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Evanescence: Disappear Meaning

Song Released: 2011

Disappear Lyrics

Like you don't remember me
Underneath everything
I guess I always dreamed that
I would be the one to take you away
From all this wasted pain
But I can't save you from yourself

Don't you want to feel?
Don't you want to live...

  1. anonymous
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    Sep 22nd 2013 report

    In the broadest sense of things, quite simply, it's about someone whose own choices are destroying them.

  2. anonymous
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    Sep 5th 2013 report

    I think this song deals with drug and/or alcohol abuse. People use them to not feel their pain anymore, then they continue to get sicker and closer to death (hence, having to "save them from themselves").

  3. anonymous
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    Feb 10th 2012 report

    I think it's about somebody who has a friend that self-harms, and they are so deeply depressed that they're completely numb. Here's my interpretation.
    "Hollow, like you don't remember me."
    The person who cuts themselves feels hallow inside, and barely talks to their friend anymore, leaving the friend to think that they don't even remember them anymore. It's pretty self-explanatory.
    "Underneath everything I guess I always dreamed that I would be the one to take you away from all this wasted pain."
    The friend of the cutter knows that the person cuts, and wants to save them, to show them that they don't have to live this way. Again, it's pretty self-explanatory.
    "But I can't save you from yourself."
    Though they want to help their friend, they find it difficult. It would be easier to save him/her from an attacker than from themselves.
    "Don't you want to feel?"
    The person who cuts themselves has been doing it for so long now that the pain doesn't even bother them. They're completely numb, which they are okay with because they think being numb is better than feeling pain, and their friend is trying to convince them otherwise.
    "Don't you want to live your life?"
    This line shows that the cutter is suicidal, and may have tried to commit suicide in the past. Their friend wants to know why they'd want to kill themselves when they still have so much life left in them.
    "How much longer are you gonna give into the fear?"
    This line is a little harder to interpret. I think this line means that the cutter is afraid of facing up to all the pain that he or she has caused their friends and family, and they fall into the fear and continue to hurt themselves. Or it could mean that they're afraid of facing up to the bullies or whatever it is that made them so depressed, and giving into the fear is what makes them cut themselves.
    "Holding you down until you're frozen."
    This is another hard line to interpret, but I think this might mean how all the pain they're causing themselves has turned them numb, or, as it is put in the song, 'frozen.'
    "I can't let you fall apart."
    This, I believe, means that the friend still tries to save the cutter. They don't want them to be so depressed, the depression being the 'falling apart' the song talks about.
    "You don't even know what you've done to me."
    Seeing their good friend constantly hurt themselves hurts them, too, but the cutter can't realize that they're hurting their friend by self-harming.
    "But I would be the one to take you away from all this wasted pain if you could just wake up."
    The friend is determined to be the one to save the person who self-harms, if only the cutter would wake up and realize that they need help.
    "All alone, alone, and drowning in your past."
    The cutter believes that they are all alone, and they think they are the only one who feels so depressed. They are constantly going back to something that happened in their past, something that made them start cutting themselves-the loss of a loved one, school bullies, etc., etc.
    "Take it back, take it back, I still believe you can."
    The friend still believes in the person who self-harms. They still believe that they can take back all the harm they've caused themselves.
    "I can't go on pretending, so give me something real."
    This was a hard line to interpret. I think this line means that the friend is tired of pretending that the friendship between themselves and the cutter is still the same as it had been before the cutter had started cutting, and the friend would like a real friendship, like before the other person started self-harming.
    "No one in your way but you."
    This, I belive, is the friend saying that the only one standing in the way of the cutter getting help is the cutter.
    "Holding you down until you disappear."
    This is a very important line. All of the pain the cutter has caused themselves is finally getting the best of them. The 'disappearing' refers to the cutter's suicide attempt finally suceeding, like their soul is disappearing from their body or something like that.
    {Wow! I'm finally done!}

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