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Cavetown: Lemon Boy Meaning


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Lemon Boy Lyrics

There once was a bitter sweet man and they called him Lemon Boy
He was growing in my garden and I
Pulled him out by his hair like a weed
But like weeds do he only came and grew back again
So I figured this time I might as well let him...


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    Aug 27th, 8:34pm report

    What I interpreted was that Lemon Boy is the unpopular/weird kid. "It's actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him" -> the "weird" kids aren't all that different from the others
    As already stated in another interpretation, "bittersweet" because Lemon Boy is most likely depressed and/or has other mental struggles. "But soon his bitter sweet started to rub off on me" Singer's reputation got worse since they're friends with the weird kid.
    "But what if I run out of fertilizer
    What if the clouds run out of rain?
    What if Lemon Boy won't grow no longer?
    What if beaches dry of sugar cane?"
    -> What if singer can't support Lemon Boy as much as he needs to be supported?
    "The whales start to beach themselves
    Tortoise shells tear away from their spines
    It happens all the time, it happens all the time"
    I think this is self explanatory. What if Lemon Boy commits suicide?
    "It happens all the time" is said twice - basically a reminder that mental illnesses are very real.
    "Lemon Boy and I, we're gonna live forever"
    Two theories:
    1. Lemon Boy commit suicide, but singer won't ever forget him/they will reunite eventually (perhaps heaven?)
    2. Lemon Boy managed to cope with his struggles and singer is the reason he did, although singer's reputation is ruined ("We're the bitterest boys in town") they'll still stick together until the end.


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    Apr 12th, 2020 4:27pm report

    'Lemon Boy' is a metaphor for depression. The song explores Robin's relationship with 'Lemon Boy' and how it affects his life and how he learns how to live with it.


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    Jun 22nd, 6:36pm report

    I think lemon boy is a boy who is a loner and is usually avoided. However, when Robin hangs around lemon boy, he learns that lemon boy is sweet. (Lemon Boy is referred to as bittersweet) When Robin introduces lemon boy to others, they reject him, therefore also rejecting Robin. So lemon boy and Robin must stay together. Then towards the end of the song, it starts listing things that separate people because of differences and ending patience. But then the song goes on to say that Robin an Lemon boy will be friends forever and they will always have each other.


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    Yesterday, 13:07 report

    I think that lemon boy is a boy with depression and is going through mental and physical struggles. But when Robin meets him he first rejects him, ´I pulled him out by his hair like a weed.´ But then he just starts to let him be, ´but like weeds do he only came back again and grew so I figuried this time I might as well let him be.´ So he starts getting attached to this lemon boy and helps him with his struggles and find confidence,´I helped him plant his seeds we´ll mow the lawn in bad weather.´ But after much time his problems start to rub off on him and his friends start to reject him. And finally after probably years his problems catch up to lemon boy and he dies from maybe a sickness. So the ending lyrics would explain a lot saying they would live together and they ¨were¨ the bitterest boys in town when he was alive.


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    Apr 14th, 2020 4:28pm report

    I think Lemon Boy is about someone who meets a boy with depression. This is why he is 'bittersweet' because Lemon Boy's depression makes it hard for him to relate to anyone else, but he's actually great company once you get to know him, hence 'Lemon Boy and me started to get along together; I helped him plant his seeds and we mow the lawn in bad weather...'

    Then his friends start to pick on Lemon Boy (I soon found out that my friends are more of the savoury type, and they weren't too keen on compromising with a nice, lemon pie...) so he defends him, causing his friends to shame him and unfriend him (so Lemon Boy and me, we just gotta get along together).


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    Apr 9th, 2020 4:57pm report

    I feel like this song is about a boy who was like lonely because the song makes him out to be alone and sort of a bother but as time goes on this person starts to like accept Lemon boy I guess because the song says "Lemon boy and me started to get along together" So i mainly think of this song as sort of melancholic

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