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Evanescence: Lost in Paradise Meaning

Lost in Paradise Lyrics

I've been believing in something so distant
As if I was human
And I've been denying this feeling of hopelessness
In me, in me

All the promises I made
Just to let you down
You believed in me, but I'm broken

I have nothing left
And all...


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    Oct 21st 2011 report

    I think it is about escaping reality. The past haunts her and she's knows it won't go away, and she knows that the way she's dealing with things is affecting the people around her as well, but she's still trying to deny all the pain...even though it's real. She's in her own little place where she thinks is comforting, but really and truly...when reality hits back...it's only more painful.


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    Oct 21st 2011 report

    In an interview, amy says that Lost In Paradise is her most fav. of the album. This song is about her relationship with her fans. She feels guilt of breaking promises that she had made to her fans previously(i don't think she ever broke any of my dream as i love her my Fallen Angle anyway).
    Due to all these, now she think that she's been rude to her fans and other people who love her and now she don't have anything left to feel. Here lost in paradise can be seen in two views- an imaginary place where she can hide herself or a place i.e. heaven where now, she can live with her loved one's(probably her fans)happily.
    Further she feels like the past, related to all success and love given by her fans is still the same. She's also suffering from the same fear as ours of losing Evanescence.
    Finally she admits that we can run away from all this pain and can back again.


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    Nov 11th 2011 report

    Sometimes when I'm listening to a song I imagine the Music Video and what it would be about. I've been putting pieces together and I really like the idea of it being of Adam and Eve. Amy Lee would play Eve obviously.
    This is how I see it:

    "I've been believing in something so distant
    As if I was human"

    Ok so she's believing in something distant which is God and she is human but after the sin she has made, she doesn't believe it anymore.

    "All the promises I made
    Just to let you down
    You believed in me, but I'm broken."

    Adam and Eve made promises to God like to obey him and don't eat the forbidden fruit. But they did and let God down, which he believed they wouldn't have.

    "I have nothing left
    And all I feel is this cruel wanting
    We've been falling for all this time
    And now I'm lost in paradise"

    She doesn't know what to do with herself. She has betrayed God and all she'e known and she's to blame. The cruel wanting would be the sin that all humans have now. Those who've been falling are the Angels who turned from God. Lost in Paradise is also a reference to Paradise Lost by John Milton about the fall of Adam and Eve and Satan who has planned this to happen.

    "As much as Id like the best not too exist
    It still does
    And as much as I like to feel like I belong here
    I'm just as scared as you"

    She wishes she could change the past and take back what she's done. And she no longer belongs in Paradise aka Garden of Eden. When she says "I'm just as scared as you" she's referring to Adam who probably feels the same way.

    "Run away, run away
    One day we won't feel this pain anymore"

    She's leaving Paradise and knows that there will be a savior to take away their sins and pain.

    I really like the idea for the music video. Let me know what you think.

  4. anonymous
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    Mar 4th 2019 report

    I think a lot of the songs are from dealing with a Narcissist, both from the Narc and the Victim/survivor viewpoints

  5. anonymous
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    Feb 23rd 2017 report

    Part of me feels that this song was loosely inspired by John Milton's "Paradise Lost", along with her own feelings.

  6. anonymous
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    Dec 18th 2014 report

    I think it's about just feeling depressed, and that you think no one cares. You feel guilty and like you deserve to be in pain, like you let everyone down. You have to be around other people who are happy, and that makes you feel worse. Lost in paradise is being in a great life, but you feel so lost and empty and sorrowful. I can relate.

  7. _Evanescence_
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    Sep 30th 2013 report

    I've been believing in something so distant

    She lost a loved one. It's distant because (ill be reffering to the loved one lost as LO) LO is in heaven and she's down here on earth

    As if I was human

    She feels like a spirit wandering

    And I've been denying this feeling if hopelessness in me

    She's lost hope that LO is returning

    All the promises I've made just to let you down

    She promised LO that she won't let anything happen to LO but she let LO down and now LO is gone

    You believed in me but I'm broken

    LO trusted her but now she's broken that she broke her promise to LO

    I have nothing left

    She feels as if LO was the only one she had left

    And all I feel is this cruel wanting

    She want LO back by her side

    I'm lost in paradise

    She's in her own world where she and LO spend time together

  8. KathrinaDarkStar
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    Jun 25th 2013 report

    I think it means someone who has an ideal, almost 'storybook' life, yet is still lonely and depressed. I can relate. Btw, love the Adam & Eve idea as well.

  9. anonymous
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    Dec 13th 2012 report

    Lost In Paradise makes me think that amy is unhappy with her fame life, She's in Paradise (Her Paradise is singing) But she becomes lost in her perfect little world because she's done something terrible and her fans are not happy with it.

    So she is saying how she feels she has betrayed them.

  10. anonymous
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    Aug 17th 2012 report

    i interpret she wants to say that he want to be with her love but now she cant and she wants him go away from her.because she know if he comes back and stay with her she may hurt her.this is not meaning that she is crual.it means that she is not enough for him or may braek down his relationship with someone else sry.im persian and i cant say my interpration clearly.but i love all emy's songs and i love her proponents too :D niloofar

  11. anonymous
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    Jul 13th 2012 report

    Personally I don't think there can be a perfect interperatation for this song. It can relate to people in so many different ways. Amy said it came from a very raw and emotional place, I don't think it has a single specific meaning (much the same with most Ev songs) Many interperatations. :D

  12. anonymous
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    Jun 29th 2012 report

    I think it means letting down people you love and running away from fears. She wishes what happened before not to happened. like her sister :( and it is hard to let it go.

  13. anonymous
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    Jun 29th 2012 report

    I think this is about the inner person we have, the action we perform, sometime repent and sometime happy. This is about how to touch the sublime of great deeds but err is to human and when sometime you go deep down in sin, you avoid other to see you and be with you.

  14. anonymous
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    May 5th 2012 report

    I think this is about someone who hasn't had an easy life and is still just a teenager. They tried so hard to fit in, and they refused to acknowledge what they've been feeling, how hopeless they are. They've tried and tried, and finally they realize that they can't. They don't have anything left to try for. All they can feel is "this cruel wanting". They realize that for the entire time they've been trying to fit in, they've just been falling farther. And now they look around and it seems like everyone has a perfect life, and they're lost in the paradise of everyone else.

  15. anonymous
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    Mar 14th 2012 report

    I tink this song have 2 parts a pass story and present conversation. And talks about 2 person that had a platonic love and never get together and now one move on with someone else, and now she confess is love.

    That how i interpret.

    "I've been believing in something so distant"

    In the past she create a platonic live whit is love
    "As if I was human"

    She belived that love was not made for her, but she is human and love get her
    "And I've been denying this feeling of hopelessness"

    She denied the love she felt and the hopelessness that some one feels by not know if is love back
    "All the promises I made
    Just to let you down
    You believed in me, but I'm broken"

    She is refering to the things she said to him and otheres so no one now that she love him(denial), eventualy evry one belive but inside she is broken

    "I have nothing left
    And all I feel is this cruel wanting"

    Now she is the present she is teling him how she felt now, she got nothing because he move on and the only thing she got left is the desire of beign whit is love

    "We've been falling for all this time
    And now I'm lost in paradise"

    They both used to love ech other but now he move on so she get lost in the ideal 'dream' that she created (Ther Paradise)

    "As much as Id like the Past not to exist
    It still does"
    She is sorry for in the past did not taken the chance

    "And as much as I like to feel like I belong here
    I'm just as scared as you"

    She whant to be whit him now but she is scared of is reaction. He probably is whit someone else so he got scared to, and one resosn more for her fear since she can ruin the guy relationship.

    "Run away, run away
    One day we won't feel this pain anymore"

    She realize that whit this she, can hurt him more so she ask him to run way, and one day they will forget each oder (What may suggest that he still loves her)

    "Take it all the way
    Shadows of you
    Cause they won't let me go"

    Once she can be whit him she need that he go way for is presence still hurts her.

    Any way is a great song full of emotions i simply love it

    P.S-sorry for any bad english, is not my native language :)

  16. anonymous
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    Jan 3rd 2012 report

    I relate to this song as getting past a hurtful time in your life. Maybe the loss of something or someone or, for me, a major struggle with something such as depression. (This is the great thing about lyrics: You can relate them to anything you want to, even if you're not the artist. I relate it to my depression and even my eating disorder and self-injury.)This is a truely versitile song and I take it to apply to any situation where you have gone through hard times, made a ton of mistakes and told a ton of lies. You've let people down and maybe you've even become everything you said you'd never become. At first, you're going to blame it all on your circumstances and keep on going and messing up your life but then you realise that, despite the suffering you have to go through, you can still try your best. You can't make the past "not exist" and maybe the problems you face will always make you feel like you don't belong but, as my favourite line in this song says, "one day we won't feel this pain anymore." Nothing lasts forever, basically, whether it's good or bad.

  17. anonymous
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    Dec 13th 2011 report

    This song camed in a hard moment of my life. Maybe my interpretation is biased by my own situation but, in my opinion it is a song about a fear of love due to a past painfull relationship. It is about the process of believing and giving faith in love again

    Backstory. Everyone has been in a breakup that completly ruins them. " never again " people think. "I am not worthy of love, it is not made for me" The protaginist of this song lived that. After her heart was broken she lost faith in love. But now, she is falling in love again. That the back up story in my interpretation.

    She starts to believe in something so distant as being loved back. As is she was human, low self esteem due to that previous heartbreak that made her think she was unworthy of love. It is hopeless for her to continiou to repulse everyone that loves her because she is afraid of being hurt. She know that this feeling of hopelessness is within her but she is denying it. It is easier to push away than to let in. It is easier to push away love than accepting the pain that comes with it. She is in denial when it comes to the fact that it is hopeless to continiou not to believe in love.

    When you do not admit to a person you love him, sometimes, if you are like me, you get in fights with him just to feel something. The promises you do when. The fight is over are never kept cause you fight again. The boy believe in her, wants her to find hope in love also but, due to the past relationship, she is broken

    She has nothing left but her hateri g and repletion to the freeling of love. She also has nothing left to lose maybe? And the cruel wanting is the desire of being in a relationship that she tried so hardly to push away. They ( her and the boy she likes ) are in love. This love, this form of paradise confuses her. What it or not, she is scared to be hurt again. She forgot how to love. She is lost in paradise.

    As much as she would like the past not to exist, to have never had the painful past experience with love, it has happen and it marks her. She would like to feel that she belongs with this new guy but, she is scared that it will not work, that it will cause her pain, that all of this is not true

    Than repetition of the chorus

    Run away from all the pain and just be with him. Forget the past and the hurt, one day she won't feel it any more. Her new boyfriend will take all the pain away

    The shadow of you won't let her go, that is the dark side of the past relationship that haunts her and never leave her alone

    This is my interpretation that has nothing to do with Amy lee's interviews. This is what my broken heart has seen in this magnificent song. It is probably the best of the album if you ask me.

  18. anonymous
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    Nov 11th 2011 report

    Yes, she said its about her "real life" all these years and the talent that whispers to come back to sing again. Sing about this feeling she denies when living real life, as a woman or a wife.

    I think the lyrics are excellent enough to be related to when you feel that you are a little outside real life. Real life meaning to be married and carry a "normal and expected life". But when you feel something else inside, most good artist do, you feel you are a watcher of life, not a "liver"...

    Lost in Paradise are all people who may have all a normal and good life can offer, but still feeling something deeper, a sorrow, a passion to express by art. Artist usually don't fit in "normal lives".

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