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Melanie Martinez: Numbers Meaning


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Numbers Lyrics

Count up your portions, count up your checks
Feeding your fam while you're coming at my neck
When ya gonna freeze with the cruel dramatics?
I'm not inspired by your foolish practice
Butter your bullshit, set up your fence
I'm just the...


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    Jul 9th 2022 report

    I think that maybe its about flawed school systems push kids to do things that will break their mental health just so they get good marks (you push us past our limits just to watch decimals grow) but when they try to speak about it they see them as a joke (oh, i need a reason why im looked at like a joke) and school isn't showing them what they need too know for THEIR life, just some random information that they may never use in their chosen job field (why should i try to conform to formulated paths?) and (to decide what my future is, im my own clairvoyant). keep in mind this is just my opinion.

  2. anonymous
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    Dec 8th report

    When I first heard it I thought it meant being used for their body like "am I just a number" like body count. And "But not just by material I'm talking 'bout in here
    My heart space and my cranium must be loved too, my dear" like material being body and wanting to be loved for who she really is.

  3. anonymous
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    Jul 25th 2022 report

    Personally, I think Numbers is about a supervisor (manager, producer etc.) of a celebrity taking advantage of the money and benefits that the celebrity is bringing in, and taking it for themselves, as well as forgetting that the celebrity is a person and not just a way to earn money.

    The supervisor seems to be pushing the celebrity to their limits physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. just for the social and economic benefits and value. "Feeding your fam while you're coming at my neck" meaning the supervisor is using the money from the celebrity to support a home life while also pushing the celebrity over the limit ("You push us past our limits just to watch decimals grow")

  4. catty12_
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    Mar 23rd 2022 report

    I think it is about her trying to persue her dream and counting her money to see if she has enough to leave(count up you portions count up you checks)And she is helping her friend and her friend likes her(feeding your fam while your coming at my neck)But she thinks he is to anoying(Im not inspired by your foolish practise)Then she leaves and becomes a big star and her friend is jelous and is trying to bring her down.(and I just a number cuz it seems like thats your goal you push us past are limits just to watch decimales grow)The he makes fun of her(i need a reason why Im look at like a joke)And she is determined to prove him wrong again(until I prove you wroung like ive done time and time before)And he is trying to teach her a leson but they lack something(all your idel teaching and you cridasizum lack)And she is proditing the future and coming up with great ideas(To deside my futer)(imgination in assend)Then she is really mad(in ready to pop like a valcano)The she becomes bigger then she did and she prikes her slef to mes shure its real(priking all my fingers to carve out many roads).Finally when her friend tries again it just makes her more famous.

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  5. anonymous
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    Mar 23rd 2022 report

    I think this song is about her trying to find her passion but someone keeps telling her she cant do it so she proves them wrong(untill I prove you wrong like ive done time and time before)And she goes and becomes this huge star and then they come and take it all away so she is small again(you push us past are limits just to watch decimal grow)Then everone laughs at her(I need a reason why uim looked at like a joke

  6. anonymous
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    Jun 8th 2021 report

    Just to say that this is my opinion and my interpretation and that you don’t have to agree.

    I think that numbers is about how all celebrities are pushed to the very limit until they are on the verge of mentally and emotionally breaking down.
    Also, how society and the media will find any flaw in them and blow it up into something it’s not hence the line “you’re making a big deal out of a little thing”
    We all have to remember that everybody is human and no-one is perfect and we all have a limit and if that limit is pushed than we will break.
    Melanie I just want to say that I love your music and your creativity but overall how you are just such a genuine and honest person. Never stop being you and keep the music coming! ❤️

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