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Melanie Martinez: Dollhouse Meaning

Dollhouse Lyrics

Hey girl, open the walls, play with your dolls
We'll be a perfect family.
When you walk away, is when we really play
You don't hear me when I say,
"Mom, please wake up.
Dad's with a slut, and your son is smoking cannabis."

No one...


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    May 11th, 2016 5:37pm report

    this song just shows how perfect some families can look but behind closed doors how bad things can be. using the little dolls point of view helps you see how a parent or parents can be as about as fake as a plastic doll is.


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    Jan 18th, 2018 1:25pm report

    This song is about the face you put on for the world versus your true colors. The little girl represents the outside world. When the little girl comes up to play with them, they have to assume their plastic form, and pretend to be the perfect dolls the girl expects them to be. In reality, when the little girl (society) is looking away, everyone in this perfect family reveals their flaws. The mother is an alcoholic, the dad is unfaithful, and the son smokes cannabis. Then, there’s cry baby. She wants the perfect family so badly, but can’t seem to pull everyone to together. For instance, “mom, please wake up, dads with a slut, and your son is smoking cannabis” cry baby wants her dad to be faithful to mom, and for her brother to sober up, and thinks her mom can fix anything, somewhat oblivious to the fact that moms not sleeping, she’s passed out from all the alchohol. Sry for the long post


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    May 6th, 2017 5:09pm report

    Basically, it's about people saying "Oh, look how perfect your family are!!" or "I wish I could be as perfect as you!!". But behind closed doors, her father is a cheater, her brother smokes cannabis probably to take stress away, and her mother probably turned to drugs and alchohal after finding out her husband is a cheater. She probably doesn't want to interfere with her husband, there is a possibly he is abusive? Crybaby is the only person in her family of 4 who kept their perfect status.


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    Jan 6th, 1:23pm report

    This is how familys can be perfect looking and perfect or perfect looking but terrible. The lyric "When you walk away it's when we really play" is how the little girl doesn't see what happens in the world because she is to young. In K-12 Crybaby says "I wished my mom wasn't passed out right now, so she could at least drive me to the bus stop" is how much the mom drinks alcohol. On the lyric "Mom, please wake up. Dad's with a sl*t and your son is smoking cannabis" is how much Crybaby's older brother smokes and how Crybaby's dad cheats on Crybaby's mom with other woman.


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    Dec 2nd, 12:29pm report

    In the song, the family is putting on a "mask" and acting perfect. The reality is far from that. Crybaby's mom is an alcoholic, Crybaby's dad cheats on her mom, and her brother smokes cannabis (which is just marijuana).

    So, to sum everything up, the song is basically about how things aren't always what they seem.


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    Dec 2nd, 12:21pm report

    It's how people think her family's perfect, but in reality, they're putting on a "mask."

    In the song, Crybaby's family seems so perfect, but the mom is an alcoholic, the dad is cheating on the mom, and her brother is on drugs.

    It's a touching song about how things aren't always what they seem.


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    Dec 1st, 12:49pm report

    Crybaby has found a way to show her fans that no family is perfect. and each family member has a dark secret. The mom is an alcoholic dad is having an affair and the brother is smoking cannabis. I know what she means your mom or dad could hit you then once the guest comes he or she acts as if nothing happened crybaby is the only one who sees the family at its worst.


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    Nov 17th, 11:36pm report

    I can say this song is about mel's family everyone can describe them as the perfect family. but they have a dark side the dad cheats on the mom with another lady the mom is always drunk mel tries to tell her but she won't listen the brother we can describe as a bully who usually smokes and mel she is just innocent she just want's her family to go back into a normal way but it never works so that is what the song is about.


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    Nov 10th, 11:23pm report

    This is bascilly telling everyone bout her life this also happens to many people in gernal they say u dont know what happens behid a closed door. Well this is just in this case not everyone life is perfect everyone can lie and pretend


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    Nov 10th, 11:26am report

    This song is about how everyone thinks that her family is perfect but inreality, it's falling apart. And she puts a strong front up so that no one can see what is actually happening.


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    Oct 12th, 10:50pm report

    I havent read everyones messages but they are wrong i dont think yall really know. iys about how everyone thinks celebs are all perfect. and that not always the case. bruh usee yall minds

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    Sep 10th, 9:20pm report

    I think it's about how parents are around guests. In some families, your parents can be really angry one moment and have just hit/spanked/yelled/insulted you, then open the door and see a friend or something like that, and then everyone pretends to be angelic once more.


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    Jun 30th, 2020 6:34pm report

    This song is about Crybaby’s abusive family, and how whenever someone sees them they have to “put on their doll faces” and pretend they’re perfect and nothings wrong. But nobody sees what goes down in the kitchen.

    People think of (mostly) celebrities as having perfect families, but nobody knows what goes on inside their home.


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    Jun 20th, 2020 6:27am report

    Dollhouse is about this family that may look perfect in the outside but in the inside they could be fake as plastic dolls which comes out in the tittle as that ones people see the real family they will be afraid of them but they will never harmed them


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    Jun 19th, 2020 6:52pm report

    Crybaby's family acts perfect, but they are far from that. The dad cheats, causing the mother to be depressed and hence an alcoholic, and the brother smokes. Crybaby is the only innocent one, who sees the tragedies that go on inside.
    Because her family acts fake, she feels plastic.


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    Mar 30th, 2020 3:01pm report

    people think this family is perfect, but no one really knows how hard it is for this little girl to swallow her tears that drown her. this family is far from perfect but no one sees because they are blinded by the lies that surround their house. this little girl is afraid of what people may think if they saw what really happened behind the "curtains". and when people start to wonder about the family; they just put on their "doll faces" to assure everything is fine. reality is no one in outside the family is caring enough to peek through the lies and realize that the family is hiding in the dark. this little girl has seen so many terrible things, yet she puts on a smile and pretends like she hasn't saw anything. the family does not care about this little girl, so they do anything and everything in their power to destroy this little girl from the inside out.


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    Feb 23rd, 2020 2:52pm report

    Crybaby's family acts perfect, but each share a deep secret: The dad cheats, the mom is an alcoholic, and the brother smokes. Crybaby is caught in the middle, and feels that no one listens to her. They're careful not to let anyone see what really goes on, and are overall completely fake.


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    Feb 9th, 2020 2:20am report

    I think it is about how her family isn't perfect like how she wants it to be.like how her family isn't as close as she may want them to be.

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