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Song Released: 2003

Going Under Lyrics

Now I will tell you what I've done for you
Fifty thousand tears I've cried
Screaming, deceiving and bleeding for you
And you still won't hear me, going under

Don't want your hand this time, I'll save myself
Maybe I'll wake up for once


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    Nov 12th 2006 !⃝

    Okay, I am hearing some wacky interpretations, and imo, you shouldn't be fighting over which interpretation is correct.

    The obvious thing is that it's about someone who is trying to break free of someone (or something) that is controlling them.

    I like this song because it can be related to almost anything (yes, including ed!), and most importantly, anyone and relate themselves to it. What makes this song so powerful is that it touches us personally in many different ways.

    Whatever amy was writing about shouldn't matter so much. If she were, in fact, talking about a relationship, it doesn't mean it has to be that way.

    This song is versatile.

    It's okay if this means something different to amy than you. Just...Chill.


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    Apr 8th 2006 !⃝

    I think this song has many different meanings, but I'll stick with this one. In think the song is describing depression. I think that she is angry with herself, and she's drowing in herself, because of it. The line "I'm dying again" might desribe how she is dying inside.


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    Jul 12th 2006 !⃝

    I think it's about maybe how she's trying to prove herself to this one guy (they're together, and she wants to keep his interest) and she's done so many things

    "screaming decieving and bleeding for you"

    to try to, again, keep his interest, but he won't pay attention, er, I dunno exactly how to put this in words...she feels she's losing him, because he's not acknowledging anything she's done

    "and you still won't hear me"

    and when she thinks it can't get any worse, it does

    "just when I thought i'd reached the bottom
    I'm dying again"

    so when she says

    "drowning in you
    i'm falling forever
    i've got to break through
    i'm going under"

    she's doing so much to keep him, but she realizes nothing will do that. "i'm falling forever" she's gonna do this until the day she dies, It's not going to end. So she decides she has to give up and leave him be, because nothing will make what she wants happen. She's gonna stop being molded by some guy. because that's not who she is

  4. anonymous
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    Nov 9th 2020 !⃝

    first the video have 2 things

    1- demons

    2- water babtisim

    it could be lucifer anger with God or herself figthing God and tellin him shes going under or with lucifers side... all those who thing this is a love song are fools.... this is a satans song clear as ice

  5. anonymous
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    Nov 25th 2018 !⃝

    The song describes Lucifer's Fall. He describes all the evil he did as "sacrifices" he did to God, but that only ended in him being rejected, and untimely punished. He blames God, saying he had confused him, deceived him. Untimely, he rejects God's desperate plea for him to stop following this path("go and scream"), blind to how his actions only make him fall further.

  6. Angelboo
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    Jun 14th 2018 !⃝

    This song can have multiple meanings. I've always thought it was about someone struggling with mental illness, like schizophrenia. The lyrics read like someone who sounds very paranoid and mentally disturbed.

  7. anonymous
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    May 25th 2018 !⃝

    It about depression and a breakup- I love it (p.s dont think remind of blaze flims?).

  8. anonymous
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    Feb 16th 2018 !⃝

    I think it's about a person with schizophrenia.

  9. anonymous
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    Nov 3rd 2017 !⃝

    I think Amy is trying to tell people about all the struggles in life. She's gone through many struggles of her own and is informing others about the dangers and how they made her feel. Amy doesn't want someone to make the same mistakes she did.

  10. anonymous
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    Nov 3rd 2017 !⃝

    I think Amy is trying to tell people about all the struggles in life. She's gone through many struggles of her own and is informing others about the dangers and how they made her feel. Amy just wants someone to make the same mistakes she did.

  11. anonymous
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    Jan 17th 2017 !⃝

    This song is about depression
    "Not tormented to daily defeated by you " means she is tormented every day by her thoughts and she is feeling like she is dying "I'm dying again " and when she finally said "I can't keep going under " she needs to breathe beneath the depression and anxiety - everything so she will fight with her demos so "I will wake up for ounce "
    This song is very dark and meaningful

  12. anonymous
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    Apr 5th 2015 !⃝

    This song isn't about Ben, its about a past relationship she did have but not about Ben...lol

  13. anonymous
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    Jun 17th 2014 !⃝

    She is trying to get this guy's atteion but he is turning his atteion some where else. She is telling the guy what she has done for him. She is telling him how she feels about him.

  14. anonymous
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    Jun 16th 2014 !⃝

    Its about a relationship. Come on now! I'm an occultist who believes that there is a lot of artists out there who have "alter egos" and artists who contact their "muse" in special rooms in the dark. It shows in the symbology of the song and its apparent in her lyrics she's trying to reform from something.

  15. anonymous
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    Apr 28th 2014 !⃝

    This is clearly about a relationship amy had , pretty sure it's got alot or is entirely about the relationship she had with ben moody . She fell for him and they started going out hence the line ' i'm falling forever ' she was really loved him , but things started goin down hill after awhile ' don't hold your hand out this time i'll save myself , maybe i'll wake up for once ' and she probably got abused by ben verbally or physically because she says ' tormented daily by you ' , come on people can torment others and it can be in more than one way . This whole crap about about amy choosing to work for the devil or god putting her through the bad relationship is bull crap , plus the tag even on the song is bull crap too , however i can understand because of the picture chosen for the album and the video but the song really is about amy's relationship with ben moody . Also a lil heads up she was raised or still is a PENTECOSTAL , the skirt and long hair is a big indication to me cause i am a pentecostal and this is what you normally when you look at a pentecostal woman or girl . Thing is she prolly doesn't practice PROBABLY , she might still practice just doesn't go to church .

  16. Heyitsclouds
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    Apr 17th 2014 !⃝

    Imagine falling in love as falling in water, in going under she is trying to escape and be free from a bad relationship, that is where "drowning in you" comes from,plus that is probably why in the video there is underwater scenes

  17. anonymous
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    Jan 2nd 2013 !⃝

    I think its very obvious what she's singing about, watch the music video. Listen to the lyrics of all her songs she constantly sings about god/ jesus, demons, fallen angels and Satan. The song is about her having been born within satanic surroundings, being possessed by demons through trauma and all the people around her are possessed too, that's why there faces look the way they do, her handlers and so called friends are all living to her, she's falling and fallen the name of one of her albums because she choose to work for Satan for fame but she regrets it she was tricked and she wants out. She tormented by demons all the time, she's physically abused she's forced into things all the time her life is one sad story and most of her fans are dumb sheeple who have no idea about her life or what she's singing about or what she's been through.

  18. anonymous
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    Nov 20th 2012 !⃝

    I the think that the interpretation has numerous meanings especially for someone with schizophrenia or a mental disorder.

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