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Staind: Something to Remind You Meaning


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Song Released: 2011

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Something to Remind You Lyrics

So this is it
I say goodbye
To this chapter of my ever-changing life
And there's mistakes
The path is long
And I'm sure I'll answer for them when I'm gone

So when the day comes and
The sun won't touch my face
Tell the ones who cared...


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    Jan 11th 2012 report

    i think this song is about someone who is closing a chapter of their life. moving forward onto a new path. feeling as if no one really cared, but thinks a few may miss them when they are gone. not just metaphorically speaking, but literally speaking as in death. it speaks to me of relocation, heartbreak, and mistakes. i think it is a beautiful song. it states that "when the day comes when the light doesn't touch my face, tell the one who care enough that i've finally left this place that's been so cold". cold in the sense that noone was around, noone cared, and it was time to accept it, and move on. from a location, a relationship, and family. in the end the judge and jury will be God.


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    Sep 28th 2012 report

    On an interview on YouTube ("The Making of Staind Documentary" 11:22 & 15:16) he said that this song's about a kid fan who wrote a letter to him & had a best friend who committed suicide. The fan's best friend wasn't interested in anything (like music or the Gtr.), but he later bought & learned the Gtr. The kid Played & Sang & Recorded Outside & then Hung himself. When his parents found him his song was playing as a loop. So it was for his parents to remember him playing & singing outside. So, from what he says in the Vid I think this is what the meaning is.


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    Oct 14th 2011 report

    possible depression, contemplating suicide...?

  4. anonymous
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    Sep 12th report

    My husband of 24 yrs sent this to me, regarding his feelings. He filed for divorce. Is this to say goodbye?

  5. anonymous
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    May 5th 2021 report

    I know my granddaughters will play this at my memorial on my last day on earth... They are 7 & 10 right now but they so understand me.. I am so blessed to have them in my life right now.. They understand my feelings for the music I love

  6. anonymous
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    Dec 19th 2019 report

    I think it might be about a veteran with ptsd who is dying and will finally be relieved of his pain and bitter memories.
    Or something else but I do think it is something about someone dying

  7. anonymous
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    Oct 21st 2018 report

    I think the writer wants us to remember something when they are gone.

  8. anonymous
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    Jun 6th 2018 report

    Clearly this song was Aaron Lewis way of saying farewell to Staind and their fans as he "say goodbye to this chapter of 'his' ever-changing life".

  9. anonymous
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    Jan 27th 2018 report

    when he says "tell the ones who cared enough that i've finally left this place" i interpret that as the ones that have seen me struggle can be happy for me that i no longer am burned by life, I'm at peace, I'm finally at rest.

  10. anonymous
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    Jul 6th 2017 report

    Story of my fucking ever changing life that continues as the world grows colder and colder and my life seems to be getting dimmer and dimmer until i cannot see it and go on anymore. To many failed relationships, didn't even kno my real mom. To feel less loved then the rest of my family.To have a huge heart that gets stepped on every fucking day of my life that people take for granted.Living in constant fear am i going to make it through 1 more ever changing day of my addicted sick cruel life, wanting to b remembered 4 something good i did in my life or feel like i was part of something.Every woman i ever known or tried to get with would always look past me and never see the kind of heart i really had even if it bit them in the ass or face.But All glory to God because hes the 1 in control of my everchanging fast paced life. The problem is my heart is 2 big for these dried up cold people here on this planet that dont give a flying fuck about nothing. So when im gone maybe someone will c the kind of heart that i really had and appreciate me, and remember me when im gone from this world.Lord forgive me for my sins and let me come home to u were i originated from in the first place

  11. anonymous
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    Sep 24th 2016 report

    A review of someone's life.

  12. anonymous
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    Sep 13th 2015 report

    For me, this song is about me closing the chapter of my life as an addict. And moving on to a life of recovery.

  13. Bombdiggitygirl
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    Mar 17th 2015 report

    This song is about a young man who committed suicide by hanging himself. All he wanted was to be remembered when he was gone. Aaron Lewis
    Really hit the mark with this song tribute. It's a beautiful, but sad song. Inspired and written for a young man who felt he could no longer go on in this cold, cruel world.

  14. anonymous
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    Feb 20th 2015 report

    Well my interpretation to this song would be.. yes talking about death.. saying that too much is going on and the road is long... that he has been through a lot and the face will show the stories that he cant erase... being that at some point age has kicked in and soon he will be laid to rest..

  15. anonymous
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    Sep 7th 2014 report

    It seems like a song that explains how someone is feeling while they are contemplating suicide. The thoughts of some individual feeling down aren't accurately recorded by the individual and are better recognized and portrayed by an outside person.

  16. anonymous
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    Nov 15th 2012 report

    I heard that a kid committed suicide, recorded this song right before he hung himself and played it on replay, then the kid's best friend sent it in to have staind remake it.

  17. anonymous
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    Apr 25th 2012 report

    its about the feelings of loss, and emptyness

  18. anonymous
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    Sep 18th 2011 report

    I honestly think it is about the band dissolving, in the song it says "I say goodbye to this chapter of my everchanging life" There was also rumors of troubles between the band during the recording of the album. Its sad to say, but this may be the end of Staind

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