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Ween: Buckingham Green Meaning


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Buckingham Green Lyrics

A child without an eye
Made her mother cry
Why ask why
She kept her child clean
On Buckingham Green

The children saw the eye
As a sign from God
Descending from the sky
It was alright to dream
Of Buckingham Green

Summon the...


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    Jul 24th 2005 report

    Buckingham Green was the name of a "ghetto" strip mall in New Hope, PA, the town from where Ween hale.

  2. anonymous
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    Oct 21st report

    A child(man) without an I (what separates us from all other creatures is our consciousness of self, or the I that we Am).

    Made a Mother(Nature) cry...

    Why ask why? (the root of existentialist existence).

    She kept her child clean(unstained from the soils and spoils of ego/self awareness)

    ...on Buckingham Green(the bliss of delusion protected ignorance-living the dream)

    The children(man) saw the I

    ...as a sign from God(the root of all religions and spiritual belief)

    Descending from the sky(the vast infinity of unknown truth above our present ability to perceive and understand)

    It was alright to dream(imagine whatever we willed to imagine).

    ...on Buckingham Green(our delusion protected ignorance)

    **ineffable mystery communique, aka guitar solo**

    Summon the Queen(the great spirit of our Mother Nature, which we have summoned by defiling and destroying her body of creation)

    Spoke the Child of I (the Son of Man, or the highest realized ideal, born of our self awareness).

    It's time to fly(liberate our existence from the restraints of the delusion protected ignorance).

    Turning FIRE into STEAM(the burning passion of our desires and dreams, boiling the waters both above and below our perceptions - we worn born of the waters, and we are made up physically of the waters, and only by boiling the waters, shall we become the steam necessary to ascend to the waters above).

    ...on Buckingham Green(it is the delusion protected ignorance that now must be burned as fuel for the fire that shall boil the waters which we are).

    Repeat first to come full circle.

  3. anonymous
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    Sep 13th 2017 report

    I always thought the song was about the son of a thief sentencing his mother to death in 1700s England. I think the line repeated throughout the song "she kept her child clean on Buckingham Green" meant that the mother was trying to make her son into a thief like her, who had a deep disdain for the government like most poor people did in that time. But the boy wanted a better life for himself, which is represented in the song as the line "It was alright to dream of Buckingham Green". Buckingham palace being a symbol of wealth in England even today. I think the boy eventually becomes a judge, which is symbolized by the line "summon the Queen" because all court cases in England are held on the behalf of the Queen. The lines "it's time to fly" and "made her mother cry" are both symbolic of how he sentenced his mother to death ("it's time to fly" representing to ascent to heaven after death) And my last piece of evidence for this interpretation is the frequently repeated line "child without an eye". I think this is symbolic for how the child becomes a figure of the law (judge). The symbol for justice is a woman holding a scale and wearing a blindfold. I think "child without an eye" references the blindfold.

  4. anonymous
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    Jun 26th 2017 report

    Buckingham Green is not real. It is a metaphor for when companies used radium as a color dye, "radium green", because of the unique color radium presents.

    Many manufacturing companies took advantage of this pretty color before knowing the harmful affects of radium and used the color for various products from paint to dishes to wallpaper and even soap.

    These products lead to many deaths and cancers.

    The painters sickness is one of the more known result. However, my interpretation of this song is a story of an uneducated mother from before the time we knew radium was poisonous, who trusted the (fake) brand of Buckingham green soap to be the best soap for her child. And that is why the child never got better but only worse.

    Its also probably the reason the child was born without an eye, because the mother most likely used the soap during and throughout her pregnancy.

  5. anonymous
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    Feb 28th 2017 report

    It's complete trash prog rock over exaggerated spewet lyric bologna.

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  6. anonymous
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    May 12th 2014 report

    Fleetwood Mac had two main incarnations. The first was with Peter Green on lead guitar, the second Lindsey Buckingham on lead guitar.

  7. anonymous
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    Feb 21st 2013 report

    It may be that the band is simply playing with imagery and a vaguely ominous theme but... Buckingham palace is built on the site of a saxon-ish village that was called "Eye Cross," no really, you can look it up on the u k government websites. This site is near the river/stream Tyburn that has an island near the site. This island was known as the eyot of thorns and is where the great Westminster Abbey was built. So here we have a couple of "eyes" near buckingham.

  8. i420nick
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    Jul 3rd 2009 report

    Actually, Buckingham Green is a very old song that you can hear Ween perform on Live at the Cats Cradle CD that just came out. Therefore it wasn't written at the beach house like other songs on The Mollusk. Educate yourself before telling others to. I had the privilage to hang out with Ween after a show once, and Aaron told me they don't put a lot of energy into deep meaning n their songs. He says he has no idea what a lot of the songs are about.

  9. anonymous
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    Jun 22nd 2007 report

    Pretty sure if you believe Ween songs to have meaning beyond just being really well written fuckarounds, you are wrong.

  10. anonymous
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    Mar 18th 2007 report

    I think it's about a blind child being born and the mother is reluctant to keep the child in society.

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