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Gabriel Lyrics

Became a priest and at confession
Cured the people of transgression

Gabriel, he held the weight of
Everybody's toxic waste and
With a load upon his shoulder
Couldn't sleep as he got older

Oh, what it means to be someone
That everybody...

  1. anonymous
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    Nov 19th 2023 !⃝

    You can look at Gabriel in the terms of the song highly like a literal priest but for me, I see him as the therapist friend who takes on everyone else's problems which lead him to stress and depression.

    The song includes the line "As the problems slowly drifted, all the weight was quickly lifted" which means he felt okay after he managed to dump all of the problems.

    In the music video this is represented by Alec bagging another Alec and sending him out to sea, representing his stress, guilt and sadness, but later we can see that the other Alec comes back showing Gabriel can't escape it.

  2. anonymous
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    Mar 25th 2022 !⃝

    So with this I feel related to so everyone told him everything they gave him their problems on top of his own and it made him depressed and stressed and just couldn't handle it so he tried to get rid of the pain and fear but couldn't because it kept coming back no matter how hard he tried.

  3. anonymous
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    Jan 3rd 2022 !⃝

    I'm really curious to see what you guys are going to write.
    as my ideas are going to look muddled on paper, i hope they will at least inspire someone who expresses themselves better than me. Well, let's go:

    The part that says about him becoming a priest, for me, clearly says about other people venting to him, and it's clearing up later on.
    He became a "priest" and he healed people of transgression when they confessed

    He, Gabriel, bore "the weight of everyone's toxic waste", all sins, all dirty secrets were thrown on him, things he diverted to keep for him and on top of that advise whoever was confessing to him
    And over time these various secrets did not allow him to sleep peacefully

    Everyone NEEDED to talk to him, but who would be there for him? Who would Gabriel be to talk to?
    "He had no one to talk to", there was no one to listen to him and take care of him as he did for other people

    [This next part I'm really not sure what it might be]

    "Looking for a place to be or some place where he could hide his pain" that's basically what he's saying, he wanted to get away from this suffocating sadness, he couldn't take it anymore of others filling him with problems when he was mired in his own

    That was the most confusing part for me, but I think with him tired, he just said he threw out everything he was feeling and those people who vented on him weren't happy, "What do you mean he has his problems too and it's not all about me?"

    As he said the weight he had on his shoulders went away, he eased
    The weight that was on his back was "towards the sea", in my interpretation "to the people who vented with him"
    He finally felt free when he unburdened himself

    in the end his toxic waste drove other people away
    "Because all his sins killed the fish"

    And at the end, are questioned if Gabriel was responsible for this, if he was really the culprit, or, were they like people who looked only at themselves and forgot that Gabriel was also a person with feelings

    I think that says a lot about someone who has toxic friends, and these "friends" just use him to make themselves feel better, demanding advice, asking him to listen to their secrets.
    and he did it willingly, until he finally realized that they would never do the same for him
    he was the only one who struggled in this relationship

    It was translated on google translator because my english is not so fluent :( but i hope u guys understand
    remembering that it's just my opinion, I didn't look for official pronuntiations by the alec himself.

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