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5 Seconds of Summer: Youngblood Meaning


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Song Released: 2018

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Youngblood Lyrics

Remember the words you told me, "Love me 'til the day I die"?
Surrender my everything 'cause you made me believe you’re mine
Yeah, you used to call me baby, now you're calling me by name
Takes one to know one, yeah, you beat me at my own damn...


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    Jul 20th, 2018 7:50am report

    I think that the term “Youngblood” refers to a girl that the author is in love with. But he being older, the girl wants to experience love with someone of the same age as her that’s why she has been calling someone else. He loves the girl very much but tries to run away from her to protect the girl from himself. He also wants her to be happy, but he is not strong enough to let her go definitively. Their conversations end like it's the last goodbye, it seems like they keep in touch with each other, try to seem cold but their relationship burns like fire. They can’t forget each other, they need each other.


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    Aug 14th, 2018 8:20pm report

    I believe this song is about an old couple who have been together for decades but now their memory is failing, dementia has set in. Remember the words you told me... love me till the day I die I believe refers to When they married. You used call me baby now you call me by name... takes one to know one. He is the same. Alzimeirs ... the memories of love and marriage have gone.. they don’t remember everything. Young blood is the tablet they take to take them back to their youth when they were in their prime...love the video


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    Jun 18th, 2018 6:04pm report

    I think it’s about a toxic relationship, I mean, “Youngblood” refers to the girl and how the boy wants to get over her but at the same time needs her.


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    Jun 8th, 2019 6:51pm report

    This song is about two gay men who have been sleeping together but not dating. One is a little older than the other. Youngblood usually refers to a "young guy, usually African American or latino" not female/girl."Youngblood" is sleeping with other people and the singer is trying to convince him he's better for him. Don't confuse the video with the song.It was written separately and THEN a video was made. There are hints in the video about the real meaning of the song though. He spends an awfully long time around the guys if you pay attention. The women are barely in the video.


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    Mar 7th, 2019 3:25pm report

    It means that this guy and girl were dating, and then she left him temporarily and he found out by seeing her with a guy. Then they get back together and they are happy and do reckless stuff together.


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    Jan 1st, 2019 1:18am report

    When I first read the lyrics I immediately assumed this song was about a dysfunctional relationship where they break up and get back together and see other people in between, or at least one of the two is seeing another person, and the other has done so in the past to another person at some point. Both have once called their lover “baby” and then by their first name, and he recognizes this as a sign of her love fading or going somewhere else when she isn’t calling him baby anymore.

    Then when I saw the music video it shows the couple in their later years. This is exciting because maybe love, even within dysfunctional relatiaonhips, can heal and survive time. The first scene reflects the Matrix movie but doesn’t show the couple making a choice necessarily, but rather they happily take the same pill that flashes then back to their younger years when they fell in love. Their love survives the test of time possibly, and although they were once immature, their love endured.

    The second music video reminds me of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116: Let me not to the marriage of true minds (pasted below). This sonnet, or poem, is about how love is not about the marriage of the minds of two people but about the soul connection two people share that goes much deeper. “Love’s Not Time’s fool”, or it doesn’t alter after hours or weeks or years, it “bears it out even to the edge of doom”. Here is the poem:

    Let me not to the marriage of true minds
    Admit impediments. Love is not love
    Which alters when it alteration finds,
    Or bends with the remover to remove.
    O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
    That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
    It is the star to every wand'ring bark,
    Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
    Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
    Within his bending sickle's compass come;
    Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
    But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
    If this be error and upon me prov'd,
    I never writ, nor no man ever lov'd.


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    Dec 3rd, 2018 12:44am report

    I had an ex send this video to me. We were VERY much madly in Love for 11yrs! We even snuck sex in public we were So crazy for each other! Tght we wud grow old together. Then he started cheating & denying of course. I shut him off & out. I am now living a very successful full bzy life. We jst aren’t the same he irritates me with his immaturity used to be a turn on cuz he wud try ANYTHING!
    I have MANY successful male friends (beat me at my own damn game).
    It resonated w/me and obviously him hence he sent it. All I responded w/was “Wow prophetic “ .
    I Love it but it is sad. Its about a time lost. A life no longer. The End. If you will; not as you tght it would be.


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    Oct 31st, 2018 10:11pm report

    I think the pills are a last chance pill go out with a bang a 24 hour pill that let's them go back to when they first fell inlove and the good times they had when they were youngbloods all at a cost end life there and then or live out what little time they have left trying to remember their golden years


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    Oct 21st, 2018 10:06am report

    I think klyoungblood is about someone who Was in an unhealthy relationship and didn't know how to get out. They were trapped and every time they tried to leave they would come crawling back.


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    Oct 12th, 2018 10:13pm report

    I think it is about the desensitising of the masses of blood rituals and the consumption of actual blood from young victims. The pills refer to the choice the characters had in the Matrix to become aware of the system they are deceived and so held captive in by their choices and willing blindness to truth.


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    Oct 9th, 2018 10:18pm report

    According to the English dictionary it’s about people who have great ideas, or someone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Someone wants to work with her to make it happen but she’s pulling away because it’s a trust issue. Perhaps she’s unsure who it is even......
    Or perhaps she’s been used too often and doesn’t think anyone really cares about her. Perhaps she feels like the goose who laid the golden egg.....held in captivity.
    Young blood would be the one who lacks experience in the world of money making.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Oct 7th, 2018 10:51pm report

    I think the blue pill is a suicide pill and before the pill sets in they both remember the time they spent together. So after the pill sets in the both “falls asleep”. For the meaning part of youngblood, I think that their relationship was a bit broken back then but they’ve settled it and now they wanna die together since he’s older than her (even by a bit).


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    Oct 1st, 2018 10:10pm report

    It could be about this couple... Torn to bits and yet still trying to be together... Not even being called baby, but by name now, pushing away and pulling away seem as the only options left... The past days are gone now and it's just a dead man,meaning a person who really doesn't give a shit, walking alone at night as soon as the person says they want them out of their lives... Truly a love struggle in their life..


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    Sep 25th, 2018 9:11am report

    well... i thought it was about them taking a suicide pill (the blue they take in the start) and they remember when they where young together after they take it and like fall asleep or die


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    Aug 27th, 2018 8:07pm report

    I honestly think that "youngblood" means toxic relationships that Male character is drunk and he had taken drugs and be past away from the pill that he took and the Female just kept fading away. "So im just a dead man walking/crawling tonight meant that he/she were dead but they were with there friends getting even more drunk and take drugs lastly i feel that they just keep breaking up and getting back together again but they don't like each other and start liking each other again that's what I refer it to but I might be wrong

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    Aug 26th, 2018 8:40pm report

    Ha Ha. Youre all wrong. Have you never heard of the name "young blood?"
    It refers to any young man having a relationship with an older woman


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    Aug 25th, 2018 8:19pm report

    the blue pill they take is a time resetter and they go back in time and do all the fun stuff again but at the same time the girl I think is cheating on him when in the song it says "when your looking at all those strangers hope to god you see my face" it means like he is looking at with his eyes saying with his eyes please don't cheat on me that was my interpretation.


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    Aug 19th, 2018 8:44pm report

    I think the girl portays his drug and hes addicted but everytime he tries to quit (she) calls for him so his life is coming to an end because the drug kills him. She isnt really there because in the song she keeps fading...Hes losing his high. Hes on drugs and cant quit. Thats why he says im just a dead man walking tonight.

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