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Taylor Swift: Superman Meaning

Song Released: 2010

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Tall dark and superman
He puts papers in his briefcase and drives away
To save the world or go to work
It's the same thing to me
Hes got his mothers eyes, his fathers ambition
I wonder if he knows how much that I miss him
And I know every...


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    Aug 26th, 2011 8:15pm report

    I don't know if Taylor Swift knows this, but this song is clearly about Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter.
    "He's got his Mother's eyes and his father's ambition." Everyone is constantly telling Harry he has his Mother's eyes.
    "He's complicated, He's irrational." Well, yeah. He's Harry Potter. Complicated is an understatement and he's proven from time to time to be irrational.
    "He's not as bad like his reputation." Obviously, Ginny knows that the Daily Prophet has long been infiltrated by Death Eaters and have thus, been printing false stories about Harry in order to gain supporter for Lord Voldemort.
    The only thing is that she says he has brown eyes, which is strange because Ginny of all girls would know that Harry has GREEN eyes. Silly girl.
    And then of course there's the whole "saving the day" factor. Let's face it Harry Potter's like the Superman of the Wizarding world.
    "'cause I loved you from the very first day." Ginny is known to have a crush on Harry from the second book.
    In the final book, Ginny has to return to Hogwarts, while Harry, Hermione, and Ron all go to "save the day" much of a reason to sing a song like this about the boy of her dreams.


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    Feb 10th, 2015 2:58am report

    I think this song is about her being in a ralationship with someone but she fell in love with another person. The reason I think that is because of the "I wish the flowers were from you, I wish the cards were from you" part. And the part about not wanting him to save another girl. She wanta him to fly in and save her from the relationship she is in. So she just keeps staring out the window waiting for him.


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    Oct 6th, 2012 10:53am report

    This song is allegedly about her dad
    'I've loved you from the very first day' as in the day she was born.
    He was a big part of her life and 'The Best Day' is also about him as he always made me feel better
    Also if you think about it, she lives alone now and probably misses her parents, especially her dad as he used to look after her during the days she got bullied


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    Aug 25th, 2012 8:33am report

    Tall dark and superman
    He puts papers in his briefcase and drives away
    To save the world or go to work
    It's the same thing to me
    He's got his mothers eyes, his father's ambition

    She is liking a guy who is an ultimate superman. He's got everything a girl could wish for. However, he is a busy person.

    I wonder if he knows how much that I miss him
    And I hang on every word you say
    You smile and say, "How are you?"
    I say, "Just fine"
    I always forget to tell you, I love you, I love you ... forever

    Since he is busy, she would constantly miss him because he isn't around. She hangs on every word and memory from him to keep her going on. When they finally have the chance to talk, he asks her how she is. She just tells him she's fine, but she doesn't end up saying what she really wants to him. I guess, it's an I Love You maybe?

    I watch superman fly away
    You've got a busy day today
    Go save the world I'll be around
    I watch superman fly away
    Come back I'll be with you someday
    I'll be right here on the ground
    When you come back down

    Even though he is a busy person, she keeps her hope for him that someday they will end up together. She just watches him from afar, wishing him all the best in his conquests.

    Talk dark and beautiful
    He's complicated, he's irrational
    But I hope someday you'll take me away and save the day, yeah
    Something in his deep brown eyes has me sayin'
    He's not as bad like his reputation
    I can't hear one single word they said, no

    The guy she likes is a complicated person, he might get her in trouble in a way. Just like the real Superman, his real identity must be kept hidden therefore his love life might really be complicated. But despite that, she still continues to love him. Also, people might be preventing her from loving him, but it doesn't matter to her anyway.

    You'll leave, got places to be
    And I'll be hoping
    I always forget to tell you I love you, I loved you from the very first day

    Since he is busy, he always has to be somewhere that is away from the girl. She keeps her hopes up that someday he'll come back for her. She also has loved him for a long time, but she doesn't say it to him.

    And I watch you fly around the world
    And I hope your you don't save some other girl
    I hope you don't forget about me
    I'm far away but I'll never let you go
    I'm lovestruck and looking out the window
    Don't forget, don't forget where I'll be

    Since he is very busy going places, he has lots of chances of meeting other girls. She hopes that he won't fall in love with one of them. This is where the "As long as my crush stays single, I'll be alright" comes in. No matter if they are far from each other, the girl won't forget about him and she is hoping that he will also do the same.

    Right here wishing the flowers were from you
    Wishing the card was from you
    Wishing the call was from you

    She is hoping that Superman likes her too. Wishing that maybe, he was the one who gave her the signs of affection.


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    Jun 10th, 2012 6:43am report

    Well, of course we all know this song is about John Mayer. But I once had this crush and I think, this song seems to be written for us.
    I first met this "tall, dark and beautiful" boy in 3rd grade. I was new at this school and saw him playing soccer with his friends at break. From that moment on, I was totally fascinated by him.
    I watched him grow up and I loved him a bit more with every single day. A few years later, he was still in my class, he found this beautiful, cool and adorable girlfriend. He was so in love and it really broke my heart. They broke up and I started being happy again. I dont know why, but I never told him how I felt. Right now I regret it, because suddenly, he moved away because of his mothers work. I never had the chance to tell him, and i'll never have, because I don't even know where he moved.
    The most ironic thing, is that his favourite song was "Superman" by Eminem. He had his mothers eyes and his fathers ambition. He was not as bad as his repuation. And even though he was complicated and irrational, I still hope he will come back...


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    Apr 6th, 2012 4:16am report

    i couldn't forget that charming Superman guy and make him get outta my head. God, please help, its killing me. *S.O.S*

    is this real love or lust?


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    Apr 4th, 2012 4:21pm report

    i love you, my Superman. could i have this kiss forever? as she is whispering to the guy she cares so much.


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    Apr 4th, 2012 4:25am report

    Listening to this, Taylor's much to say to the Superman guy, "Hey you there...can i be your Superwoman?" me thinks.. :P


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    Apr 4th, 2012 4:45am report

    Speechless. Gonna be my favourites.


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    Apr 3rd, 2012 4:34pm report

    Has anyone noticed that in the song cover art for Dear John and Superman, it looks like she's wearing the same sweater? Maybe that means something. Hmm...


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    Apr 3rd, 2012 4:31am report

    for sure about john mayer.

    REASON 1: "i loved you from the very first day" is the secret message of Dear John which is about John Mayer.
    REASON 2: "tall, dark, and beautiful" = John Mayer
    REASON 3: "i can't hear a word they say" indicates that someone disapproves. There is a substantial age difference between Mayer and Swift
    REASON 4: "he puts his papers in his briefcase" is being taken too literally. in concert footage from KC on the Speak Now tour, which is where Swift first played the song publicly, she stated that the song was about meeting someone in a meeting and felt as though it was like meeting Superman. Stars have meetings all the time. this line shouldn't be taken so literally, as if he goes to a 9-5 job all the time. i believe that she is using this line to symbolize one of her first professional run-ins with Mayer.
    REASON 5: "he's complicated, he's irrational" also equals Mayer. just google him. enough said.
    REASON 6: "something in his deep brown eyes has me seeing he's not all bad like his reputation" is a line that also alludes to Mayer's physical appearance and noted bad-boy reputation.

    i strongly believe the song is about mayer. definitely don't think it's about lautner as the song is crafted about a man and he is very boy like (waiting for hateful comments from team jacob) and it came too soon to be about gyllenhal, who is definitely not tall and dark. but just my thoughts...


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    Feb 17th, 2012 2:57am report

    it's a song written to her crush on a guy but he doesn't know that she likes him more than a friend :(


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    Dec 24th, 2011 12:34pm report

    I think this song is about John Myer. Because for the song Dear John her screat message was 'I loved you from the 1st day' and also she says in this song 'he's not all bad like his reputation and I can't hear one singal word they say' and in Dear John she says 'And I'll look back and regret when they said run as fast as you can.' and Dear John was about John Myer.


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    Oct 29th, 2011 10:55am report

    I think that it could be about Jake Gyllenhaal. They did date for a while, and he has the typical superhero physique.

    He seems to fit the song.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Jul 9th, 2011 7:43pm report

    i used to think this was about her father, because of the superman idea (everyone sees their dad as a sort of superman), but lines like "and i hope you don't save some other girl" & "i'm lovestruck" indicate a love interest.


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    Jun 23rd, 2011 6:04pm report

    I think this ain't about falling in love or a boy you want or something like that...I think it's about her dad or her brother! it's like "I loved you from the very first day" I don't know...I just think this ain't about a relationship.
    It's about loving someone who loves you too and that they want you to be fine, but they're far away because of work or something like that...
    I always sing this song to my big brothers, because I know that they might be busy, (at college or working, they're 19, 20 and 21) but they love me and they're always there when I need them :)
    I'm her little sister, I'm just 15, but I see them as my supermans :D

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