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5 Seconds of Summer: Invisible Meaning

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Invisible Lyrics

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"What? What's that?"

Another day,
Of painted walls and football on the TV
No one sees me
I fade away,
Lost inside a memory of someone's life
It wasn't mine

I was already missing before the night I left
Just me and my shadow and all of...


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    Jan 2nd, 2016 1:53am report

    I see this song as a suicide note. These are her journey entry's. That's why there is a typewriter at the beginning of the song.
    "Another day of painted walls and football on the tv, no one sees me."
    She lives at home and isn't paid any attention to. It's the same thing everyday.
    "Fade away. Lost inside a memory of someone's life. It wasn't mine."
    She's drifting away from her old self and dreaming about becoming someone she's not.
    "Who am I? Who am I? When I don't know myself. Who am I? Who am I? Invisible."
    She doesn't recongize herself anymore. She's changed so much trying to please everyone that she has no idea who she is anymore. She sees herself as invisible.
    "Waste days. Dreaming of the times I know I can't get back. It seems I just lost track."
    She doesn't find joy anymore. She longs for the old days when she accepted herself. She lost track of time since she last loved herself for who she really was.
    "Looking on. As all of life's colors seem to fade to grey, I just walked away."
    She has no joy or happiness. She stares at nothing and feels empty inside. She eventually decided it's too much.
    "Who am I? Who am I? When I don't know myself. Who am I? Who am I? Invisible."
    She's reaching her breaking point. She can't hold on anymore so she decides it's just best to leave.
    "Who am I? Who am I? When I don't know myself. Who am I? Who am I? Invisible."
    It repeats over in her head while she slices her wrists, hoping to end her silent suffering.
    "Another day. The walls are built to keep me safe. I can't escape, it's too late..."
    The walls are referring to her sanity. She couldn't escape he own thoughts. She tried to stop hurting herself, but it was too late. She was gone...


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    Mar 1st, 3:11am report

    Tbh this song is like a last cry for help. The 5SOS fam for sure knows that Calum, Ash, Mikey, and Luke have been through a lot. This song must have been a tough one to write because it showcases a lot of raw emotions. (Let’s pretend it’s 100% about Cal) He has left his home behind to be a part of a band and has changed so much that he doesn’t recognize himself. He then realizes how much people don’t miss him, so he’s just there. These kind of thoughts are like when people describe they are separate from their body, so they’re physically there, but they’re not there. This has a lot to do with loneliness and neglect (not just physical but also emotional) and he feels like no one will notice if one day he just runs away, or goes to sleep and never wakes up.


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    Jul 26th, 2017 7:24am report

    it's about calum himself. It might have something to do with hate or whatnot but we all know that the boys have got problems. This song could be a suicide note that he has written for himself. In the beginning you hear mikey saying something along the lines of "hey, what's this?" and then a typewriter, which suggests that calum is writing this to him for him to show the others. it's a suicide note sung out loud.


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    May 19th, 2017 5:07am report

    Suicide letter.


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    Feb 25th, 2017 2:28am report

    The song is about someone who runs away from home but no one realises that they have left. " another day, painted walls and football on the TV no one sees me". The day is just a normal day for everyone else except for the runaway. This song is a sad song about no one realising you are there.


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    Jul 4th, 2016 7:33am report

    "Another day, of painted walls and football on the TV. No one sees me"
    It says that even though she's at home and with her family, they don't care enough to notice her.

    "I was already missing, before the night I left. Just me and my shadow, and all of my regrets. Who am I? Who am I, when I dont know myself? Who am I? Who am I? Invisible."
    This says that before she was already gone before she actually left. It was only her and her shadow because no one else cared. She had so many regrets and they followed her. She didn't know who she was anymore.

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