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Evanescence: What You Want Meaning


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Song Released: 2011

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What You Want Lyrics

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Do what you, what you want
If you have a dream for better
Do what you, what you want
'til you don’t want it anymore (remember who you really are)

Do what you, what you want
Your world’s closing in on you now (it isn’t over)
Stand and face...


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    Apr 7th, 2015 4:59pm report

    What you want by evanescence is saying a person wants to do something out of the box. In a faded out voice it says remember who you really are. So probably mean that the person is what they want. Now Amy is saying "hello hello remember me im everything you can't control" she's saying by can't control that you can't change the way she's thinking. Hope this helps ;)


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    Mar 29th, 2012 3:43am report

    Um I think that it's so open for interpretation because that's the way that she wrote it, that's the whole point of the song! Amy Lee knows what her songs mean to people and that some connect with them to the point of acutally being able to pick their live back up and continue to fight the agonizing fight(yes speaking from mass amounts of experience, I've carried Evanescence songs with me on my iPod to three different mental hospitals and thought years of self abuse and abuse at the hands of my mother and two different men).
    She's not just saying that it's okay for you to do what you need to do in order to survive and do what you need to do for whats best for you but she's also saying do what you want with the interpretation. Do what you want with the actual song, she's put it out there in the world now you get to use it how you want in order to develop a better life for your self.


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    Mar 15th, 2012 3:53am report

    I sent this song to a friend...he's really an angel but destiny is pushing him over to a situation of self-suicide.

    I can only hope that I can stop him in time! He's to do something he doesn't really want to. There's more solutions to life...
    Money isn't everything and... "You are still in time, close your eyes...only love will guide you home." ;(

    I'm everything he can't control, but he can control everything else if he believes.
    I'm infecting all he loves- which is money at the moment, it's what speaks louder...

    I fear it may be too late...I pray!


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    Jan 22nd, 2012 1:03am report

    She is all of the bad things in your life and you shouldn't be afraid to look past that, reach your goals and live your life. That's pretty much the moral to the song.


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    Jan 11th, 2012 1:34pm report

    I'd say this song relates to goals of individuals. This song could also relate how someone wants to stand out, and live how they want to live, as long as their goal in life has been achieved. Of course, someone may feel captured by temptation to fit in with everyone else, but they also like to respect their unique personalities and everyone else's. So, this may relate to freedom to be yourself, and still get along with most people.


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    Nov 6th, 2011 11:10am report

    for me it represents anxiety, eating disorders, self image and depression, and the desperate yearning to be free of it, but no matter how hard you try it won't go away. Not wanting everybody to forget you, remember me

    "remember who you really are"
    who you are before being depressed and anxious, the young person who was carefree

    "til you don’t want it anymore" fed up of the anxiety, want to get rid of it

    "There’s still time" still time to stop the negative way of thinking

    "I’m everything you can’t control
    Somewhere beyond the pain
    There must be a way to believe"
    anxiety is worry and you feel you are not in control, (weight), must be a way to believe you can be free from yourself, somehwhere beyond the thoughts and pain

    "It’s only me infecting everything you love" its stopping you from doing the things you love, your family and friends might be worried

    "Hello, hello, remember me?" do you even care about me anymore, are you even worried about me


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    Oct 20th, 2011 10:11pm report

    I think it might be about ben moody (ex guitarist and co founder of evanescence) and his new band who sound like evanescence on their album fallen.

    i think there maybe bitterness between the pair of them


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    Oct 16th, 2011 10:02pm report

    I think it's a comeback to former band members that broke apart as "We Are the Fallen".. Letting them know Amy is back and she's happy the former members are doing what makes them happy, but warns them they cannot replace her and she will continue on. -wuppy


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    Sep 24th, 2011 9:19am report

    Like some have said, i think this song is VERY open to interpretation.
    This song really got me when.. I was supposed to be doing something with my life.. supposed to be doing something.
    but instead i was just doing what i WANTED. what i felt like doing.. i was following my addictions.

    The song just sounded.. like it was showing bitter sarcasm and smashing it into my face

    "do what you want, if you have a dream for better"
    saying that.. "Yeah. Go ahead man. do whatever you want... but remember you're not going to get your dream if you go on like this.."

    then it says..."Do what you want till you DONT WANT IT ANYMORE."

    and that just describes the feeling you get what you keep following what you want.. you eventually get tired of it
    and you realized you've gotten nowhere.

    then skipping forward too....
    "Hello, Hello remember me?
    I'm everything you can't control.."

    that just shouts out as.. a reminder of the situation im in.. and how i NEED to snap out of it.

    it also goes on later saying
    "Hello, Hello.. Its only mee...
    infecting EVERYTHING you love."

    saying that.. addiction and all that is getting in the WAY of what i REALLY love and care about.

    that is MY interpretation! O:
    that the song is..
    a wake up call.. shouting at those who have their prioritys mixed up.. or.. those who are lost among addiction.

    "Do what you want, till you don't wa


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    Sep 4th, 2011 9:13am report

    I think it's highly open to interpretation. For example, to me the song is about getting over someone who broke me heart. It's about getting back up on my feet and getting even by being myself again and not being someone trying to please this one person. It's really empowering. But this is my interpretation.


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    Aug 30th, 2011 8:42am report

    I think it is much more easy then that !dont try to dig deep into the song just listen to what she's saying like every other song by her she means something by it !


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    Aug 15th, 2011 8:02am report

    I'm not totally sure, but from reading the lyrics over and over this is what I got:

    The first part of the song:
    Do what you, what you want
    If you have a dream for better
    Do what you, what you want
    'til you don’t want it anymore (remember who you really are)

    Do what you, what you want
    Your world’s closing in on you now (it isn’t over)
    Stand and face the unknown (got to remember who you really are)

    talks about doing what you want in your life. "Your world's closing in on you now" talks about death coming near. So you have to do what you want with your life before death comes to claim you.

    Then "Hello hello remember me? I'm everything you can't control"
    is either fate or death, I'm not sure yet. But you can't control fate nor death, so that would make most sense to me.

    "Hello hello It's only me infecting everything you love" is probably death.

    So over all I think this song talks about do what you want in life before death comes and takes you away and you can't control everything in life and that you have to go with it and forgive people, love a little, and have the best time before it all ends. Because you can't control everything that happens in life.

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