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5 Seconds of Summer: End Up Here Meaning

End Up Here Lyrics

You walked in
Everyone was asking for your name
You just smiled
and told them trouble

My head spins
I'm pressed against the wall
Just watching your every move
You're way too cool
And you're coming this way
Coming this way

How did we...

  1. anonymous
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    Feb 18th 2018 report

    A guy sees a girl, and she is cool. She is awesome and amazing. But the guy either thinks he is a loser or he just has problems. They meet and hit it off. And I think they start liking each other or start dating. And the guy is wondering how he ended up with a girl that is too cool for him.

  2. anonymous
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    Aug 17th 2016 report

    I think it starts with them at a party and he's watching her, he thinks she's so hot and cool etc.
    They end up leaving going back to her place, he's confused but excited. They like the same time of music (living on a prayer and Nirvana)
    The next day he's bewildered to how he could get with such a girl .
    In my opinion I think the girl is really cool, hot, and popular and the guy is actually not anyone special, he's not popular and he's surprised he could get with her.
    She's far out of his league, her status of popularity intimidates him, making him feel insecure. He doesn't want her to know who he really is--a nobody-- in fear that she will leave him. Overall the question that continues to haunt him mind is, "how did we end up here?" after being from such different groups

  3. anonymous
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    Jul 23rd 2016 report

    I think this song is about a girl who walked into a party. She's the new girl and she's troublesome- " you walked in everyone was asking for your name, you just smiled and told them trouble" . He is drunk and leaning against the wall watching her thinking about how hot and cool she is- " my head spins pressured against the wall, just watching your every move, your way too cool...".

    He is wearing a Kurt Cobain shirt (Nirvana) and she is into the same type of music, se compliments him I his shirt and they leave together and head to her house- "you said you liked my Cobain shirt, now we're walking back to you place, your telling me how you thought that song about living on a prayer" this shows that she is into the same music because the song about living on a prayer is by Bon Jovi, which is the same kind of music as Nirvana ( reference to Kurt Cobain shirt).

    They do the dirty and he wakes up unsure of how he managed to get there, because he was drunk which can be seen by the lyric " my head spins".

    He realised what happens and his friends all think that she's out of his league and will leave him because he is a player " my friends say I should lock you down before you figure me out and you run away". But he feels something for her and her likewise " but you won't and you don't as you kiss me and you tell me that's your hear to stay ".

    After that the chorus turns into a more 'how did I end with a girl like you?' Sort of thing rather than a confused 'what happened last night?' Sort of thing. He is worried and insecure because she is fit and hot and cool and he's not-" call me lucky coz In the end I'm a 6 as she's a 10, she's so fit I'm insecure". He then becomes confused as to why she's with him- " but she keeps coming back for more, how did we end up here?"

    This is my interruption of the song anyway,

  4. anonymous
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    Oct 29th 2015 report

    i think that it was at a school and there was a new girl who happened to stumble by a guy who thought she was hot that morning as they said in the song " but when i wake up next to you i wonder how did we end up here " he woke up and wondered how did he end up in this hot girls bed but thats just my opinion either way the song is great

  5. anonymous
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    Sep 2nd 2014 report

    What this sing means is that the guy feels like the girl is so pretty and so good for her to be with someone like him, he is very insecure so he doesn't know how did they end up together.

  6. anonymous
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    Aug 22nd 2014 report

    Questioning the girl he is with, saying how did I end up here with you? You are like so hot and i'm so insecure about myself and I keep thinking that you'll run away but you tell me you are here to stay for good. We both don't know how it started so we keep asking ourselves how did we end up here?

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