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Evanescence: Going Under Meaning

Song Released: 2003

Going Under Lyrics

Now I will tell you what I've done for you
Fifty thousand tears I've cried
Screaming, deceiving and bleeding for you
And you still won't hear me, going under

Don't want your hand this time, I'll save myself
Maybe I'll wake up for once


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    Apr 11th, 2011 4:23pm report

    The song is about a bad and violant relationship and how she is done and sick of it. She has tried to tell him "Screaming, deciving and bleeding for you, and you still won't hear me" and how shes through with it. "So go on and scream, scream at me, I'm so far away. I won't be broken again." Thats basically what the song means.



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    Jul 21st, 2010 7:33am report

    On feb 22nd there is an anonymous person who did get the video but still forgot to add more to his opinion. Yes it's true, I believe that Amy Lee is singing to the Devil but not the one that we think of. People in the music industry that have high power over it and many many regular people like you and I wouldn't know of them. But hear me out. These so called people that have high power over the music industry make her do things that's she knows they are not right, make her change her way of thoughts.

    Now I will tell you what I've die for you = us, the fans

    screaming , deceiving, and bleeding for you = again us the fans because of what they make her do and she cries out saying no it's not right but still we don't see what she is trying to tell us and we just want more and more out of her.

    Just when I thought I've reached the bottom = And just when she thinks they ( music industry) will leave her alone they tell her to put more subliminal messages in her music.

    I'm going under = I will leave the riches and fame an go back to being my own true self again.

    Don't eant your help this time I'll save my self =She asked her band member who She was dating askin for help and he tells her to just do as they say. The money is good and the fame is there. He is not the same and they ave changed him in a bad way.

    She has to break through all of this,

    Always confusing the thoughts in my head, so I can't trust my self anymore = they tell her what's right and what's wrong, she knows that's not right but they make her believe what she was tought as a little girl is all wrong they are right so she doesn't know what to believe anymore. When you did not do something but people say yes you did after a long time you will start believing in the other people.

    I won't be brocken again = Enough is said and she knows what needs to be done even tho she might loose her fame, money, and record label.

    She eventually says enough and even tho ( in the video) she sees us the fans being feed what she knows it's wrong with out us knowing she still love us and says good bye to the industry, but her guy that's in the band stays in the industry knowing what they do, also in the video in the end she turns to him and sees what he has become, the people who she hates for not keying her sing what she wants only what they say the image and songs she should do.

    Look it up on google, check out demonic subliminal messages videos .


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    Apr 13th, 2010 4:48am report

    I think this song is about a girl who is drowning in a boy but she doesn't want to stop the relationship because all the times she cried was when he wasn't around but htis took place before they were actually going out.


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    Mar 11th, 2010 3:22am report

    Hnestly evanecense aint a christian band...thats for sure...
    What i think this song means is shes tired of all the things shes done for her master...like a small little pet but doesnt get any sort of appreciation...or approval among her other peers. in the business of deceiving the masses...and this pisses her off...

    When she says shes going under i think it means she is going deeper...going more hard core cause where she is apparently isnt enough...but shes willing to lose it all including her sole...(kinda feel sorry if you ask me...thats if im ryt tho... hope im not)

    Shes on the verge of breakin...(im about to break)
    cause she has done alot but its never enough...screaming on stage...deceiving the masses (this aint no christian band...its far from it...peepes) and bleeding as she and her lost friends cut themselves in ritualistic belif so as to invoke evil dietys to help her n her friends perform onstage...but its still not enough...so she has to go under to get through...to her...master...

    if you ask me i think she should take a tip from marilyn masnon
    if she really wanted to get through...i don know what do you think...


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    Feb 22nd, 2010 2:37pm report

    I completely agree with the interpretation of the person who said "Oh my god, it's not always about a guy!"

    I just want to say that if you're trying to interpret a song that has a music video, don't just focus on the lyrics. Pay attention to the video. It most times has a lot to do with what the song is about.


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    Feb 7th, 2010 2:34pm report

    I think that she's not happy with who she is so she tries to change her self but can't and she's drowning in her own unhappiness.


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    Dec 7th, 2009 12:24pm report

    I think that this song could have many different interpretations. But every time I hear this song, addiction comes to mind. The song says things like:

    "I'm tormented daily defeated by you"

    "Always confusing the thoughts in my head"

    I feel I connect very well with this song because I'm in the process of recovering from an eating disorder and that is a type of addiction.


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    Sep 20th, 2009 9:05pm report

    I think it's quite easy to realise the relationship is not a human one. You fans and supporters should take a look again at what the christian guy wrote.


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    Sep 7th, 2009 9:33pm report

    i think its about the voices in my head

    "Now I will tell you what I've done for you
    50 thousand tears I've cried
    Screaming Deceiving and Bleeding for you"
    ive had to lie to people to do the things they ask me to do and they ask me to bleed quite often

    "Blurring and Stirring the truth and the lies
    So I don't know what's real and what's not
    Always confusing the thoughts in my head
    So I can't trust myself anymore "
    i get very confused with things that have happened and what ive imagined because theyre always stirring everything up in my head.


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    Jul 10th, 2009 7:51pm report

    I think the song is in reference to Lucifer rebelling against God. Most of the lyrics seem to echo what he was problem thinking as we he fell from grace. This song would be perfect for the novel "Paradise Lost" by John Milton.


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    May 6th, 2009 5:51am report

    going under by evanescence i think means that she is getting depressed and suppressed by the over-whelming people that are her fans.and that is exactly what i think.

    thank you


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    Mar 11th, 2009 3:11pm report

    i think its about her not going to fall in to what holly wood wants her to be ,life she never showns any thing like B-S etx . and she is saying that she stills has tallent with out doing that


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    Mar 1st, 2009 3:37am report

    The abusive relationship she is referring to is that of herself and God. It's about shedding one's faith. It's not about a man.


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    Feb 4th, 2009 2:33am report

    well if ur going by the video this is what it looked like to me. it kinda looks like everyone is trying to change her. which might be y she sees everyone as the wierd faced vampire things. and when that dude is having the press conference of whatever at the beginning and there laughing at him like there ridiculing him and at the part where he's surfing the crowd but the girl goes throgh them and into the water. kinda like hes changed to do what everyone wants but she keeps doing what she wants.(im talking about musical wise) so thats y the crowd(the water) kept him aflout. then at the end she recognizes his change when she sees him as a vampire.


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    Feb 2nd, 2009 2:17am report

    Going Under = Baptism. The video even drives that point home further.

    "i died again(to be reborn), im going under, drowning you" dosent take a genious to figure out who she is singing to. i could go line by line...but this is basically a dear john letter to satan.

    the album is called "Fallen" *cough*

    i suppose everyone thinks that the song "taking over me" is about some guy....wrong.

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