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Song Released: 2011

Secret Door Lyrics

Turn out the lights
Feed the fire
Till my soul breaks free
My heart is high as the waves above me
Don't need to understand
Too lost to lose
Don't fight my tears
Cause they feel so good

And I, I will remember how to fly
Unlock the...


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    Nov 27th 2011 !⃝

    Okay let's start!

    Turn out the light: Light represent peace and security.

    Feed the fire till my soul breaths free: Fire is NOT evil, it's symbloic to her soul. Her soul need fire (energy) until it will be able to break free on it's own.

    My heart is as high as the ways above me:
    Her heart is love, and it's so high that she knows it's was far for her to reach it.

    Don't need to understand: She is not talking about her self, she is telling her lover that "Trust me on this, no need to understand "

    Too lost to lose: This line is very symbolic, and very hard as well. Saying too lost, she is refearing to her lover. She is to lost in his life to lose anything anymore. Or like whenever your depressed (lost), you feel like your life-less, and you have nothing to lose.

    Don't fight my tears cause they feel so good: Clear and simple the first line, but when she says her tears feel so good, she's basically lost in her sorrow. And when she says this line, she is talking to the lover telling him (don't fight MY tears)

    And i, i will remeber how fly: Symbolic as well! When she wants to remember how to fly, she doesn't mean her phycial body, she means her soul. When she will remeber when to leave her sorrow behind, she will be able to fly.

    Unlock the heavens in my mind: Very symbolic! Heavens of her mind, in her life, it's her soul and brain (not the pysical brain) her life is her brain and heaves, or you can say the heavens in mind as her own perfect world. (This is hard, so it has to be one of the two possiablities).

    Follow my love back through the same secret door: She is asking her lover to meet in the secret door which no one knows. She is saying that her love will be able to lead them back together.

    Look past the end, it's a dream like it's always been: Beautiful! Very elegent words! She is saying look past the end (which end?),the end of life (not death!), and you will find that everything they had was just a dream, it will eventully end. All life lives on if we ever loved it:
    Very beautiful! Ask yourselves. Are you lovers of life? If yes/no this answes it.
    She is saying that if we truely loved life we won't have looked "Past the end" as i explained above.

    She repeats it again to show her position.

    Summary: This song tells the story of two lost lovers, who have lost hope one another,their security, and they have been depressed for so long that they need something to break them free. One of the lovers' heart is way to strong for her to control.
    Eventully she starts to imagine her lover telling him to trust her, because she knows someone that there is no hope for them to be together again. She has believed that this imaginary lover of her's in real, and denying her pain and sorrow, saying her "tears feel so good".

    Now she comes back to reality saying that she wants to fly, (as i explained above), she wants to let go, and unlock the heavens in my mind. Either she means she wants to belive in her mind, in her life. She wants to live this perfect life with him, her "heavens", so maybe just maybe, someday in real life her lover will find her once more in thier secret door, there most loved and secret spot that no one knows.
    She finally comes back to her senes and asks her self: " Should i look past all this love and realise it was all a dream, that there is no point afterwards, that it will become as if it was a dream in the after life. And finally she says: " If i truley love life, than this love will go on, and life will go on", eventully telling us that she has not loved life, after knowing since the beginning that her lover and herself are lost apart.

    I love this song, since the day it came out. LOVE YOU AMY LEE! Your are a GENIUS!


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    Nov 7th 2011 !⃝

    Amy said this song was inspired by the times when you wake up from a beautiful dream, and you try to sleep again or imagine that dream again

  3. anonymous
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    Jul 23rd 2013 !⃝

    This song is about dying. And the dying person is comforting those who love him/her, telling them, that leaving this earth is nothing to fear and that he/she is ready to reenter the Universe as an eternal soul - remembering once again "how to fly".

    "Look past the end - it's a dream...."

    There is no end - if we ever experienced love, we will soar (fly) forever in the afterlife. And that is why we must "unlock the heavens in our minds" and let go, knowing that what awaits is nothing short of spectacular.

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