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Cavetown: Boys Will Be Bugs Meaning

Song Released: 2018

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Boys Will Be Bugs Lyrics

I'm a dumb teen boy
I eat sticks and rocks and mud
I don't care about the government
And I really need a hug
I feel stupid (stupid)
Ugly (ugly)
Pretend it doesn't bother me
I'm not very strong but
I'll fuck you up if you're mean to...


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    Mar 29th 2020 report

    I agree with what was said. I do also believe that "boys will be bugs" is a metaphor for something different though. People have no problem killing or hurting a bug, because they are seen as emotionless and not feeling pain. This is the role which boys and men are expected to keep up in society; emotionless, tough, etc. It's comparing boys to bugs and the way we perceive them similarly. Just my opinion :)


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    Mar 3rd 2020 report

    This song talks about what it’s like being 14, feeling the pressure of society and toxic masculinity, thinking you’re an outcast,and only having friends that are bugs/imaginary friends. Cavetown talks about pretending to be “a big boy” who doesn’t cry/doesn’t show it, someone who does karate and breaks girl’s hearts, know the typical ‘masculine’ image. Cavetown basically destroys this idea and says that none of it is real and that people just put in an act.The phrase “Boys will be Bugs” refers to people saying that boys will be heartbreakers and people who are good at karate, and more Toxically masculine stuff.He asks the question “Boys will be Bugs, right?” Because he deceived living this lie, and asks the person listening, is this what you wanted?is this what being an man is? And he basically says that, when he was a young child, he believed this lie and lived by it even thought it wasn’t him.

    There’s my essay / :


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    Dec 22nd 2020 report

    This song is about being a teenage boy and feeling pressured into acting "tough" or mean. It is showing the effects of toxic masculinity and how a lot of boys who act mean or emotionless in the outside are actually and emotional wreck on the inside, and only act this way because society tells them to. I think the bugs come into play because the song is written in the point of view of a 14 year old boy who acts tough but has a soft spot for bugs.
    I think the title "Boys Will be Bugs" is a play on words of "boys will be boys". It is saying that boys are going to be annoying and rude but people just play it off because that's how boys are expected to act.
    The song also shows how many teenagers will think they know everything but they are just as confused as the rest of us. The phrase "...and I think I know everything" gets repeated a lot yet the boy Cavetown is portraying is confused about girls, trying awkwardly to talk to a girl he likes. Another line that gets said is "If ladybugs are girls how do you make kids together?" which is showing that the boy may think he knows how everything works but he really doesn't.

  4. anonymous
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    Oct 25th report

    Whenever I hear this song I feel sad; I understand this a lot but I also have to disagree with the line saying a female world is so much better, yes generally we don’t have to hide our feelings, but we have a lot of other things. I can relate to this (although I am a girl) in the bit where it says “ my mum said she’s worried but I couldn’t give a shit” I have absolutely felt like this before and no doubt others have too. The boys will be bugs bit I think means being expected to be emotionless. The bit where it says he feels like he has to be emotionless for a girl to like him, but girls like someone who can show their emotions. The bravest thing you can do is be yourself, not what others tell you to be.
    Anyways cya :)

  5. anonymous
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    Aug 22nd report

    The song always make me cry because of the line ” I just turn 14 and I think I will be me “. My interpretation of this line is Society has so many social standers that we can’t even be who we truly are without feeling judged all the time.

  6. anonymous
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    Dec 22nd 2020 report

    I think its about a boy who feels pressured to be like the other boys, and act tough and rebellious, but he actually feels hurt and alone. I also think the “spider beetle and bee” represent his other friends who are boys, and they are represented as bugs, because “boys will be bugs”. The “sticks and rocks and mud” represent toxic words and lies from other boys and people, as well as showing that he is rebellious and will do what he wants. But I think the overall message shows the pressure of being 14, and how other kids can influence a person.

    Thats my opinion :)

  7. anonymous
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    Aug 6th 2020 report

    I think this is about a boy with teenage agnst, who feels like he should act some way now that he's older. All the other boys are mean so he thinks he should be too. "I really liek your spotty sweater" means he struggles to get a girl tolike him too. His bug freind is the voice inside his head tellign him he shouldnt be doing this, but yet he says "I punch my walls, stay out at night, and I do karate" He trys to be imitating enough for the other boys to not mess with him

  8. anonymous
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    Jun 11th 2020 report

    Its all about how boys look at the ways they will have to be once they grow up, the toxic ways that men treat others. Even though its sad, boys still think thats how they must be once they are older.

  9. anonymous
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    May 24th 2020 report

    This song saddens me because it talks about toxic masculinity, and a lot of people think females put that on men. I don't feel like toxic masculinity is something women put on men. It's a man to man thing. For example: Girls love harry styles. The guy wears glitter and dresses. Same with Timothee Chalamet. They're not afraid to show their femininity. That's what girls like

  10. anonymous
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    Apr 15th 2020 report

    I think the song is comparing boys to bugs. In traditional gender roles boys and men are veiwed as tough, similar to how people veiw bugs

  11. anonymous
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    Feb 13th 2020 report

    I feel the overall message of the song is to comment on how boys are treated as toxic masculine demons by the days feminize agenda which demonizes nearly every masculine trait.

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