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Cavetown: This is Home Meaning


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Song Released: 2015

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This is Home Lyrics

Often I am upset that I cannot fall in love but I guess
This avoids the stress of falling out of it
Are you tired of me yet?
I'm a little sick right now but I swear when I'm ready I will fly us out of here
OoOoOo I'll cut my hair
OoOoOo to...


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    Dec 25th 2019 report

    The song represents the struggles of a transgender male. "I'll hide my chest" "I'll cut my hair" signify they are transitioning to male. They are most likely experiencing gender dysphoria. Some of the lyrics have small hints to depression and/or committing suicide, such as "Little do we know the stars welcome him with open arms" and "sometimes i think I'm dead". The part where it says, "I cannot fall in love" may suggest having troubles finding love because of his being trans or he may possibly be asexual or something. *deep breath* that took a while


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    Aug 13th report

    This song is very easy to undersyand if you know a bit about the LGBTQ+ community. This song does represent a transgender (female to male) person hence the lines “I’ll cut my hair“ and “Hide my chest“ They are also aromantic. “Often im upset, that i can not fall in love“ Aromantic means when you are not romanticly attracted to anyone. This can also be a sign of depression. “ Sometimes i think im dead“ “ When im ready i will fly us out of here“ But they also do not want to do that. They obviously have thought of the consequences. “I don’t want to fall asleep just yet” “Get a load of this monster.He doesn’t know how to communicate. He’s mind is in a different place.” “Get a a load of this train wreck.His hairs a mess and he doesn’t know who he is yet.” “He tells how he has been made fun of on his journey for being trans. But his has also had acceptance along the way as well. “Will everyone please give him a little bit of space.” But then again, he is still thinking about letting go. “But little do we know the stars, welcome him with open arms.” But THEN again! He thought about everyone that would not be able to live without him. He knows it’s hard right now but it will get better for him.“Time is slowly tracing his face.But strangely he feels at home in this place.”

    This was A LOT to handle! But I hope this help with questions you had and helped with understanding the song better!


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    Apr 13th 2020 report

    So this song is very hard to crack. The opening line is “Often I am upset that I cannot fall in love but I guess this avoids the stress of falling out of it.” Robbie (Cavetown) has said in the video titled ‘Being aro is fine’ he talks about how he is Aromantic which means that ‘An aromantic is a person who experiences little or no romantic attraction to others. People identifying as aromantic can also experience romance in a way otherwise disconnected from normative societal expectations.’ (http://wiki.asexuality.org/Aromantic) But the song also has lines like ‘I’ll cut my hair’ and ‘I’ll hide my chest’ which could point to transitioning from one gender to another. There are also lines like ‘Are you dead sometimes I think I’m dead’ which could have something to do with depression.

  4. anonymous
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    Dec 11th report

    I am by no means a a trans man but I love this song because sometimes I just want out of life and it makes me feel like there's someone I can relate to I have horrible depression and sometimes I wish I'd disappear and this reminds me that there are people with it worse and I need to stand by them and say I'll listen

  5. anonymous
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    Oct 23rd report

    The aspect of asexual/aromantic that some have discussed here can be put in the context of people who transition being overwhelmingly romantically rejected by society. This rejection by society pushes transitioning/transitioned genders to hide or mute their romantic inclinations altogether, often resulting in them becoming aromantic altogether (as a repressed defense.)

  6. anonymous
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    Oct 17th report

    I just have one interpretation for the verse "there's too many colors enough to drive all of us insane" maybe suggesting that there are so many gender identities out there and different flag colors that it's hard to find who you Are when there are endless endless possibilities of how you're actually feeling. Also going back to the part where he says "he doesn't know who he is yet" and the verses about depression interpreting is from not having the satisfaction knowing completely who you are so you get confused and spiral into depression. I may be confused on what he was actually trying to put out there for a message but I hope I helped some people's own interpretations and understandings of what he meant.

  7. anonymous
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    Oct 16th report

    This song represents the struggles of a transgender male, and how there are so many struggles on the path to find yourself. People either harshly judge or except who you are. People will call you a freak because of who you are and want to be, and how you don't quite know who you are just yet. There are hints at depression and suicidal thoughts, and Dysphoria that will come along with it. It's such a big relief when you finally embrace who you are and don't try and fit into social norms. We are who we are and no one else can change that. When you find your most authentic self, be happy, you've found how you can be happy. It won't be easy to get there, but in time you will. Just hold on and tough through the storm.

  8. anonymous
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    Sep 7th report

    i am pretty sure it’s about a ftm transition but i like to interpret it with my own life. about a gay woman who feels like she can’t love anyone or let people know who she is. people ask why i cut my hair. she also struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts, but she knows it will be ok.

  9. anonymous
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    May 2nd 2020 report

    I think it is a about a transgender, aromatic man that is going through depression and people are making fun of him for being different. About the being dead part was his suicidal thoughts. In the last part about being at home it's about him feeling comfortable for who he is so he "feels at home." Personally, I think this song is deep and has alot of meaning to it. That is why I love this song. It shows how the person is feeling and hie has been going through.

  10. anonymous
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    Apr 22nd 2020 report

    I can only assume that this song is about of a transgender male because of the lines “I’ll hide my chest” and “I’ll cut my hair”
    I can tell that they probably have depression because of the lines "sometimes i think I'm dead"

    Have a goodnight!

  11. anonymous
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    Apr 1st 2020 report

    I was on YouTube watching gacha and came across a music video called this is home I thought this sounds nice.I watched it I loved it.Because there not many songs about Lgbtq people.I was moved by the song but the lyric "when I'm ready I will fly us out of here" it was telling me that that he was suicidal and maybe had depression.And was getting bullied.

  12. anonymous
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    Mar 30th 2020 report

    I used to personally know Robin (Cavetown) and he said that he makes it as the struggles of being transgender, Dysphoria, cutting your hair, chest binding, getting made fun of for being different etc. Lots of people believe it is about depression which at the same time is a key factor of gender dysphoria. I myself am a transgender male and I think this song is kind of my "anthem". I hope I helped someone out <3 Oh and if you didn't know Cavetown himself is trans :)

  13. anonymous
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    Mar 12th 2020 report

    I think it's him transitioning from ftm and wanting someone to love him for he is. He "feels dead" because sometimes life is just hard and you need a break sometimes.

  14. anonymous
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    Mar 9th 2020 report

    This song is about an aromantic trans male.

  15. anonymous
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    Mar 3rd 2020 report

    I think the song is about trying to protect someone you care about and telling them about yourself.There are a lot of transmale and depression hints, and how people see him as a monster for not knowing himself, and the song tied up with saying that this is normal for him and feels like the best it can be/he is comfortable with being this uncomfortable.

  16. anonymous
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    Mar 2nd 2020 report

    The song is about being aromantic.

  17. anonymous
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    Feb 18th 2020 report

    I have heard this song many times and i like it because i have been through depression wnd i know how it feels like yo been un the position i have post muy best friend AND this song inspires me...and now i have to move on and live my life and let go of the past and move on...as i have also tried to suicide myself but i have my other friends to Yelp me throughout the bad and good..

  18. anonymous
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    Feb 11th 2020 report

    That they might have some sort of cancer, which would be why they are cutting their hair of and is ill. Idk... Just a thought

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