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Trying Lyrics

I'm not really sure if my words make sense to you
But I can't really find
Any other way to form these feelings into cubes
And sort them in my mind
The negative thoughts go on the left
And the happy things on the right
And there's a little...

  1. anonymous
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    Mar 1st 2023 !⃝

    I’d like to interpret this song as my situation with my gf rn. It’s about two lovers trying to fix themselves in order to make the relationship better. Lets say person A is very attached to person B, and person B doesn’t want their lover to get too attached because they know that they’re not in a good mental condition and might hurt person A. So person B decided to take a break from a relationship by distancing themselves. Now, both of them are trying so hard to fix their problems alone to get back together again.

    I see this song like 2 of them making a convo

    “Please, let me know if you change your mind ‘cause im falling and i need you to pull me out if this decline,” is person A saying how destroyed they are when person B started distancing, and how they desperately need help from their lover

    Instead, person B said “i realize how hard on you this must seem, but trust me when i say its far, far worse for me.” Telling that they have experienced being too attached and getting left before and they’re doing this for the sake of them both. To stop getting too attached on each other.

    Person A finally understand why their lover is doing this so they started “trying”

    “And i cant stress enough how much it means to me that you’re trying.” Is probably something they both will say to each other

    “And i dont mind if you can’t hold me like you used to” is person A trying to accept the fact that it’s possible for person B to fall out of love with them. “I promise im trying.”

  2. SkyHasALimit
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    Dec 18th 2022 !⃝

    Where Anon was going I think was the right direction but I would like to take it a bit further. I believe that Trying is not just about mental health but also about transitioning specifically "Social" transitioning. We can first see this in the name "Trying" it's about someone trying to gender Robbie correctly even though they knew him before he started his social transition. We can also see this in the song's first few lines, "I'm not really sure if my words make sense to you. But I can't really find
    Any other way to form these feelings into cubes And sort them in my mind." I believe this is both the start of the song (obviously) but also the start of his social transition, he is coming out to someone here. He is saying 'I don't know if what I am saying even makes sense or how to explain how I'm feeling" a lot of trans people, as a trans girl me included, can relate to this feeling of not knowing how to explain to people how we feel we just feel that way. Another lyric that stuck out was "I realize how hard on you this must seem But trust me when I say It's far, far worse for me" This lyric is most likely to a family member like a parent or grandparent. Its saying 'I know its hard for you to know that your son/daughter who you have known all these years is now saying their your daughter/son, but trust me it's been affecting me way more" It affects him way more because he's the one having to deal with the gender dysphoria. And now the chorus, "Please, please be here for me dear 'Cause I've never needed a friend more And I can't stress enough How much it means to me that you're trying And I don't mind if you can't hold me like you used to 'Cause I've never hated myself more And this is just a bump in the road and I promise I'm trying" It's saying 'Please be with me through this and don't stop supporting me (Basically being transphobic) and I appreciate how much your trying to gender me correctly because I hate my body right now and I promise I'll try my best to get through it" Before I go on to the last lyric I will break down I want to have an honorable mention, "If there was a way to explain everything without a word I'd have a full house right now without a doubt" It's saying 'If I could explain exactly what it means to be trans and how it feels then I would have a full deck of cards.' Finally, the last lyric I will cover is, "I'm trying to tear the wool from your eyes But a part of me wants to let you be 'Cause then you wouldn't see what I've become" This I think generally is Robbie's message to someone in his life who wasn't supportive of his transition and was transphobic. I think it's saying 'I'm trying to show you that there is nothing wrong with who I am but part of me wants me to not ever see you again so you won't see how much I have transitioned/changed/how depressed I am." That is what I think Trying is about/ how I see it. Obviously, you can have your own opinions and it might not be about being strand at all it could only be about mental health but this is just how I see the lyrics to be.

  3. anonymous
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    May 26th 2022 !⃝

    they are struggling with mental health and are asking for help from the people they love for help. they don't want to overwork their friends either and it takes a lot of strength to ask for help from others.

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