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Avenged Sevenfold: Natural Born Killer Meaning


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Natural Born Killer Lyrics

One snap for the dying
One clip to end the day
Another story with a mangled scene
It couldn't happen any other way

You wanna talk about it?
I'm begging you to walk in my shoes any time
Watch the clock 'til you unwind
You wanna cry about...


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    Jun 29th, 2011 6:09am report

    It's actually rather simple. Natural born killer is a nod at the film "natural born killers" Basically he's just talking about how killing is compulsive for him, the idea brought from the film that it possibly isn't his fault it's just who he is, he was born to kill.

    The main point though is actually at how the media worsens the situation nearly glorfying them, everyone knows names like "jack the ripper" "columbine" "bonnie an clyde" this is why he says "another killer from a broken home until you covered me with manic fame" he was just another violent nobody who came from a terrible upbringing "broken home" then the media showed his face everywhere and elevated him to the point where he was an icon "covered me with manic fame"
    "another story with a mangled scene" Saying how the media feeds off of serial killers to fill their papers with, natural born killers the film also studies this as there is a reporter that follows the murdering couple till the end, where they kill him. He also sings about the media believing they can understand killers and why they're doing what they did "you wanna know about it?" but actually he'll continue to surprise them because he's not like them "we'll ima be fucking with you every time" indeed nodding towards the film which in turn nods towards media's attitude he says "when you ask about it" in the film the reporter try's to get their stories, the film points out about how reporters actually do try to get the killers stories just for the papers and paycheck not because they care. He points out he'll play the poor child act as every killer almost always does and blames it on their terrible childhood "you can rest assured i'll give you my best side"
    The media are practically his friends and his link to the public as they make him an international star although notorious still he has actually never been more known and recognised in his life "seems we all have friends to find"

    the chorus actually has a double meaning as in the film the killing couple do not die alone if they die at all (cliffhanger) and how he won't leave without her as the couple a modern day bonnie and clyde are always together. "so die alone, this is the one thing that i won't do"
    But it also means how he's so well known even if he died, he wouldnt die alone and unknown he would die lavished in fame and unforgotten, plus all the people he'd killed he'd have brought with him.

    Near the end his tone is mournful in the song, as he's grown/ing tired of his killings or has stopped, the point being that he's waiting for the days to go by with nothing to really do in his life, he possibly kills again "no hesitating you pull the trigger and your stories left behind" but more likely he's saying how once you kill your story will remain long after you die as people try to analyzse your mind, he then completes with the media being tired of him and instead wishing for the next best story (his capture) "i know you want to see me fry" but he plans to bring them all down with him, "like my soul you won't survive"

    The end verse has a powerful meaning saying if he (the serial killer) was to die unknown, it would free people from the papers, from the constant spiral of fear. "crush the fish lens we all see through" as no longer would killing for attention work, as currently it is the ultimate form of attention grabbing. "to kill the glare" the reason why we should do this is it would expose the ugliness we hold true, the ugliness being the media, the world and how the spurn on serial killers with their news reports.

    While the killer feels guilty for the killings "this is the guilt that consumes you" he believes he's on a mission of a higher purpose with a heavy burden "I'm begging you to walk in my shoes anytime"
    In a strange, twisted righteous way he is above all temoptation "can't bribe me with money, cant shower me with shame"

    The idea is that on his higher plane of realisation he can see the world for what it really is like we cant "the way i see,you must be blind" "expose the ugliness we hold true" he believes what we take as truth is not.


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    Feb 11th, 2018 2:49pm report

    A man who was grunt and entering civilian life again like how he talks about questioning if hes lost his mind


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    Nov 15th, 2015 11:46pm report

    It's not really about the film. It's more about how after the rev died, the media wouldn't stay out of it. It basically just is telling people to give them privacy and let Avenged Sevenfold figure out whats best for them to do.


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    Feb 3rd, 2012 2:01pm report

    If you've seen the film Natural Born Killers then this is kinda a similar thing. Each paragraph is about a new verse:

    The first verse is saying about the media always being there. 'Click' and 'Snap' are like camera references.

    In the film the media are saying that these two characters, Mickey and Mallory, are insane: killing for no reason. Mickey is interviewed after he's arrested, and the second verse is sort of like that.

    I don't see the third verse fitting into the film, but it explains itself really.

    [Chorus]: Near to the end of the film, there's a prison riot and Mallory says that they should just go down there and die in a hail of bullets together; but Mickey says it's the last option. All the way through they're together and it's really just explaining that they won't die alone; but together.

    This fits perfectly into the film. The two characters Mickey and Mallory were abused and neglected as children, and that's all they were until the media stepped in.

    I see this verse as him in the interview again.

    Explains itself really, this verse. Just saying that he's realizing the world he was born into.


    Once again this verse can't be explained with film reference. It's basically saying "You know you want to see me fry" - maybe referring to the electric chair (which they were going to use to kill Mickey before he escaped). I'm not sure how to explain it.


    "To die unknown" isn't really what they aim for. When the couple kill they usually leave one person to tell the story. "Expose the ugliness we hold true" - I guess this just means exposing the horror and ugliness they have. At the end they capture everything on camera: all the violence and murders.

    This is just how I see it after watching the film: but it's free to interpret however you see it.


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    Apr 4th, 2011 4:42am report

    Think about Dexter.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Mar 2nd, 2011 3:43pm report

    It's about the grim reaper taking his souls


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    Feb 3rd, 2011 2:26am report

    Natural Born Killer sounds like the song meaning is about a person who kills for a living and is obviously good at it, hints the name "natural born killer. But is starting to feel pain for all the killing the person has done "I'm begging you to walk in my shoes anytime" but no matter what the victim says or does ("Can't bribe me with money can't shower me with shame another killer from a broken home until you covered me with manic fame") but he's going to kill you anyway.

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