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Cavetown: This is Home Meaning


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Song Released: 2015

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This is Home Lyrics

Often I am upset that I cannot fall in love but I guess
This avoids the stress of falling out of it
Are you tired of me yet?
I'm a little sick right now but I swear when I'm ready I will fly us out of here
OoOoOo I'll cut my hair
OoOoOo to...


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    Dec 25th 2019 report

    The song represents the struggles of a transgender male. "I'll hide my chest" "I'll cut my hair" signify they are transitioning to male. They are most likely experiencing gender dysphoria. Some of the lyrics have small hints to depression and/or committing suicide, such as "Little do we know the stars welcome him with open arms" and "sometimes i think I'm dead". The part where it says, "I cannot fall in love" may suggest having troubles finding love because of his being trans or he may possibly be asexual or something. *deep breath* that took a while


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    Aug 13th 2020 report

    This song is very easy to undersyand if you know a bit about the LGBTQ+ community. This song does represent a transgender (female to male) person hence the lines “I’ll cut my hair“ and “Hide my chest“ They are also aromantic. “Often im upset, that i can not fall in love“ Aromantic means when you are not romanticly attracted to anyone. This can also be a sign of depression. “ Sometimes i think im dead“ “ When im ready i will fly us out of here“ But they also do not want to do that. They obviously have thought of the consequences. “I don’t want to fall asleep just yet” “Get a load of this monster.He doesn’t know how to communicate. He’s mind is in a different place.” “Get a a load of this train wreck.His hairs a mess and he doesn’t know who he is yet.” “He tells how he has been made fun of on his journey for being trans. But his has also had acceptance along the way as well. “Will everyone please give him a little bit of space.” But then again, he is still thinking about letting go. “But little do we know the stars, welcome him with open arms.” But THEN again! He thought about everyone that would not be able to live without him. He knows it’s hard right now but it will get better for him.“Time is slowly tracing his face.But strangely he feels at home in this place.”

    This was A LOT to handle! But I hope this help with questions you had and helped with understanding the song better!


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    Oct 17th 2020 report

    I just have one interpretation for the verse "there's too many colors enough to drive all of us insane" maybe suggesting that there are so many gender identities out there and different flag colors that it's hard to find who you Are when there are endless endless possibilities of how you're actually feeling. Also going back to the part where he says "he doesn't know who he is yet" and the verses about depression interpreting is from not having the satisfaction knowing completely who you are so you get confused and spiral into depression. I may be confused on what he was actually trying to put out there for a message but I hope I helped some people's own interpretations and understandings of what he meant.

  4. anonymous
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    Jan 18th, 01:01 report

    I feel like this could just be about someone who feels weak and feels the need to hide their true feelings, looking like a wreck because life is going by so fast and so much is going on it is insane. Needing to remove their statuette fragile fake face they use to hide their sadness. Someone who knows they need to pull their life together and other people see them as lazy but it is just very difficult for the person given their (mental) problems. I am not a part of the lgbtq+ but I really relate to this song.

  5. anonymous
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    Aug 15th report

    When I think about the part in this song that says “There’s too many colors to drive all of us insane” could mean that they’re trying to figure themself out and discovering who they are with maybe being aromantic/ ace being overwhelmed with all the labels of sexuality such as pride colors could stress them out. but idk

  6. ray
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    Aug 13th report

    I suppose this one is quite easy to understand if you pay close enough attention to the lyrics but I love writing about the meaning of this song so, here goes. The meaning of this song I believe is about being transgender and possiby aro. The reason I think that it oculd be being about aro (aromantic) is that at the start of the song cavetown mentions being in distress about not being able to fall in love with someone, quite fitting to what someone aromantic might feel however this lyric could just be nodding a head towards a tough time in his life and therefore struggling to love himself and another person. In the second verse/part he mentions cutting his hair and hiding his chest, two things often associatied with being ftm transgender. At one point he also mentions thinking he's dead at times and that 'ghosts and ghouls'are wrapping around his head, this could represent depression or some sort of mental illness and not being able to cope at times.

  7. anonymous
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    Jul 26th 2021 report

    Honestly this is a very good song . It talks about being aromatic . and being a trans person (ftm) i can relate to it a lot

  8. anonymous
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    Apr 8th 2021 report

    I do know this is about trans issues but upon my first hearing, I had interpreted this as a child losing his fight to cancer. Now it may seem like a stretch but hear me out. The lines that gave me this inclination were: “I’ll cut my hair” and “I don’t wanna fall asleep just yet”. I do acknowledge that “I’ll hide my chest” has nothing to do with my view of it but to be fair I assumed it’d be breast cancer or something. :/ Again I am aware this is not what it means but I do hope you can understand where I’m coming from. The line of “I don’t wanna fall asleep just yet” gave me the feeling of this child who wanted to stay alive so badly but time was catching up to him, in a soon following line of “...But strangely he feels at home in this place” I had interpreted that as this child has reconciled and realized that his situation is inescapable. And has come to terms and accepted what his fate is. Again I know this is about trans issues but I do think this is an interesting look about the song to take :3

  9. anonymous
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    Mar 3rd 2021 report

    The song "This is home" represents cavetown being a trans gender and a aromatic/asexual. In the lyrics " cut my hair" and "Hide my chest" means that they are transforming from female to male. Also the lyrics "Are you tired of me yet?" probably means in an anxious term of people judging him for being who he is. Also the lyrics " When im ready, ill fly us out of here" Possibly mean some suicidal or depressive thoughts. This is only my opinion on the song lyrics, after being bullied for being a Gender fluid pansexual ive had the same events happen to me in this song. I truly think more people could learn from this song if they just knew what the lyrics meant.

  10. anonymous
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    Feb 19th 2021 report

    "Time is slowly, tracing his face but strangely he feels at home in this place", I think it means slowly as time goes on he's all coming together and finding out who he is but even though he's not finished finding out who he is, "he feels at home in this place".

  11. anonymous
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    Feb 12th 2021 report

    I also wanted to add my explanation to this lyric
    "Turn off your porcelain face"
    Maybe he means about hiding what you truly look like, he's a trans male means he should hide his female face. Just saying...

  12. anonymous
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    Dec 11th 2020 report

    I am by no means a a trans man but I love this song because sometimes I just want out of life and it makes me feel like there's someone I can relate to I have horrible depression and sometimes I wish I'd disappear and this reminds me that there are people with it worse and I need to stand by them and say I'll listen

  13. anonymous
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    Oct 23rd 2020 report

    The aspect of asexual/aromantic that some have discussed here can be put in the context of people who transition being overwhelmingly romantically rejected by society. This rejection by society pushes transitioning/transitioned genders to hide or mute their romantic inclinations altogether, often resulting in them becoming aromantic altogether (as a repressed defense.)

  14. anonymous
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    Oct 16th 2020 report

    This song represents the struggles of a transgender male, and how there are so many struggles on the path to find yourself. People either harshly judge or except who you are. People will call you a freak because of who you are and want to be, and how you don't quite know who you are just yet. There are hints at depression and suicidal thoughts, and Dysphoria that will come along with it. It's such a big relief when you finally embrace who you are and don't try and fit into social norms. We are who we are and no one else can change that. When you find your most authentic self, be happy, you've found how you can be happy. It won't be easy to get there, but in time you will. Just hold on and tough through the storm.

  15. anonymous
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    Sep 7th 2020 report

    i am pretty sure it’s about a ftm transition but i like to interpret it with my own life. about a gay woman who feels like she can’t love anyone or let people know who she is. people ask why i cut my hair. she also struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts, but she knows it will be ok.

  16. anonymous
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    May 2nd 2020 report

    I think it is a about a transgender, aromatic man that is going through depression and people are making fun of him for being different. About the being dead part was his suicidal thoughts. In the last part about being at home it's about him feeling comfortable for who he is so he "feels at home." Personally, I think this song is deep and has alot of meaning to it. That is why I love this song. It shows how the person is feeling and hie has been going through.

  17. anonymous
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    Apr 22nd 2020 report

    I can only assume that this song is about of a transgender male because of the lines “I’ll hide my chest” and “I’ll cut my hair”
    I can tell that they probably have depression because of the lines "sometimes i think I'm dead"

    Have a goodnight!

  18. anonymous
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    Apr 13th 2020 report

    So this song is very hard to crack. The opening line is “Often I am upset that I cannot fall in love but I guess this avoids the stress of falling out of it.” Robbie (Cavetown) has said in the video titled ‘Being aro is fine’ he talks about how he is Aromantic which means that ‘An aromantic is a person who experiences little or no romantic attraction to others. People identifying as aromantic can also experience romance in a way otherwise disconnected from normative societal expectations.’ (http://wiki.asexuality.org/Aromantic) But the song also has lines like ‘I’ll cut my hair’ and ‘I’ll hide my chest’ which could point to transitioning from one gender to another. There are also lines like ‘Are you dead sometimes I think I’m dead’ which could have something to do with depression.

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