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Harry Styles: Only Angel Meaning

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Only Angel Lyrics

It was an angel
I really saw an angel
Open up your eyes, shut your mouth and see
That I'm still the only one who's been in love with me
I'll guess I'll be getting you stuck in between my teeth
And there's nothing I can do about it
Broke a...

  1. whore
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    Sep 16th 2021 !⃝

    its a sex song, a song you have sex too.
    its harry being a power bottom me thinks.
    and maybe just maybe its about himself? about how he thinks he is an angel idk, he is tho

  2. anonymous
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    Jul 20th 2021 !⃝

    The words Angel or Angels does not always mean something good in song lyrics, considering that the Music Industry is largely Satanic. Angels can refer to Fallen Angels, which are actually Demons. Harry Styles was recruited by the age old dark side of the Music Industry. I was worried about Harry when it happened. I thought to myself that Harry Styles might not survive working among Vampires. Harry Styles needed an Angel and I hoped that he had a real one. This song could be about one person, probably Kendall Jenner, or it could be about general symbolic Angels in the Entertainment Industry, who are no doubt not the good kind. The Beatles and The Rolling Stones bands members were / are practicing Satanists. Hollywood and the Music Industry are full of Satanists. The Duck Duck Go List of recent Gitmo arrests, indictments and executions does not include Kendall Jenner. All of the sisters of Kendall Jenner, however, made the List. Some of the women that Harry has dated are also on this List. Kendall Jenner might be the only non Satanist female in Entertainment associated with Harry Styles.

  3. anonymous
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    Feb 17th 2021 !⃝

    only angel is about kendall jenner!!!! firstly “only angel”, kendall is literally a victoria secret ANGEL!! next, “Couldn't you take home to mother in a skirt that short” there is no mention of a father figure which is obviously a hint towards caitlin jenner, and kendall was told off for wearing “inappropriate” things on kuwtk! “Told it to her brother and she told it to me” i think harry made a point of not mentioning kendall’s sisters as the kardashian/jenner sisters are one of the most famous in the world, sliding the brother lyric in there very subtly hints towards kendall and she obviously has a famous brother too, rob! i also think this song is very much a kendall vibe, especially when she dated LONG HAIR HARRY. no hate please, just my interpretation:)

  4. anonymous
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    Jan 14th 2019 !⃝

    Only angel is a song where harry is basically saying that he or she that he was in a relationship with was the one who did not help him out cause in the lyrics he said [shut your mouth and open your eyes I am still the only one in love with me ].so maybe he was in a relationship but the girl or boy in the relationship with him made it seem as if she or he was helping him through his problems but at the end of the day. He just want people to open there eyes and see but later he accomplished his problems and saying that the person he was in a relationship with was his only angel

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