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The Rapture Lyrics

I waited for the light to come
to change my life, to change my life
But I am blind, my faith is gone
I'm finding out the good book was wrong

And I must face
that won't be saved

We're destined to all die alone
I buried my cross with a...

  1. snpragent009
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    Jan 20th 2009 !⃝

    I totally hear ya Hayato...with the many thoughts that make me think i'm insane and whatnot...unfortunately, it sounds more to me like the guy is a full blown Atheist, clearly stating that "the good book lies" and stuff. also, i have a gut feeling that the singer sorta has a strong resentment towards God, even if God is real to him...I'm just sayin.

  2. MySensesRfailed
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    Sep 15th 2008 !⃝

    All of buddy's songs are about things that we all deal with at one point or another... they are about feelings that we sometimes feel... Faith is something that is questioned by everyone... Some people choose to believe and others are in the middle and then some don't at all... Some are forced to believe and don't ever really know if they truly do.. This song The Rapture is for sure about his beliefs and how he feels abandoned by God and he feels the only justice he can get is to do the same to him.... A Fair share of his songs are about religion and god.. another good example is "Bite to Break Skin" then ending lines to the song are :

    I know that Satan is sometimes referred to as the "phoenix" and I am the son would refer to Jesus.. and he does want us to follow his footsteps...

  3. hayato
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    May 28th 2008 !⃝

    You guys, I don't think he is a full-fledged atheist. An atheist for the most part is somebody who completely blows off God. The fact that he keeps mentioning God shows that he still has something there for him. I do know he says things such as "As I spit at the sky, the mirror can't see a lie" and other blasphemy-derived sayings but I honestly see them as metaphors in a way. I don't think he really means to "spit at the sky" I think he just wants to show a way to express his strong disdain he has and how anguished he is because it seems there's no God.

    Me; I'm a believer. I was raised in a Christian family but that is not why I am a Christian. when you become a teenager, you become precarious in a sense. I have had my extreme downs in religion and even today; I have these thoughts in my head that I try to fight saying "F*** Jesus" and whatnot and I'm scared because; does God judge you on your thought life?. Trust me guys, I DO have mental problems. I do. I worry about everything, wouldn't be surprised if I had gray hair by the time I'm thirty, and I'm very insecure with myself. I hinge daily on the idea that; will counseling straighten me out?

    back to the song; I don't think he is fully an atheist but I do think he's near the bottom in his faith. Some things that make me ponder about what on earth he's thinking is the simply fact that it seems Buddy contradicts himself... a lot. Take Calling All Cars for example. He says "I don't have love left inside" but on Champagne (a song on the very same album) he says "There IS love inside." there are more contradictions I can pull out but choose not to.

    I still think buddy is just anguished at God and is struggling for answers because he still WANTS to beleieve.

    some things that make you think if you're a non believer is the simple fact that miracles can happen. crazy ones. Some may not believe in this; it's fine, but I've seen pictures with supposed "ghosts." a man I know who is an expert in the vietnam war (and a few others) took a picture a long time ago of some soldiers just lounging in the woods and beside a person standing in the back is what appears to be a ghost. My professor in college said that the one night (I forget where he said he was, it might have been his bed room,) he laid down to go to sleep, and a ghost bent down and looked him right in the eyes, then, the ghost turned around and walked through the wall. He insists it wasnt a dream because the ghost was so clear despite the fact that he WASNT wearing the glasses he needed (because he was going to bed) so everything looked blurry, but the ghost was as clear as day according to him. Another thing is that there was an episode of some show on Discovery channel where a man was in a coma for 21 years and all of a sudden woke up. 21 YEARS. If you were lying in your bed for 21 years and you got up suddenly, you'd collapse the instant you get on your feet. If you leave a car outside for 21 years, it won't work. So why should the human mind work? It's stuff like that that makes you think...

  4. anonymous
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    Aug 10th 2007 !⃝

    Yea your pretty much right, but it means more like he tried to believe in God and gave religion a chance but it kept letting him down. This is the basic theme of the whole CD

  5. love_hate_tragedy
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    May 1st 2007 !⃝

    He's an Athiest. That's what I think. but that's just my opinion!

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