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Melanie Martinez: Crybaby Meaning

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Crybaby Lyrics

They call you Crybaby, Crybaby, but you don't f***ing care.

They call you Crybaby, Crybaby, so you laugh through your tears.


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    Oct 15th, 2017 10:58pm report

    It's saying cry or do whatever you want no one should judge you for being you they think you are weak but only a weak person would hold in their feelings because if you show you aren't afraid to be laughed at or made fun of you are so strong but everyone else has their own opinion this is just mine❤️


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    Mar 24th, 2018 3:48pm report

    This song is about assholes who cant understand that people go through shit behind closed doors making fun of them because there emotions cant be held any longer.


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    Feb 23rd, 2:38pm report

    Crybaby is constantly teased for being a 'crybaby', but doesn't care. She learned how to laugh through her tears, and chooses to let her tears drown. She lost all her friends, but tells herself it's them, not her. No one understands; she'll just pour it out before she can explain. But she doesn't care, and just cries.


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    Feb 5th, 2:18pm report

    Crybaby is about Melanie's character named Crybaby. She's a strong and sensitive girl. Crybaby gets made fun of for being a crybaby but she doesn't care what they say.

    In the Crybaby music video they show how Crybaby gets her name. Her brother is the one who named her cause her mom complained about Crybaby being a crybaby when she was first born. So her brother thought that his mom's complaint was suppose to be his sister's name and wrote Crybaby on her birth certificate. Crybaby had a rough childhood. She had a mom who was always drunk. And was bullied for being a crybaby.

    Melanie gave her character the name Crybaby cause when she was a kid she was called a crybaby.


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    Dec 14th, 12:25am report

    Everyone kinda knows that this song is Crybaby's backstory. If you don't know who Crybaby is she's Melanie's made-up character. Crybaby was probably bullied a lot and teased for being who she is.

    Crybaby is also pretty lonely and no one understands her at all. The phrase "I look at you and I see myself, and I know you better then anyone else, and I have the same facuet in my eyes, so your tears are mine!" Probably means Melanie's connection to her character, Crybaby. And Crybaby is also pretty based off Melanie's life and childhood.

    Another thing is like all of Melanie's songs are about Crybaby. And if you listen to more of her songs you'll understand more of Crybaby. Like "Dollhouse" for example explains Crybaby's family and how she had a bad childhood.


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    Dec 13th, 12:30pm report

    This song is suppose to be Crybaby's backstory. How she was bullied for being sensitive but she never cared. This also how her backstory developed.


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    Sep 16th, 2019 9:52pm report

    I believe that this song is about a girl who is sensitive,making her being made fun of worse. She tries to hold back her tears every time,but lets them out anyways. Don't hold it in,let it out don't keep emotions in.


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    Jun 23rd, 2019 6:35am report

    For me crybaby is about being bullied by everyone for being emotion and she is a badass at not giving a fuck about others opinions ..
    But sometimes the bullied gets into her yet she tries to consult herself in her lyrics she says that her friends left her but she says to herself that it's not because of u it's because of them ...for me I feel like the main thing here is people r bullied for having emotions for feeling sad and crying but here Melanie is telling that being emotional is not a factor and I think she means that you can be emotional and cry but still be strong . I feel that crybaby here is the strongest since she cries to pour out her feelings yet manages to be happy despite all that bullies and not give a fuck to them


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    Feb 10th, 2019 2:25pm report

    Crybaby is about a girl who is bullied and teased by everyone. It’s also the beginning and backstory of the crybaby album.


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    Nov 28th, 2018 11:58pm report

    This song is about Cry Baby. Simple as that. It introduces Melanie Martinez's character Cry Baby. Her and her story are further developed in some of her other songs (Dollhouse, Sippy Cup, Alphabet Boy, etc.)


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    Apr 4th, 2018 4:50am report

    crybaby is about a character named crybaby who is constantly mistreated and taunted by her mother and has had emotional scarring as a result of this. leading to her having no friends as in the lyric "you're all on your own and you lost all your friends, you told yourself that its not you its them". crybaby is the base of all the other songs/stories on the album... kind of like her backstory.


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    Jan 22nd, 2018 1:26pm report

    This song says that a girl named Crybaby has been made fun of and mistreated by her alcoholic mother. She sees that her friend is like her and tries to help push past the hate and push to the good side with her friend.


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    Nov 12th, 2017 11:30am report

    It's about Melanie being depressive. She's made fun of for being emotional, but she meets someone who's as weak and lonely as her. She sings about how the pair of them hate everyone else, but she follows her friend's lead and tries to ignore the bullies.


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    Nov 10th, 2017 11:07pm report

    This song is introducing crybaby, a girl who feels uncomfortable and crazy.


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    Aug 12th, 2017 8:24pm report

    This is about being overly emotional about everything. Lots of people look at being emotional as a weakness, but Melanie wanted it to be a strength, a compliment. So Cry Baby is about someone who is very emotional, but she doesn't care. (Also, the Cry Baby Album as a whole is about being comfortable with being insane.)


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    Aug 7th, 2017 8:39pm report

    I think the song 'crybaby' means to not take things so hard on yourself and you shouldn't let others take you down!


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    Jul 13th, 2017 7:09pm report

    She is a little girl who has a big heart that's taken advantage of.

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