Black hole sun
    Won't you come
    And wash away the rain
    Black hole sun
    Won't you come
    Won't you come

    Black hole sun
    Won't you come
    And wash away the rain
    Black hole sun
    Won't you come
    Won't you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)

    Won't you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)
    Won't you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)
    Won't you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)

    Hang my head, drown my fear [change my thoughts and emotions]
    Till you all just disappear ['til negatives diminish]

    Black hole sun
    Won't you come
    And wash away the rain
    Black hole sun
    Won't you come
    Won't you come

    Black hole sun
    Won't you come
    And wash away the rain
    Black hole sun
    Won't you come
    Won't you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)
    Won't you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)
    Won't you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)
    Won't you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)
    Won't you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)
    Won't you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)
    Won't you come
    Won't you come

    Hope this helps!


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    Feb 5th, 2017 2:04am report

    It's about the rapture, you idiots.

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