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Evanescence: Solitude Meaning

Solitude Lyrics

How many times have you told me you love her
As many times as I've wanted to tell you the truth
How long have I stood here beside you
I live through you
You looked through me

Ooh, Solitude,
Still with me is only you
Ooh, Solitude,


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    May 26th 2007 report

    Amy or a girl loves a guy they've been friends forever and she's fallen in love with him she wants so badly to him but she can't tell him besides he already has a girlfriend he talks about all the time. finally she writes him a note with her feelings and I don't think he liked it and that's why their the chorus
    everyone leaves me stranded, forgotten, abandoned left behind
    I can't stay here another night

    Then after she gives it to him she runs away like from home I think...

  2. anonymous
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    May 18th 2020 report

    To me it feels like wanting to be alone in life because no matter how much you want or try to be with other people you end up hurt,so prefering solitude somehow helps and you kinda fall in love with it.

  3. anonymous
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    Jul 22nd 2014 report

    I agree with the others but i also think that the girl in the song has been sending letters etc to the guy, but secretly, and he loves the sender without realising it was her all along. like he loves who he pictures the sender as, but not her. yeah it sounds a bit complicated maybe but makes sense to me. thats how i always thought of this song anyway.

  4. Heyitsclouds
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    Apr 17th 2014 report

    I can really relate to this song a the moment.i have a crush in my form class who catches the same buses as me and we used to talk to each other all the time but after our school camp we never talk anymore; its solitude,loneliness. When I listen to this song it helps me so much!

  5. anonymous
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    Nov 29th 2011 report

    Evanescence's Solitude is about a one sided love. Obviously the girl singing has deep, passionate feelings for a man but yet he does not feel the same way, having his sights set for someone else instead. He is blind, being oblivious to the feelings she has and eventually hurts time after time because of this. She however is persistent, having problems letting go, she is already too attached. She has him always within in her heart whether he does not consider the same thing with his own. In reality, he pushes her away because he has no intentions or interest for her. She is forced to endure the pain because she cannot erase her feelings, in a way being trapped in a solitude of her own.

  6. anonymous
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    Dec 7th 2007 report

    The meaning of this song is fairly obvious, I think, but I'd like to add my own personal slant on the meaning.

    This song is my favourite Evanescence song, and the one I can most relate to. Obviously it is unrequited love, but I believe it is deep, obsessive unrequited love. She is in love with a person she's known and loved for a very long time, and close enough to this person to know most of what goes on in their life. She loves him regardless of their situation and she knows that [he] probably doesn't feel the same, but she has hope that he'll realise the depth of her feelings towards him and fall in love with her. She hates the situation and continually resolves to remove herself from it: "I can't stay here another night", but she can't leave because even if she can't see [him] physically, mentally [he] is with her always. She can try to move on but the only "true" love she'll have is [him], so she's devoted to [him], to live through [him] and fantasize about a life with [him], but know she'll be alone forever, eventually abandoned when [he] marries and makes a life without her, as usually happens.

  7. Evanescencefreak
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    Oct 2nd 2006 report

    Ahh..Solitude, the first song that was written by the band (or rather amy lee, and ben moody) this song I think, is about how amy loves someone, secretly.

    "your secret admirer
    who could it be?
    Ooh can you see all along it was me"

    and how this person had no idea, that she was right there falling in love with him

    "how can you be so blind
    as too see right through me"

    but he's with another girl, but amy still loves him, even though she knows he won't love her back

    "how many times have you told me
    you love her
    as many times as I wanted to tell you the truth"

    she knows he doesn't feel the way she does, but she still thinks about him, wants him.

    "how long will it take before I see"

    pretty much about a secret crush, and she knows he won't love her back, so she doesn't tell him. That's how I look at it anyway.

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