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Katy Perry: E.T. Meaning

Tagged: Love | Aliens [suggest]

Song Released: 2011

Featuring: Kanye West

E.T. Lyrics

You're so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil?
Could you be an angel?

You're touch magnetizing
Feels like I am floating
Leave my body glowing

They say be afraid
You're not like the others
Futuristic lover

Different DNA
They don't...


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    Oct 18th, 2015 10:56pm report

    In my opinion, when she says "fill me with your poison," she is basically referring to semen. Thanks.


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    Mar 17th, 2011 3:08am report

    I know this song is about someone she's in love with but he's so different that it's like he's from another world. No one understands him. She's curious because she's never met anyone like him which is what "could you be the devil, could you be an angel" means. People are telling her to "be afraid" or basically "Stay away from him, he's weird" but she just thinks he's different. He "opened her eyes" to more possibilities of love. The love is so different it's extraterrestrial.

    And you know what? I'm tired of people shoving this illuminati crap down our throats. So, yeah, maybe it does exist. But you can't just assume she's in the illuminati. "Poison" could very well be something that overtakes her mind and makes her see differently. She hasn't admitted to being in it so shut up. She has an amazing talent both for singing and writing and you're not going to ruin her career because you're being overly presumptuous. Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. Just don't jump to conclusion without hardcore facts (lyrics are often challengingly ambiguous so they don't count as facts).


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    Mar 21st, 2011 3:59pm report

    I don't want to shove this illuminati 'stuff' down people's throat but this deals with a lot of mind control.
    Kanye is her handler, 'welcome to the fantasy', which means to become dissociative to the world through transhumanism (look it up). Katy (being the 'victim') is obviously having a hard time distinguishing Kanye from good or bad 'Could you be the devil, could you be an angel'. This is a side effect of a mind control victim who looks at their handler in mostly good way (why she stated him as an angel last). 'Feels like I am floating, leaves my body glowing' Is an after effect of being electrocuted.
    'Every move is magic' is another line that shows deception of the handler. Magic decieves the viewer.Now Kanye's second solo 'Imma disrobe you then I'm gonna probe; see I abducted you so I tell you what to do' obviously showing he is charge of controlling her.


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    May 23rd, 2018 5:06am report

    It's about being submissive but only in a CONSENSUAL DYNAMIC. Without consent it's abusive and very wrong.


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    Feb 28th, 2018 2:21pm report

    Katy discovered a new species! XD


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    May 21st, 2017 5:56am report

    Has anyone ever read the Chronicles of Gor?

    It's a bit bdsmy but it takes it a bit farther. it's a bit extreme

    Basically it's a series of books that was started in the 1960s by a man that wasn't pleased with all the rights women were beginning to receive​.

    In the book women were abducted from earth by men and taken to a planet where men reigned supreme and these women were treated as slaves. They had no rights, they existed to be pleasing and obedient. They were called kajira. They grew over time to accept their new role and new life.

    It's a bit extreme for my preferences but I see elements of it in the song.

    Such as the submissive mindset she adopts, the prevailing "alien abduction" theme, how free she feels, the extreme display of dominance displayed in the version with Kanye especially.

    All of the theories are fascinating. Gorean teachings also have religious undertones as well.


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    May 14th, 2017 5:58pm report

    Apparently she kissed an extra terrestrial, and she liked it!

    Two words...magic finger...nuff said!


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    Apr 11th, 2017 4:11am report

    Well the man talking about the fallen ones is close..but it's the "one"..not "them"...and despite what the Bible says...the one.. just like Jesus didn't know he was the one...he evolves into his true self after reconnecting with his higher self after opening up...she is a messenger..and there is no devil or jesus..he's one and the same...Jesus was an alcoholic..and he opened up and didn't doubt it or question it...he just walked...and in the wilderness...he fought his Devils in a psychosis...and the miracles aren't miracles...we all can do miracles once you unlearn and believe you made in the makers image...pure power...pure light...thus reality then becomes very malleable...and the sheep are easy to herd and convince of anything


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    Apr 19th, 2016 4:13pm report

    A person Katy has met is "out of this world".


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    Oct 30th, 2015 10:16pm report

    About a young Woman who just MET E.T's power that is out of this world that has her ''believing'' that he is the one for her, making her feel very light and floating in the glowing by his ''Amazing'' presence in front of her to be taken out of this world.


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    Apr 14th, 2014 4:31am report

    Ugh. You guys its about Russell Brand! He's from "another world" of drugs, rampant sex, and no inhibitions, Katy comes from an insanely conservative background. Russell is English, foreign. Katy is American. It's just a play on concepts. Also if you want to look at it a little more literally because foreign people (although most often illegal immigrants) are called Aliens here. She's not really singing about having sex with little green men, people. Come on. It's not that hard to figure out.


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    Apr 14th, 2014 4:27am report

    I think this song is about love/sex. Now what about sex? How do you have sex? Well, here's the answer. You insert a penis into a vagina and have sexual intercourse. You could also masterbate with a pillow. Just put it under your penis/vagina and start humping it. It's VERY PLEASURESOME! Happy reading!!


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    Apr 14th, 2014 4:22am report

    My interpretation of this song is that Katy is in love with an alien-like man. I believe this alien-like man is different from other people/humans which make him like an alien, therefore concludes why Katy is singing "Extraterrestrial" in many verses. I know many of you think it is Illuminati-related. It may, or it may not. No one can know for sure. But for those out there who do not think the Illuminati exist, why do you think that? It could exist, or it couldn't. But in my opinion, just think about it, hundreds of celebrity singers pose as a member of that society. Do you find it likely that a group of singers just found it funny to make up a devil-worshipping group called the "Illuminati" just to get more money? Just think about the likeliness of that. Now I'm not saying that this song is Illuminati-based but what I'm saying is that it could be true. This society could in fact exist, and this song could in fact be Illuminati-based. Thanks for reading! :)


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    Dec 21st, 2013 12:15pm report

    Come on this song is not about aliens. This song is about how she is in love with a sociopath/psychopath/antisocial/narcissist. A manipulative man who is incapable of real love. She is totally enamored with him. "Infect me with your poison" she knows he's different but she's lost her ability to see clearly. I helped my friend get out of a relationship like this. She's good now and can't even stand the sight of him anymore as a matter of fact her eyes are so wide open she sees right through him now and feels stupid. This song is perfect at expressing just how they can come into your life and try to snatch your soul.


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    May 4th, 2013 5:33pm report

    I think it is mainly about abduction by aliens.
    "Could you be the devil? Could you be an angel?" I think it talks about her looking at a figure in her room as it comes toward her from her window.
    "You're touch magnetizing. Feels like I am floating. Leave my body glowing." I think this talks about her being scared but curious about the alien when it comes up to her.
    "They say be afraid. You're not like the others. Futuristic lover." This part I think she has been abducted by the alien but she feels a strong feeling towards him.
    "Fill me with your poison, infect me with your love." I think this means they are running tests on her and she feels like she is being tortured, but she finds out she loves the alien that abducted her.
    "Different DNA..." I think this part means she is seeing their computers as they try to compare her DNA with theirs.
    Supernatural-I think this means she is scared like people would be in legends of the supernatural.
    Extraterrestrial-She knows that the figure is actually an alien but she doesn't care.
    At the end, she realizes they are sending her back but she doesn't want to go.


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    Apr 22nd, 2013 4:36am report

    this song is sooo satanic either way u look it though i like it but its just satanic....she cant be singing to a normal lover,she say you from a different demention,theres only three dementions (heaven earth & hell)...which one is her lover from? duh ovias HELL

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    Apr 8th, 2013 4:17pm report

    She is talking about fallen angels (the Sons of God, from Genesis chapter 6 in the bible) who can take on flesh and appear as men, but they have angel DNA. These lyrics are about inter-species breeding that produces the Nephilim (chldren of angels and human women) from the Genesis 6 as well. When God flooded the Earth it was to eliminate the Nephilim, but this interbreeding has gone on many times since those days, and may still be going on. The Nephelim were giants in ancient days, but now are probably of normal size, because the fallen angels have had time to improve the hybridization breeding processes. Modern day Nephelim may be the black eyed children that many people are encountering around the world today. When Nephelim die they are the demons that torment people, they are not fallen angels like their fathers or humans like their mothers. Since katy perry admits to haven sold her soul to the devil, she may know much more about the evil plans of the fallen ones. Lyrics are not always as innocent as they might first appear.


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    Feb 11th, 2013 2:45am report

    Ya we all knw what satanism is mara theres a also a way that they (satanists) are getin us...we seem 2 be researching more about illuminati and song lyrics than we read the bible...this that we r doing nw is actually wrong.....im also victim

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