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5 Seconds of Summer: Heartbreak Girl Meaning


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Song Released: 2013

Heartbreak Girl Lyrics

You call me up,
It's like a broken record
Saying that your heart hurts
That you never get over him getting over you,
And you end up crying
And I end up lying,
'Cause I'm just a sucker for anything that you do,

And when...


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    Sep 29th 2014 report

    My interpretation is that this boy is hopelessly in love with his girl-best friend, who is heartbroken over someone else.


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    Oct 6th 2013 report

    This song is about a boy who is in love with his best friend. His best friend is having trouble getting over a guy, and the boy is feeling friend zoned. All he wants is for her to realize that she belongs with him


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    Jul 12th 2014 report

    It's about how a guy is in love with their best girl friend but she just gone through a breakup and she doesn't know what to do so she goes by the guy. And the guy feels friend zoned because she's always just saying stuff like thanks for being a friend and never knows that she belongs with him

  4. anonymous
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    Jun 12th 2020 report

    being in love with your best friend and constantly having to hear about their feelings for someone else. you love them and it sucks because you have to support them and be there for them while they're choosing someone else. especially after that person hurt them, they still don't see whats right in front of them.

  5. anonymous
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    Feb 18th 2018 report

    A girl is with a guy, but the relationship is making her miserable. And another guy is forced to watch her go through this when he wants to date her and make her happy.

  6. anonymous
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    Jan 11th 2017 report

    This is simply the song of a guy who is in love with a girl who appears to be his bestfriend. He tries to make it obvious that he wants her heart but she's to blind to see it. He is just frustrated because he tries to make it clear to her that he wants to be with her but she fails to understand.He was put in a "friend zone" and would do anything humanly possible to step into the "lover boy zone".

  7. anonymous
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    Nov 11th 2016 report

    My interpretation of Heartbreak Girl by 5 Seconds of Summer is that "Heartbreak Girl" is in love with a boy. She us upset because the boy doesn't love her back. The narrator of the song likes this "Heartbreak Girl" a lot. They are close friends because he has her number "you call me up". He wants her to be with him. He cares way more about her then the other boy that "Heartbreak Girl" likes. She's not convinced though. "I gotta get it through your head, that you belong with me instead".

  8. anonymous
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    Jul 27th 2016 report

    Stiles wrote this for Lydia.

  9. anonymous
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    Dec 7th 2015 report

    A good friend is likes his bestfreind and he is trying to make the friend realize it and that her ex is no good and he be a better boyfriend then that guy.

  10. ken_kaneki12
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    Apr 3rd 2015 report

    it is kinda obvious that she likes him but she doesn't want him to know she keeps her distance by friendzoning him and she keeps going out with a guy who treats her wrong to just get his attention but he wants her so bad that he close to confessing his love to her well that what i really think about
    ////why would she keep calling him if she doen't like him

  11. anonymous
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    Mar 21st 2015 report

    It's about a girl getting dumped by her boyfriend (ex bf now) and she goes to get comfort from her ( boy ) bestfriend and the boy likes the girl but she's oblivious to it and friend zone the guy who cares most about her and secretly likes her ( "You say, Thanks for being a friend,
    And we're going in circles again and again")

    He's always there for her to cheer her up and listen to her but one thing she doesn't know is that he could take away her heartbreak hence the line, "That I can take away your hurt, heartbreak girl"

  12. anonymous
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    Oct 24th 2014 report

    it's the same meaning all of these stupid pop songs have(I want you to be my girlfriend, but the truth is all he want's is sex at that age anyway so it is ingenuos like all pop songs) they are written for stupid little girls who know nothing about life or anything for that matter ignorance the religion of modern society

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  13. anonymous
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    Oct 8th 2014 report

    This song is basically abt a guy who really likes a girl and the girl just got dumped by her boyfriend for maybe the second time. The guy wants to tell her how he feels but just can't. Also he is constantly friend zoned by this girl and she is completely oblivious of the way he feels. Yeah that is my interpretation lol

  14. anonymous
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    Jun 7th 2014 report

    He is in love with a girl who only thinks of him as a friend but is heartbroken by the guy she likes and it keep going in circles.

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