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Melanie Martinez: Tag You're It Meaning


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Tag You're It Lyrics

Looking at me through your window
Boy, you had your eye out for a little
"I'll cut you up and make you dinner
You've reached the end, you are the winner"

Rolling down your tinted window
Driving next to me real slow, he said,
"Let me...


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    Oct 27th 2022 report

    This is my theory:

    Crybaby (Melanie) was going to get ice cream (because every kid loves ice cream!) and she’s unattended. The wolf, in the van, basically takes advantage of Crybaby’s trust and kidnaps her. However, she’s made her song reference the famous childhood game “tag”, and when it says “he pushed me down, took the words right out my mouth” it could be referencing the fact that she was gagged and possibly something sexual took place. The rest of the song, taking place in what seems to be a basement where Crybaby is being held, shows things like victims cries for help that are ignored. And at the end, she escapes, or at least thinks she does (the poisons either knocked her out or made her woozy enough to have these hallucinations) until the wolf comes back and she realises she’s still there. It obviously continues into milk and cookies. Sorry i’m bad at explaining lol but thanks so much for reading!!! <33


    #2 top rated interpretation:
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    Jul 28th 2018 report

    I think that Tag You’re It is about rape/sexual assault. In the first part of the lyrics, the “boy” in the lyrics seems to be stalking and trying to lure Melanie. In the chorus, there’s one line that says “he chased me and he wouldn’t stop”, which could refer to the persistence of rapists. “He” also pushes Melanie down according to the lyrics, which further suggests that it’s some sort of sexual assault. In addition, two lines start with “can anybody hear me”, which may refer to how people don’t hear the cries of help from the victims, or ignore them because they don’t want to be involved. There’s also a line further in the song that says, “if she screams don’t let her go”, which could suggest rapists continuing their actions despite the victim’s screaming.

    To play tag, someone has to be ‘it’. If they touch/‘catch’ someone else and say “tag, you’re it”, that someone else would be ‘it’. Talking about rape/sexual assault through tag would mean that the rapist is ‘it’ and they’re trying to catch the victim to rape them.


    #3 top rated interpretation:
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    Aug 7th 2019 report

    like many others i believe the wolf is a child sex offender. i believe melanie might have used the wolf as the predator because in the original little red riding hood, the big bad wolf asked red to take off all of her clothes and lay in bed with him, and the author (Charles Perrault i think) said that young girls should be wary of “wolves” (an innuendo for child predators.) idk just a theory though, she might have just used a wolf because it’s a scary animal. I also think the wolf is not only a rapist, but a metaphor for an adult taking away a child’s innocence. After this video, it seems that Crybaby is no longer a child anymore and the songs deal with more adult themes.

  4. anonymous
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    Apr 9th report

    It is about rape and assault and how women are never heard when they cry for help and the phrase I quote “ running through the parking lot he chased me and he wouldn’t stop” refers to kids or women being chased and held against there will

  5. anonymous
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    Mar 14th 2023 report

    As someone who has got chased and tried to scream while getting kidnapped I can relate to this. So basically,
    What I think happened is.
    She was just walking around then this guy was in his car looking at her through his window for a long time to admire her , then a sexual thing he says is “Ill cut you up and make you dinner” then he says he has candy for her then when she refuses and tries to get away he chases her then they go into a parking lot and then she’s running and wolf is running too. She screams for help then he grabbed her head and pushed her down then took the words out of her mouth which were tag you're it tag tag you’re it , now she still tries to yell for help “ Can anybody hear me when I’m hidden underground?can anybody hear me , am I talking to my self?” Then she was still trying then she bit him then something sexual he says which makes him seem obsessive “I love it when I hear you breathing, I hope to god you’re never leaving..” Then when she says “If she screams don’t let her go” he probably got hold of her but she started screaming and maybe trying to run, so he just held tighter. Then she says “Your mother said to pick the very best girl ,and I am” then she starts saying words more angerly or scaredly to make it feel like she was repeating it in her head over and over again. Anyways that’s my theory hope you enjoyed!

  6. anonymous
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    Jan 8th 2023 report

    Being about Rape or Sexual Assault. It is a song with a nice cover, dark background. Some people will relate to it deeply. It focuses on the more horrid part of Sexual harassment. Being chased or trapped. Unable to speak. No one to tell. Being manipulated that it's normal. Most men get away with it without consequence. a very deep, and for some, relatable song.

  7. anonymous
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    Jun 19th 2022 report

    I think it's pretty clear that this song is about kidnapping. The Big Bad Wolf (kidnapper) is an ice cream man who saw Cry Baby (victim) and decided that she was a perfect target. So he poisons her with the ice cream, and she passes out, so he puts her in his truck.

  8. anonymous
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    Jan 19th 2022 report

    I personally think it is just about being kidnapped but maybe about sexual assault I have no idea if that is true you would have to ask Melanie. It could be about her, they said she has been raped. That's all I know.

  9. anonymous
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    Jul 28th 2021 report

    I think it is about sexual assault because as everyone was saying there is a wolf chasing her and he grabs her hand and pins her down then takes the words right out my mouth so she could be being raped there and at the very beginning it say “boy you have your eye out for a little" some was watching her and also it mentioned something about tinted windows so that possibly means that in the van or truck no one could see her and that she would be raped or something even worse but then in ,milk and cookies she gets given poison to kill the wolf because he forces her to make them and then she escapes. I think this is teaching children to always be careful and maybe not go out on your own if your not that responsible or prepared for something to happen like this

  10. Interpertations2
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    Apr 22nd 2021 report

    This song is about a girl who was being chased by a rapist and the part where she sings "I scream but nobody can hear me" she is talking about how she screams and no one hears her or just don't want to help because of the world we live in they might think that she was messing around. But that isn't true if I heard something like that as a fellow girl I would have help her in any way I could because men think that girls are just their little toys that they can play with and then just forget about that "toy". Men can't just go around hurting girls and she is expressing how she feels about all that and if you like this interpretation please like this and this is my first interpretation I really hope you like this.

  11. anonymous
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    Mar 8th 2021 report

    Like how others are stating it, it is about rape and pedophilia and how some men and women kidnapped kids and others that are their age or young and kill them or rape them. She talks about how when people try to run away they get caught sometimes having no escape. She also states that even if you cry or try to scream for help, some won’t here u. It comes to a point where the lyrics say “little bit of poison in me”, which we can all agree that who ever kidnapped her put poison in her. The wolf who seems to be her kidnapper then say “I hope to god your never leaving”, again that succeeds my thought that he wants Melanie to stay with him so he could do something later on. In the middle-ending of the video we see a women in the store with black eyes just like Melanie when in her class fight video. Can u guess who that is?. Yeah! It’s her friend. The seem to be women gives Melanie a bottle of what looks like poison. After Melanie was kidnapped she uses the poison and puts it in the cookie dough for the wolf in the music video Cookies and Milk. It gets to the point where the wolf ends up dying from the poison which reminded me or when that brat boy died in Game of thrones. So the main topic about this video is to show young teenagers and kids that pedophiles are real and if your not careful..it’s over. Hi thanks for reading this I just had nothing else better to do but share my opinion with y’all. Anyways hope u enjoyed reading byeee <3

  12. anonymous
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    Feb 25th 2021 report

    If you wanna see the real meaning of this song go to http://melanie-martinez.wikia.com/wiki/Tag,_You're_It. But my interpretation of this song is that after her pity party from the literal song Pity Party, she throws away her decorations as seen in the video and she goes to the store and the cashier gives her (crybaby) the poison because she sees the wolf and already knows his plan because maybe she's seen it happen before. I don't 100% believe this is a rape or sexual assault story but knowing and hearing him chasing her and the line that says "your mother said to choose the best girl and i am" makes me think he has a very big crush and now that she's single he wants to shoot his shot but doesn't know how but then he ends up kidnapping her. In the song Milk and Cookies, Crybaby remembers the poison the cashier gave her and gives him the poisoned milk and cookies and kills him. Correct me if i'm wrong lol. Also don't take this serious i'm in seventh grade and i really love her music ^^.

  13. anonymous
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    Jan 22nd 2021 report

    It is about a rape survivor. Melanie says her chased me and he wouldn't stop indicating rape. In cookies and milk she poisons him and escapes.

  14. anonymous
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    Jan 21st 2021 report

    i think this song is about sexual assault and rape. i think Martinez was trying to show what sexual assault is like. you don't have a choice when someone decides to try and kidnap you or rape you. you can only hope that it never happens to you. it is a horrible thing to have to live through. it's horrible when you get "released" and everyone knows what happened to you, but it's even worse when people don't know what you went through.

  15. anonymous
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    Mar 11th 2020 report

    It’s about how she got kidnapped as a kid or and they did something bad to her. It is so clear that when she is looking for help and no one will help her when it says that she is “screaming for help” and she is under ground means that she was trapped and she couldn’t get out.

  16. anonymous
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    Feb 23rd 2020 report

    The Wolf kidnaps Crybaby and takes her underground (which he probably had planned). Crybaby cries for help, but no one can hear her. This talks about how kidnappers will chase their victims until they catch them, and not let them go, no matter how much they scream.

  17. anonymous
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    Feb 15th 2020 report

    "Looking at me through your window Boy, you had your eye out for a little" She has a stalker.
    "Driving next to me real slow, he said 'Let me take you for a joyride I've got some candy for you inside.'" He's trying to kidnap her.
    "Running through the parking lot He chased me and he wouldn't stop Grabbed my hand, pushed me down Took the words right out my mouth"He's raping her.
    "Little bit of poison in me I can taste your skin in my teeth" hes putting his eggplant in her mouth.

  18. anonymous
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    Jan 18th 2020 report

    It's about kidnapping and abusing like crybaby got kidnapped by wolf then raped her.

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