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One Direction: Infinity Meaning

Song Released: 2015

Infinity Lyrics

Down to Earth
Keep 'em falling when I know it hurts
Going faster than a million miles an hour
Trying to catch my breath some way, somehow

Down to Earth
It's like I'm frozen, but the world still turns
Stuck in motion, and the wheels keep...


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    Mar 16th 2018 report

    Ok well my interpretation is probably way different than anyone else's. Mine is that this song is about wanting someone you can't have. Wanting someone who you love but they don't love you back. Wanting that one person that's out of your reach no matter how high you reach you can never quite reach them. You want so badly for the person to feel the same as you but they don't. They just see you as a friend or maybe not even that. Always being there for them but them not being there for you. You wanting them to be happy no matter how much it kills you inside because as long as there happy your happiness doesn't matter. That's what I think this song is about


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    Oct 9th 2017 report

    It's the lads' goodbye song to their bro, his swan song. I know none of them are credited on the actual writing of it but that doesn't mean they had no input on the inspiration of the lyrics.

    This isn't an easy goodbye, you can feel the pain and frustration in their voices. How they're still processing the why of it all. But still there is love, and some understanding of Zain's reasons for leaving.

    And so you get this soaring ballad that leads to... Well, nowhere really.

    Because whether it's a breakup or a brother leaving to go on his own, all one can do in the end is move on.

    What I like about this song now (I hated it at first, not the actual song, just the production on the studio recording) is that it doesn't answer the question of why, it just has the feel of the emotional journey one has to undertake to one day, get to that point of moving on.

    But hey, I'm just projecting here. What do I know? ;)


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    Nov 2nd 2015 report

    My interpretation of this song, is that it is about a boy who thinks the girl is cheating on him, or became jealous of all the guys she hangs out with, which leads to a fight between them and they break up. This is based on firstly, "all I ever wanted was the truth" and "And everybody wants you, everybody wants you". I think they then break up from the lyrics "How many nights have you wished someone would stay? Lie awake only hoping their okay". This means he was very protective of the girl and maybe was also mistrustful of the guys she hung out with. Not only is he worried about her, he also misses her. "Eyes can't shine, Unless there's something burning bright behind, Since you went away, there's nothing left in mine" and "baby I was there for you". As he spends those sleepless nights worried about her, he finds she's possibly drifting away from him. "and now I'm one step closer to being two steps far from you". That's just my interpretation! LOL.

  4. anonymous
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    Jan 19th 2022 report

    It's about someone whom we want.... We want that person but they are not with us...we want them to stay with us infinite time!! We wish to that person for stay there for us it's infinity but for that person we don't know!!

  5. anonymous
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    Aug 17th 2021 report

    Idk why, I think it's about Zayn " How many nights does it take to count the stars? That's the time it would take to fix my heart. Oh, baby I was there for you, all I ever wanted was the truth. " Zayn said many times that he wasn't 'happy' that could be the 'Truth'. The band is just really sad about Zayn leaving and thus are sorrowed.

  6. anonymous
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    May 6th 2021 report

    Shout out to 1d bc this song helps me thorugh my life sometimes. This is talking about a realishionship that was broken and they are saying that they will always be there for them:) this is just my perspective so dont judge me pls lol!

    -SPT (or it could be SPF)

  7. anonymous
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    May 20th 2019 report

    The number 8 is infinity. The number goes on and on and on ...... this is how much I LOVE U

  8. anonymous
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    Apr 29th 2019 report


  9. anonymous
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    Oct 26th 2015 report

    I think this song is about Zayn 'how many nights does it take to count the stars? thats the time it would take to fix my heart' it's been I think about 8 months since Zayn left so I think that 204 days without Zayn(im not good at math btw)then it goes something like 'how many nights do you wish someone would stay? wide awake only hoping their ok?' I think that part is where the fans come in about zayn leaving a lot of them didn't want Zayn to leave

  10. anonymous
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    Oct 7th 2015 report

    The correct meaning is what ever it means to you.

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