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Staind: For You Meaning

Song Released: 2001

For You Lyrics

I sit here locked inside my head remembering everything you said the silence gets us nowhere gets us nowhere way too fast.

  1. anonymous
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    Aug 25th 2019 report

    I definitely relate to all of the teens relating to this song.I ,however am an adult relating intimately with song...15 years ago,when I was 36 years old and the Mother of 4 beautiful gifts from God...2 Sons and 2 Daughters and 1 on the way.Firstly,my 2nd Daughter at around age 8 started getting sickly.I was working days cleaning homes and nights cleaning medical buildings,so about 3 weeks had gone by and she felt to I'll at the dinner table to eat.I accompanied her to the restroom as she felt she was going to be sick.I removed her jacket and realized she had definitely lost weight.I put her on the scale and shockingly,she had lost 17 lbs.!An 8 yr old just does NOT lose this much weight if there isn't something terribly wrong!Emergency room here we come!To my horror,she was immediately diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes type 1.I was horrified!I slept on the floor next to her every night setting my alarm clock for every 2 hours just petrified that she would go into a diabetic coma if I didn't check her blood sugar.At this same time,my 1st Son,who was 4 yrs old had been having extreme pains in his ribs and.his shoulder blade.The Emergency room just kept telling me a variety of random brush offs like oh kids pick up viruses from other kids.It will run it course,while looking at me like an overactive parent.The same explanation was given when the lymph nodes in his neck became swollen huge and tender.I have always found extreme interest in how things work and how to fix them if something goes wrong.Especially where the human body and mind are concerned.Well...I obviously spent many relentlessly sleepless nights researching symptoms that my beautiful Son was experiencing and as devastating as it was,my belief was that he had Cancer!My significant other mocked me,as well as the rest of my family.I had a drug addiction.There assumption was that my addiction was twisting my mind to even think this was possible.I invited ALL of them to come into home,my world and see just why i came up with this conclusion.Not 1 of them would do just that.They listened to my boyfriend tell them about me spending countless hours reading medical books in a closed room(my daughters),so I must have been in there doing drugs!Although I was way overboard on keeping track of my daughters blood sugars before sending her off to school,sometimes keeping her home an extra hour if they were off,I became the "Dope addict" that couldn't get her kid to school on time!When I did send her and blood sugars were off,then was irresponsible in keeping her b.s.maintained!I could literally write,ATLEAST a huge novel as to all the horse crap they drug me through...ENDING RESULT...The pain had gotten so horrible and constant for 3 days and nights for my Son,my Prince Charming SoftLips,that I finally convinced my family Doc to do a catscan.Well to everyone's horror,a tumor was found that had obviously grown for 10 months while I tried to get just SOMEONE to believe in ME as A Mother!My Son was immediately flown to CHILDRENS HOSPITAL in Seattle,Wa.If I could fill you in with all the details of the TORMENT that my family and my ex-Husband subjected me to,you would be horrified!Bottom line is...My beautiful daughter is 30 now w 2 beautiful children of her own and her Diabetes is well under control.On the other side of the plate is mySweet,loving,brilliant Prince Charming SoftLips left this earth at the tender age of 8, due to Ewings Sarcoma,a sft tissue CANCER that is VERY AGGRESSIVE!Remission twice...third time returned...My baby boy stated"I just want to go home" What they told me would be3-6 months,became 7 F...... DAYS!It disgust me that my Ex whom had NOT BEEN AROUND for approx.3 1/2 years due to his drug addiction had been allowed to authorize HOSPICE to quickly euthanize my Son by giving him a cocktail of pain meds to shut his organs down and speed up his dieting without my knowledge!I rocked him and sang to him until his very last breath.Upon returning from the last potty break I took,i immediately noticed that his oxygen mask had been taken from him and the oxygen machine shut off.I screamed at them to give it back to him(and they did) as my ex(his Father who was drunk and on cocaine)screamed at me about how I was just trying to prolong it while going outside slamming the door! I cant help but wonder...if maybe everyone had NOT been so judgemental and stereotypical,if maybe,JUST MAYBE...MY GORGEOUS PRINCE CHARMING SOFTLIPS,MAY STILL BE WITH ME TODAY....This is when I heard not only this song by Staind,but several others,as well as many songs by Creed(Hooray for the child)I chose as one of his graveside songs that I felt they totally related to my situation and wrote for me.Therefore "For You"became For Me!I now refer to it as 'My Song' Much Love and God Bless these artists for letting me feel that there was actually people,REAL PEOPLE that had experienced this kind of degrading by other PEOPLE...SO MUCH TRUE LOVE for these artists...they got me through when I felt the entire world was AGAINST ME! ,

  2. anonymous
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    Mar 23rd 2019 report

    I totally relate to all of Aaron Lewis songs. Apparently he had a very neglected and emotionally childhood like myself. A lot of his songs depict that and how in his adult life has made it hard for him to trust anyone. I mean if you can't trust your own parents for love and support, who can you trust? The song Zoey about his daughter, I totally respect him for trying to break the cycle of horrible parenting that he went through. That song really resignates with me because I too have had parents who really didn't give a shit about me and made me feel very unwanted and unheard. I have tried to treat my own daughter the opposite. Some people who are abused as a child grow up treating their own children the same way. Which I feel is not right but some people aren't aware enough to break away from that and look from the outside in and break the abusive patterns. Aaron Lewis is probably the most influental music artist for me of all times. Chester Bennington being 2nd. I saw a post previously where someone tried to say he's transgender and something about him being afraid to tell his parents. WTF??? lol HELL NO absolutely WRONG!!! Very bad perception. I would LOVE to meet Aaron Lewis. He is seriously one artist of all times that I feel like I could sit down with and have a real conversation and feel good walking away from. I feel his emotion and his pain but in good way. It's great to know that someone else, ESPECIALLY A MAN who has the emotions that I feel. So with all of this said, Aaron Lewis is THE MAN!!! And I WILL MEET him one day!! Not in a weird stalker fan kind of way but in a civil cool kind of way. I love people who express their inner emotions man or woman without fear. Those are my people and he is my people. If he ever sees this, which I hope he does, I want to meet you Aaron Lewis. You are the absolute shit!!!!

  3. anonymous
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    Apr 20th 2018 report

    There is no way for me to interpret For You by Staind because I lived it, it was my reality as a small child and a teen. I sit here locked inside my head remembering everything you said the silence gets us no where gets us no where way to fast. When this is the reality you live in; neglect,anger, instability, sadness,confusion and being blocked off from any type of human emotion, fucks you up. When i say fucked up i mean mental illness, I am grown now everyday for me is a battle in my head because the ADHD and Obesive Cumpulsive Disorder. Without knowing how to love or how to express yourself emotionally makes you take everything internally. Being that you're not bottomless pressure begins to build up and then there's an explosion. You don't know that its wrong when your living it and when you remember it you think you had a happy childhood but what is happiness? I honestly couldn't tell you because I don't know what it is like in my world because im too busy trying to control my senseless compulsions, that if i dont do them i get so terrified and on edge and the only thing I can do is get in the fetal position and rock back and forth and wait for whatever is coming, comes. But it never does and I fall into a fitful sleep and wake up and do it all over again making sure i count everything over and over, going over this and that countless times. Is inevitability fucked up but it my reality, my life

  4. anonymous
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    Mar 14th 2018 report

    I feel like this song is about a transgender person afraid to tell there parents about it because of the part where he said it’s your son or daughter it was just a thought.

  5. anonymous
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    Feb 15th 2018 report

    This song is openly about child neglect/verbal and emotional abuse. The child is expressing how he feels in the lyrics.
    The child is likely a teenager who is going through something and the parents are aware but they block themselves from it. The child wants to be heard but every attempt results in silence and the child is emotionally locked in his head-"I sit here locked inside my head, remembering everything you said. The silence gets us nowhere, gets us nowhere way too fast". In the music video for the song, the parents block him away physically and emotionally. Teens go through emotional and mental changes and sometimes when parents don't understand they just block them off and that makes it worse and screws up the child.

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