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Harry Styles: Meet Me In The Hallway Meaning


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Song Released: 2017

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Meet me in the hallway
Meet me in the hallway
I just left your bedroom,
Give some morphine.
Is there anymore to do?

Just let me know
I’ll be at the door,at the door.
Hoping you’d come around.
Just let me know
I’ll be on the...


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    Jan 22nd, 1:13am report

    I think the whole album is about Harry & Louis and both of them are protecting each other, because they both know they caused the 'Larry' conspiracy themselves. Not the fans.

    Its common that the first solo album is going to be about 'what he or she has gone through' the first solo album is the personal one.

    There are thousands of photos that are fake, I am aware of this. But there are a few that are genuine


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    Nov 8th, 11:21pm report

    i think the song is about loosing someone due to death. it makes sense when he refers the the morphine because of the amount of pain that one goes though while they are dying. he wants to numb their pain for he can finally numb his pain. when he says meet me in the hallway its like waiting outside the door of a hospital room if they ever need something he will be there for them. i think it means that because of something personal that i went through. the song to me isn't about breakup but a different heart break that someone goes that just has to do with lose and grief.


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    Jun 19th, 2018 6:52am report

    It is known that Harry and Louis used to meet in the hallway before/after/even in the middle of interveiws, even if they were supposed to be in the interview denying Larry.
    It was kind of their little secret means of comfort, saying they would meet each other in the hallway where they didnt have to hide, they would be out and away from the media, free to comfort and love each other.

    When it says "Give me some morphine, is there any more to do" It appears to be a reference to Harry metaphorically needing painkillers to go on denying his love and hiding all the time, is there any more interviews or lying he has to do?

    "Just let me know I'll be at the door" If they said "meet me in the hallway, that's all they would have to let each other know to exit and be there for each other.

    He then turns sadder, saying he hopes the person will even come to the hallway to meet Harry anymore, saying he will be on the floor, but still hoping they could work it out. He is saying things have to get better, and he has to get better, and then he hopes they can work it out. It is speculated that this relates to when H and L were rumored to have broken up after they both seemed quite sad and distant on the band's 4th trip to Australia. Harry even said in an interview there his self esteem had been lowering, this line could be a reference to that too, saying he has to get better and feel better about himself, and THEN they can start trying to work out the relationship that ended.

    "I walked the streets all day,Running with the thieves, Cause you left me in the hallway" Could be a reference to after the split, Harry ma have turned to others or flings, trying to kindle a romance elsewhere, complying with the rumor-starters and thieves that are the media in his image, all because he is broken that his love left him in the hallway, and left him altogether.

    He then goes back to saying he will still be there for L and meet him in the hallway if he ever needs him, and he still hopes they can get better and rework things out.

    In the end he says "We don't talk about it, it's something we don't do. Cause once you go without it, Nothing else will do" This is similar to the reference H makes about L in Sweet Creature where he shares that in the past it has been difficult for them to talk through things due to their mutual stubbornness, it's something they don't do. Going without louis by his side, he realized nobody or nothing could ever take his place.


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    Aug 29th, 2017 8:55am report

    I think Harry is using a drug addicion as a metaphor for the pain of breaking the habit of being with the person who broke up with you. He wants to get back with her just like an addict want the drugs. He ends with "once you go without it nothing else will do" because its the most emotional and working comparison. Once you go without "that one person" or the drug, no other drug or person will help you get around it.


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    Aug 12th, 2017 8:06pm report

    It's about drugs.


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    Aug 11th, 2017 8:13pm report

    [Meet me in the hallway
    Meet me in the hallway]
    - could perhaps be referencing a middle ground, a compromise of opinions perhaps. the hallway could mean a middle - as in an option that satisfies both parties of the relationship.
    [I just left your bedroom
    Give me some morphine]
    - an activity in the bedroom has caused immense pain to the writer. this perhaps could be where the break up has occurred, and it is their last time of seeing eachother.
    [Is there any more to do?]
    - hinting at a sense of desperation. the writer is desperate to save what has been broken, and is blaming himself, asking 'what else can i do?'

    [Just let me know I'll be at the door, at the door
    Hoping you'll come around]
    - the writer is saying he will be waiting for the opposite party in the relationship to change his/her mind.
    [Just let me know I'll be on the floor, on the floor
    Maybe we'll work it out]
    - implication here is that the writer still has hope, and intends to hold on to this.
    [I gotta get better, gotta get better
    I gotta get better, gotta get better
    I gotta get better, gotta get better
    And maybe we'll work it out]
    - the writer is blaming himself. by saying 'gotta get better', he's essentially saying he needs to improve himself in order to save the relationship.


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    Jun 14th, 2017 6:25pm report

    Harry Styles's meet me in the hallway represents him leaving his ex but he wants his ex to ask him to stay. He is referring to meet me in the hallway as for them to ask him to stay and to not leave. He also wants for them to open up to him. Whenever he said " cause you left me in the hallway " , his ex abandoned him in his time of need. He wants to take the pain away with the morphine (from the beginning of song) because he is hurt that they have left him when he needed them the most.

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