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Taylor Swift: Safe and Sound Meaning

Song Released: 2011

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Safe and Sound Lyrics

I remember tears streaming down your face,
When I said I'll never let you go.
When all those shadows almost killed your light,
I remember you said "don't leave me here alone",
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight.
Just close your...

  1. anonymous
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    Dec 7th 2012 report

    A lot of the entries refer to Katniss and Rue, but I personally believe that this is a song that fits with Katniss and Prim. I believe she is trying to comfort her and assure her that it is a violent and cruel world outside of district 12. But for now, they are safe, and that they will always have each other.

  2. anonymous
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    Nov 7th 2012 report

    i think its about peeta and katniss when he tells he dont go outside to get the medicine for him but she does its the best song for the hunger games and when it will be safe in the morning reffering to the games will be ended tommorow.

  3. anonymous
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    Nov 4th 2012 report

    Ok I think this is about Rue. The lyrics of Safe and Sound are close to the lyrics of the lullaby Katmiss sings to Rue in the book. Also lullabies are usually for young children not Peetas. Aka people Peetas age. The don't look outside part refers to " there's still killing going on but don't pay attention because you're dying.

  4. anonymous
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    Oct 28th 2012 report

    Everyone has their own interpretation of this song. I know it was made for The Hunger Games, but does it remind anyone of The Walking Dead?? Specifically, Lori and her unborn baby? "When all those shadows almost killed your light" the shadows could refer to the Walkers, dark and scary, and the "light" could represent this baby, pure and innocent. This could be Lori's 'Safe Haven' song to the baby. "Just close your eyes, the sun is going down. You'll be alright, no one can hurt you now." They are safe at the moment, and there is nothing to worry about. Lori wants the baby to know that it will be safe and sound in her arms. "Don't you dare look out your window, darling everything's on fire. The war outside our door keeps raging on" This can refer to the baby as well, Lori is telling it to not look at the outside, eveything is in ruins. This war between the living and the dead still goes on. "Hold on to this lullaby, even when the music's gone" She is telling the baby to always remember this lullaby, because in their post-apocalyptic world, there is no music.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway
  5. anonymous
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    Sep 26th 2012 report

    when i first heard this song i thought for sure it was Katniss singing to peeta when they were in the cave together, then as i learned more about the lyrics i now definitely think this song is meant to represent Katniss singing to rue as she was dying and she was telling rue that "no one can hurt you now" because she would be gone by morning and no one could cause her harm.

  6. anonymous
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    Sep 17th 2012 report

    I think its about rue and katniss rue says dontleave me here alone and this is at dusk "just close your eyes the sun is going down" rue wanted her to sing Her a lullaby "hold onto this lullaby even the musics gone" and "just close your eyes" means its ok don't be afraid "the sun is going down" means rue died

  7. anonymous
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    Sep 14th 2012 report

    I think, that is a new version of the Katniss song of mocking jaw, the last, and the video have mashups with the hang tree(sorry i dont know the name in english, only in spanish, this is literary translated)and the video represents katniss feeling and thoughts with every person and herself, and taylor represents... Prim as a ghost watching all.

  8. anonymous
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    Sep 10th 2012 report

    The Hunger Games are now over for good and It is from Katniss's point of view (talking about her experience), maybe even Prim's(remembering seeing Katniss in the Hunger Games). But maybe it is saying that it is safe now for the children of the districts and it is about the aftermath of the Hunger Games and saying how everything will be ok again and it is safe now

    That is what I believe the lyrics are about.

  9. anonymous
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    Sep 9th 2012 report

    It could be about Peeta, Rue, and Prim. None of them and all of them are safe and sound, though. Peeta's highjacked, but he and Katniss have a happy ending. Rue and Prim die, but they're in a better place.

  10. anonymous
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    Sep 2nd 2012 report

    I don't think this song was MADE for the hunger games.... they just used it in the movie.... I think it is either a song about life and how everything that has burned you or haunted you is gone and past and you're lost and you need help... OR it is a suicide song about closing your eyes and going to heaven...

  11. anonymous
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    Aug 25th 2012 report

    It's for Prim Rue and all the people that died that she cared for during the hunger games and the rebellion. And when she says the sun came up it means when the rebellion was over and they won and Katniss avenged Prim Rue and all the people that died by killin Coin and Snow Dying and the districts finally able to be free and she being to be with Petta all tougth she can't take to much joy in things sometimes Becouse she fears I'll be taken away but now there's happiness and joy instead of suffering. Imagine Katnnis singin it.

  12. anonymous
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    Aug 18th 2012 report

    **this contains spoilers if you haven't read the books**

    i believe it is prim singing, after her death, her ghost wandering through the remains of district 12, still watching over and caring for katniss as she did in disctrict 13. katniss said in district 13 "when we next see each other, we will be free of [president snow]", and now that they are free of him, prim is coming to finally see katniss. you will notice in the video how taylor sits on one of two stone coffin-like structures? well i think they may infact be coffins, one for prim, the other for her father.

  13. anonymous
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    Aug 4th 2012 report

    its katniss and prim. It seems like a song she would sing to her. "darling everything on fire" District 12 gets bombed! And in the begining " i remember tears streaming down your face when i said ill never let you go" prim was crying when katniss promised shed win. I dont think its about rue because it just doesnt fit and they alerdy have a song.

  14. anonymous
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    Aug 2nd 2012 report

    (you need to read the books to understand this)
    i think the first verse is talking about both Peeta and Rue, the lyric 'when all those shadows nearly killed your light' i think she was talking about Peeta, in the second book when they enter the Arena a second time, and Finnick has to restart his heart.and also when she says 'all thats dead and gone and past, tonight' she is talking about the night Rue died, and how it is past and she has to move on now.

    in the second verse, she says 'darling everything's on fire' she is obviously refering to Katniss, 'the girl on fire'. she also says 'curled up to this lullaby, even when the music's gone' i think she means in the third book, when they are in district 13, she is talking to Prim, saying stay here and stay safe, even when Katniss has gone.Although Primrose does'nt.

    and in the chorus i think she is speaking to all the districts, she's almost encouraging them to fight against the capitol, saying 'no one can hurt you now' as if they are strong and mighty and it is impossible to hurt them' i think she is also saying if you just close your eyes and fight against the capitol, then in the morning when you open your eye's everything will be better, i think this because she says 'come morning light, you and i'll be safe and sound'

  15. anonymous
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    Jul 8th 2012 report

    "All those shadows almost killed your light"
    That could be talking about Katniss and Prim at the reaping, because she was picked

    "When I said I'll never let you go"
    Because Katniss volunteered for Prim

    "You said don't leave me here alone"
    Prim didn't want Katniss to die

    But it also could be Katniss and Rue

    "All those shadows almost killed your light"
    Because she was young and youthful, and the Games would take that from her

    "When I said I'll never let you go"
    Because Rue reminded Katniss of Prim, and didn't want her to die

    "You said don't leave me here alone"
    Rue was dying and didn't want Katniss to leave

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