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Melanie Martinez: Dollhouse Meaning

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Dollhouse Lyrics

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Hey girl, open the walls, play with your dolls
We'll be a perfect family.
When you walk away, is when we really play
You don't hear me when I say,
"Mom, please wake up.
Dad's with a slut, and your son is smoking cannabis."

No one...


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    Jun 30th, 2016 6:58pm report

    Dollhouse can be what you make of it. A lot of people said that Dollhouse was creepy and that this isn't pop music because nobody writes songs like that.
    But in reality, Melanie was portraying what almost all first world families look like today: broken and selfish. Mommy's an alcoholic, Daddy's a slut and her brother smokes cannabis.
    She's the only one who can be possibly classified as a perfect doll... But even she has flaws.
    This is basically saying that all humans are like dolls: we act like perfect barbies but nobody's actually perfect. Putting on two pounds of dolly makeup will not change that.


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    Jan 18th, 2018 1:25pm report

    This song is about the face you put on for the world versus your true colors. The little girl represents the outside world. When the little girl comes up to play with them, they have to assume their plastic form, and pretend to be the perfect dolls the girl expects them to be. In reality, when the little girl (society) is looking away, everyone in this perfect family reveals their flaws. The mother is an alcoholic, the dad is unfaithful, and the son smokes cannabis. Then, there’s cry baby. She wants the perfect family so badly, but can’t seem to pull everyone to together. For instance, “mom, please wake up, dads with a slut, and your son is smoking cannabis” cry baby wants her dad to be faithful to mom, and for her brother to sober up, and thinks her mom can fix anything, somewhat oblivious to the fact that moms not sleeping, she’s passed out from all the alchohol. Sry for the long post


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    Jun 11th, 2017 6:31am report

    They think that crybaby has the perfect life (e.g. big house, pretty clothes ext..) but they don't see what actually happens.

    No one ever listens, (they think she has such a perfect life so they don't think she's serious?? Idk)
    the wallpaper glistens,
    Don't let them see what goes down in the kitchen (possibly being abused)

    Hey girl, look at my mom,
    She's got it going on, ha, you're blinded by her jewellery,
    Uh oh, She's heading to the attic,
    Plastic, go back to being plastic
    (Go back to being plastic could mean go back to being normal and perfect and uh oh, She's heading to the attic could mean that she's hidden her alcohol to try and make her stop drinking, idk)

    She's trying to fix her family on her own but it's not working, or she's had enough of being abused (one day they'll see what goes down in the kitchen, meaning that her voice will eventually be heard)

    Idk but this is kinda what I gathered form the song, it's probably all wrong but idrc


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    Oct 5th, 10:24pm report

    I think it refers to the so-called popular people or bullies. Everyone thinks that the popular people are perfect and think of them as nothing less. In all reality, everyone has there flaws but for some people, it is hard to show. As for bullies, no one thinks that they have any feelings because they hurt people. In all reality, they hurt others because they have been hurt themselves. The part "Picture picture smile for the picture" may be referring to society. Everyone wants to look happy on the outside when they're dying on the inside.


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    Sep 29th, 9:33am report

    This is the theme song for the dilaurnetis family in pretty little liars. lol


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    Jul 7th, 7:13pm report

    I think this song is about how rich families are always perceived as being perfect etc, when in reality, they are usually the most broken family wise. They always have to act perfect because this is what people expect them to be like when I’m realty behind closed doors, they’re fucked up. Simple as that;(


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    Jul 2nd, 7:39pm report

    I honestly think ‘dollhouse’ means that even though people may act perfect, down inside they’re dying or are completely imperfect.
    Another meaning could be that she is trying to make a song relevant to everyday families. Many aren’t perfect, but if they seem like they are, that you need to look down deeper in a person or some people.


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    Jun 28th, 6:03pm report

    i think dollhouse really talks about hidden secrets in ourselves i mean no one is really perfect but people really dont look hard enough to see we all are behind closedoors or behind a mask doing things that one day will come to the light and we will regret it.


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    Jun 19th, 6:51am report

    So basically what I think is that is explaining her problems at home, like her mom being an alcoholic because dad is cheating on her. But to everyone else on the "outside" they get along perfectly and are a well behaved family. Which is the basic of the song.


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    Jun 14th, 6:19pm report

    so basically crybaby is about how crybaby's emotional and how no one understands her so they make fun of and call her names. dollhouse describes why she's so emotional and what that thing is about her that's no one understands. they make fun of her because they think she's perfect and just a crybaby. she tells us that she is in fact not perfect.


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    Jun 1st, 6:45pm report

    I think this song is about mental illness. “Everyone thinks that we’re perfect, please don’t let them look through the curtains” means that’s she’s trying to be normal on the outside but on the inside she’s falling apart. Her dads a cheater, her mums an alcoholic, and her brothers a stoner. She’s just trying to get through this but she doesn’t want people to know so she puts on an act of perfect. “Everyone thinks that we’re perfect” She’s putting on the perfect doll act to get through her sad and broken life.


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    May 24th, 5:13pm report

    She needs that, she raped tim..


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    May 24th, 5:10pm report

    If you look at crybaby at bit more, you'll see why her dad cheats, her mom drinks, and her brother is a stoner.


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    Mar 4th, 2018 3:26am report

    there's a lot question in my mind in this song specially the line "Don't Let Them See What Goes Down The Kitchen" part..seriously it's creepy..and i'm thingking 'maybe it's gory down the kitchen or maybe no'


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    Jan 22nd, 2018 1:30pm report

    I think that the song talks about how your family will act all spotless of problems and flaws around everyone else in life, while in the real world or the Dollhouse (Your own home), they act terrible. Cry Baby just wants a better family. As you look at the videos of the other songs in the Cry Baby album and listen to the music, you start to see that the way she acts is more because of her 'Picture perfect' family.


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    Jan 1st, 2018 1:54pm report

    I think it means you act like a perfect family outside of the house And around people but when your not around people you are totally different


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    Jan 1st, 2018 1:54pm report

    I think it means you act like a perfect family outside of the house And around people but when your not around people you are totally different


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    Dec 26th, 2017 12:09am report

    I believe that this song is about a girl who tried to be perfect. The whole time her and her family put on a facade of being a beautiful, perfect family that doesn't have any problems, when in actuality, they have many. As for the part about opening her walls, I think that she's saying that you shouldn't hide who you are in order to be a perfect doll.

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