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Melanie Martinez: Mad Hatter Meaning


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Mad Hatter Lyrics

My friends don't walk they run.
Skinny dip in rabbit holes for fun.
Poppin', poppin' balloons with guns.
Gettin' high off helium.
We paint white roses red.
Each shade from a different person's head.
This dream, dream is a killer,...


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    Mar 30th, 2018 3:45pm report

    I have a mental illness as well, so I understand the feeling of being a crazy person, and being very different from society. The normal people scare her because they cannot relate and they are trying to make her be someone else. There are many Alice in Wonderland references, that make sense as everyone there is crazy and makes her feel better. I do have depression/anxiety so this song is my favorite and is personally relatable. Thx 4 reading


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    Mar 18th, 2017 3:25pm report

    It's about Crybaby finally finding her clique,people who are just like her. She came from a broken home surrounded by madness so she kinda accepted her own craziness and embraced her crazy side.
    She finds normal people scary and that's a metafore for non-conformism and not fitting in with what's considered normal. Melanie herself actually is kinda "on the crazy side" so she decided to put it into lyrics...and nailed it :)


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    Feb 9th, 2017 2:46pm report

    Crybaby is finally excepting who she is. She doesn't care if people don't accept her she will just remember she is crazy, insane, and emotional. She was always afraid to tell people things but now she can step out of her comfort zone.


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    Oct 3rd, 10:24am report

    It’s basically about how Crybaby is different from the others. In the music vid, all of Crybaby’s friends from K-12 appear round her bed. They touch her or something (I forgot) and she has a dream about some kind of big furry teletubbies that would help and save her no matter what. Also, they were a bit crazy. (All the ‘crazy’ stuff in the music video represents how Crybaby and her friends-to-be are different from the others, they have special powers and they can see the world how it really is, this is shown in Drama Club from K-12
    It’s the last song in Melanie’s first album, and it’s about Crybaby realising she’s different, and in the music vid, it’s probably the night before Crybaby’s first day of school.

    Have a nice day/night!


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    Jul 23rd, 7:50am report

    I think that Melanie is trying to express her and friends she’s had, some just like her(crazy in the best way ever) and normal people(in a sense kinda like Barbie dolls) I had a friend named Carly once and she was “perfect” but then I realized she was actually a bully in a costume. Then I met my bestie Claire, she is just like me! Crazy in the best way possible. We have sometimes been made fun of for being ourselves and expressing what we like and I think this song encourages to be unique! Because like I always say “the only sense of true perfection is being your true self”


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    Jul 19th, 7:16pm report

    I think that normal people scare her because they tease her and that is what scares her then she says 'The crazies, they make me feel sane.' because they understand her so they make her feel normal (in her own way of course).


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    May 15th, 5:13pm report

    Short simple answer: She is insane and finally found people like her. Hopefully this was a bit helpful even tho it was short.


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    May 7th, 5:49pm report

    Crybaby doesn't fit with society's "normals" and made friends with people who are also "crazy" in society's eyes and is embracing her true self now


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    May 5th, 5:10pm report

    To me Melanie Martinez is trying to say that she feels like she is in a wonderland kind of like the one Alice was in in Alice and Wonderland. She most likely was feeling that she wasn’t in the real world as you can say, but in an imaginary trap-like world. Also she feels as if her mind is not right or not thinking right. This song is confusing, but listen to it a few times and try to understand what is going on.


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    Apr 23rd, 2020 4:03pm report

    she feels crazy and that sane people are boring. people tell the docter "something is wrong". she feels judged? but her friends are just as crazy as her so she doesn't feel as weird around them. "the normals" make her feel afraid because they're out to get her. that's just what i got. probably wrong tho


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    Apr 16th, 2020 4:00pm report

    so, people keep saying that you shouldn't pretend to be crazy, but honestly, if you can actually listen to this song , Mad Hatter, then you are already up there. You don't need a psychiatrist to tell you that you are crazy. You already are in sinc if you are happy and giddy with this song. Im scared to go to a counselor because I don't want to be judged, and I don't want my secrets found out. many people are like that. so don't get upset if another Mad Hatter is just being quiet about it, because its what a lot of people end up being like and it's also whats the smart thing to do. If you'd rather not be in a psyche ward, just saying. so peace.


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    Mar 30th, 2020 3:35am report

    I think that this is not necessarily from Melanie's point of view. It's a song about going insane, yes, or maybe already being insane, but Melanie has a specific kind of branding. She's the one with the creepy, childlike songs with lyrics that make you stop and think. She could be writing from a character's perspective, or even someone she knows personally. I'm not ruling out the possibility that it's from hers, but it seems unlikely. If you want to dig deeper, listen to the lyrics of all her songs. They paint a sort of picture in your mind of a, shall we say,dystopian world. They touch on subjects like abuse (Dollhouse,Tag You're It) and wistfulness, (Teddy Bear, Training Wheels) along with more critical commentaries (Milk and Cookies, Mrs. Potato Head) and narratives, like this one, on her own craziness. (Basically all of her songs) This song, is, obviously, open to interpretation, which is why we're here. But personally, I find it to be the story of a girl who tried. She really did. She wanted to fit in, of course, and so she tried. She did her part. But no matter how prettied up she got herself, no matter how many parties she went to, she was still just what she always was. The Mad Hatter.


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    Mar 19th, 2020 3:01pm report

    This song about a person who is mentally ill with references to Alice in Wonderland.


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    Feb 26th, 2020 2:53am report

    I think this song is about being proud and taking ownership of having a mental illness. Telling yourself it's okay to be insane. The song even references mental illness. In the song's lyrics it goes "I'm peeling the skin off my face" which I know picking at and peeling large portions of skin off one's body is part of a certain mental illness called Excoriation Disorder, a form of OCD. I, as a person who suffers from anxiety, depression, and what I think to be OCD (not the Excoriation kind) can relate to this song. It's hard to think about mental illness as a good thing when it separates you from others, but it really helps to listen to this song telling me it's okay to be different, even if others think I'm crazy.
    Also this song references Alice In Wonderland with the "blue Caterpillar", "skinny dip in rabbit holes", "we paint white roses red", and "you could be Alice and I could be the Mad Hatter," lines. Even the part where Melanie sings, "So what if I'm crazy, all the best people are," is a part of Alice In Wonderland that may not be as well remembered, where the Mad Hatter apologizes in a way for being crazy and Alice tells him that that's alright, saying "all the best people are". In the world of Alice In Wonderland everything and everyone is crazy, and Alice herself is just hallucinating the whole thing. A few characters can actually be linked to certain disorders, such as the Mad Hatter, while not stated, clearly suffers from Bipolar Disorder.
    Sadly, since Melanie Martinez is part of the mainstream, many people will listen to the song and pretend to be crazy or insane when they're really not. Please don't do this, you don't know how crushing it is to witness people singing along to music with lyrics like this, being like "yeah, I'm crazy" when there's nothing wrong with their brains but there is with mine. It's like a kick in a face to me. This is a great song to make people with mental illness feel understood but it's not fun when someone pretend to be crazy when they're not. You don't know what goes on in my head, the struggles that go on every single day. You really don't want to be like this. Don't pretend to be.
    All in all, this song is about Cry Baby accepting her craziness. This song is really inspirational for people suffering mental illness but can inspire anyone to be themselves.


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    Feb 23rd, 2020 2:18am report

    Crybaby is accepting that she's crazy, and is no longer afraid to tell anyone this. There are a lot of Alice in Wonderland references (rabbit holes, blue caterpillar, we paint white roses red,) which fits because everyone is crazy there. Crybaby has found her place, and has embraced her insane side.


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    Jan 27th, 2020 1:24am report

    Crybaby/Melanie is accepting he insanity and is not afraid to tell people she’s crazy ,she’s saying she’s not sane and the others may think she’s weird for that. Like”The friends don’t walk they run” they were fake friends to her and never cared about her. Or like”So what if I’m crazy, All the best people are” it’s referring to people not sane and how they don’t care about what others say, She values those people for not giving a f*** in the world about that. And others shouldn’t care either.


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    Jan 23rd, 2020 1:58pm report

    I think maybe Melanie really liked Alice In Wonderland growing up, and also wanted to create a song about being crazy and it’s okay, so maybe she put a movie she loved with being crazy but needing to accept it into the song Mad Hatter.

    Thats why there are some Alice In Wonderland “references” like “Skinny Dip In Rabbit Holes For Fun” since Alice fell into the rabbit hole

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Dec 14th, 2019 12:19am report

    I feel like this song is part 2 of Crybaby. How Crybaby was suffering in the past and now she's finally being herself and doesn't mind being crazy anymore.

    And the phrase "So what if I'm crazy, the best people are" me and that she's good for being crazy. And she just doesn't care what other people think about her. She kinda uses the Mad Hatter as a reference to her craziness. The Mad Hatter in "Alice in Wonderland" is crazy and mad.

    It also says how Crybaby's world is like wonderland. How everybody is like Alice for thinking she's crazy. But she doesn't care and continues to be crazy.

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