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Harry Styles: Adore You Meaning


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Song Released: 2019

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Adore You Lyrics

Walk in your rainbow paradise
Strawberry lipstick state of mind
I get so lost inside your eyes
Would you believe it?

You don't have to say you love me
You don't have to say nothing
You don't have to say you're mine

I'd walk...


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    Jan 12th 2021 report

    I absolutely think this song is about Louis. Not just because the MusicVideo, but the MV is so loud. But the text is really interesting.

    [Walk in your rainbow paradise (Paradise)]
    I think I don't have to say something about this part I think everybody see it...not just because the rainbow, but it's important.

    [Would you believe it?]
    Harry asking Louis would you believe it what everything we done.

    But for me the most loud part....
    [You don't have to say you love me
    You don't have to say nothing
    You don't have to say you're mine]
    Of course it means that Louis doesn't have to say they're together to the public but it means too that THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER but Louis is not open..he is just not ready for it.


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    Sep 20th 2020 report

    i think this song is about louis. i know im probably going to get a lot of hate for saying this but its my opinion and you may have a different one, im not stopping you. ik in the song it says "brown skinned" and im still wondering what its about but besides that its definitely ab louis (in my opinion). there is a book called louis the fish, it was published in 1980 so the book did come first. from what ive heard, the character in the book is exactly like harry in the mv, in his pjs and stuff. idk too much ab it tho. but in the beginning they're both down the road of suicide and they save each other. at the end the fish and harry go different ways but he sees the fish again...he saw louis when louis sang on x factor for his mom. i think its ab louis for sure. thanks for listening to my ted talk lol xxx


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    May 17th 2020 report

    More related to the music video than the actual lyrics. However, in the music video at the beginning, Harry goes into the sea with rocks in his pockets, so he was trying to drown himself. The fish was also trying to commit suicide by jumping out of the water. Harry saved the fish and the fish saved Harry. The fine line album cover is seen through a fish eye lens, which reflects how we have saved Harry and made him into the amazing person he is today, and similarly he has saved us through his music.

    Not my idea but I've seen many people interpret it this way. So sad to think of it this way but at the same time it's extremely heartwarming and shows the power of our fandom! :)

  4. anonymous
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    Jul 17th, 20:33 report

    This song is about Harry and his relationship with the Music Industry / Hollywood Elite Illuminati / Satanists. The Illuminati recruited Harry at a young age, opened doors for him and even though Harry might not have the same belief system at the start, fish and human, the two formed a bond. The Music Industry Illuminati cult loved / loves Harry Styles. Harry is new blood to their organization and secrets. Some of the secrets are very dark, but Harry is appreciative, knows their dark side, adores them anyway, would walk through fire for them, be loyal, keep their secrets. The Music Industry cult of Satanists can really pour on the financial and other assistance to young artists they desire and that is a tough thing to turn down. The cult let Harry in. Harry adores them all, but the weight of it might be getting too big for Harry. Harry might be soon letting it all go, either in his mind or in reality.

  5. anonymous
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    May 2nd report

    I’ve never looked at this song as some kind of testament to gay forbidden love. To me it’s simply about someone who loves/ adores someone else. Walk through fire for you means that the person singing the song would do anything for the person that they love.

  6. anonymous
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    Apr 16th report

    So i know a lot of people say it's about louis, but i dont really know what this song is about itself but the music video basically means "There are so many fish in the sea, and i chose you" i think everyone has heard that, so if you think its about louis then okay but that's the meaning of the music video.

  7. anonymous
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    Apr 13th report

    Knock, knock
    Who's there?
    Oh, yeah, that's who I thought this song was about...
    -A Larrie by Heart

  8. anonymous
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    Mar 23rd report

    This songs its about Louis Tomlinson!
    About the MV, the story, one book called "louis the fish".
    In princess park Harry lived with Louis and he made Tacos for Louis and Louis said that was his favorite food, in the MV he gaves tacos for the fish, Louis.

  9. anonymous
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    Jan 28th report

    It's about Zayn his skin is brown and golden, his first album mind of mine has songs golden and she then harry styles album fine album has same golden and she name songs their lyrics are also similar!in Zayn's new mv vibez a green whale appaers but you all just blind!!

  10. anonymous
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    Sep 28th 2020 report

    I think that it could also be about One Direction, okay I know not everything relates to One Direction but hear me out.

    The fish and Harry in the mv brought each other happiness and then they split and realised that they were better off alone. But then they saw each other again before leaving each other for the last time.

    When One Direction was formed they were happy and you know enjoying life in a new way but over time they were overworked :( and a lot more so they separated and realised that they are happier doing solos rather then being in the band. They each got to experience what it was like and they got to create their own music they way they like and prefer. But they will get back together for a reunion (Where the fish and Harry see each other again) but they won't stay together. We already know from Liam that they have been talking and that he already wants to put a song in the reunion set list. But it can be assumed that they won't stay together because they are happier as solo artists than a band.

    This is just my interpretation of the mv..

  11. anonymous
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    Aug 21st 2020 report

    i think this song has a very deep meaning.
    i thought it was about louis at first, but after watching some videos i think its about zayn. just hear me out. i am a Larry though, but i think it can be about both zayn ( as friends ) and/or louis.

    in the beginning of the mv it shows that harry was going thru a very hard time in his life (suicide). it breaks my heart for him tho :(. anyways, the fish (Louis or zayn) saved each other. over time they became close, but finally in the end, it was time to let go. they had both found happiness and they were glad to see each other go and achieve great things.
    at the end of the mv tho, where the fish and harry go their own ways, he sees the fish again in the water, so I think that means he saw either Louis or zayn after the band breakup. idk if this really made sense but there's signs that it could be about Louis or zayn, like for zayn the map being green and yellow, the fish leaving him first, "brown skin and lemon over ice", etc. for Louis, a book called "Louis the fish" where the boy had a role exactly like harry, how the fish and harry wanted to be together but they couldn't, etc.
    these aren't my thoughts and I definitely did NOT notice these things, I read a bunch of comments on YouTube and watched some videos and this is how it all made sense to me. but honeslty speaking I really don't know who its about since there's sm proof for the both of them.

  12. anonymous
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    Aug 11th 2020 report

    This song and the mv for this have the same meaning. It is about a person he met. At first he thinks he can givenup his life for her, he can love her till his dying days but after sometime he realizes that they are not meant fro eachother. They cannot be with eachother and he needs to move on.

    The mv signifies that same thing. He meets a fush. At first he thinks that the fish is his everything. He wouldnt need anything if he can live with that fish but as time passes the fish starts growing bigger and bigger each day. He starts realizing that he cannot fulfill what the fish is beeding because the fish needs to be set free. At last, he leaves the fish at the ocean where other fishes are living. The fish finds its kind and he goes to find his.

    Its written about the early stage of infactuation where all of us feel like we can give up everything for a person but later realize we are not meant for wachother and move on.

    Sorry for my poor english. It is not my first language.

  13. HazzaSunshine2628
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    Jun 10th 2020 report

    I think this song is about how Harry wants to love Louis but management would not let the boys love eachother so Harry is saying to Louis to just let him love him. I do not know if i'm right but that is my thoughts

  14. anonymous
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    May 27th 2020 report

    I think the fish represents Louis,, hear me out. When they met, they were really close and loved each other romantically. But the management separated them (like how the fish lives in water and harry lives on land so they may never be together.But in the beginning, harry gets to swim with the fish in the ocean.) Then after a while, the management got tired of them being together (the glass breaks and the fish almost dies) so then harry is forced to let go of louis and be forced to date girls.

  15. anonymous
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    May 12th 2020 report

    This song is about love, in all forms. Some of the imagery (including a man loving a fish) shows how love matters and is legitimate no matter what. Personally, I see this song as a story about queer forbidden love. The line “walk in your rainbow paradise” particularly lends itself to this idea, in my opinion.

  16. anonymous
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    Apr 30th 2020 report

    Teeny-Bopper fantasy crush: Adore You' Lyrics

    Walk in your rainbow paradise
    Strawberry lipstick state of mind
    I get so lost inside your eyes
    Would you believe it?
    You don’t have to say love me
    You don’t have to say nothing
    You don’t have to say you’re mine

    Grown up intense, True Love : I’d walk through fire for you .
    ( Just being adored might get to be bit boring , but if you want the Teeny-Bopper thing ... I can do that ).

  17. anonymous
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    Feb 22nd 2020 report

    "Walked in your rainbow paradise" Harry met this person who was bright and interesting and colorful and maybe a bit gay cos rainbows. Harry isn't making them commit or say that they love him, maybe because he doesn't want to scare them off, but he just wants them to know how he feels about them and describes the bliss and joy of being with them.

    The music video tells a story of acceptance and embracing things that are different like people that smile or boys that like fish. It shows Harry being saved by meeting someone/thing from a different walk of life (or should I say, 'swim of life'? hahahahaha) that is struggling as much as he is and they save each other. And, finally, how sometimes you have to let things go to both move forward with your lives. Ofc his way of expressing this is more dramatic and... aquatic. I blame the mushrooms.

  18. anonymous
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    Jan 10th 2020 report

    The music video is a pretty obviously about being in the closet and seeing other gay people being persecuted but in coming out finding that most people will be behind you and I think the song is similar. The line "walked a fire for you" is talking about how gay people often face struggles just to be able to date and because of that it can hurt even more when you've gone through so much to make a relationship happen and it doesn't work out.

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