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Fire Drill Lyrics

Uh, mm, mm, mm
Uh, uh, mm, mm, uh, uh

[Verse 1]
I've never fit into any category, always?deemed?an outcast
Since I?was in Sunday School and all?the cool kids said I was weird
It's exactly the same, they say:
"Why do you dress...


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    Jun 27th 2020 !⃝

    This song is about how she was called "weird" by most people in her schools in the past. She was deemed as an outcast and a loner.

    This song sounds like her just questioning child/teen morals. For example kids nowadays would rather film something than go help like a fight or even a fire.

    This song can be interpreted in so many meaningful ways. I just love it. My favourite song from her now.


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    Jul 7th 2020 !⃝

    I agree with the interpretation that he song is talking about how kids/Teens around my age are more concerned about popularity and hurting each other rather than be empathetic and logical, only to be thinking about their popularity on things such as TikTok,Instagram,and YouTube. People are constantly hurting each other more than thinking about how their kids are going to feel about living in a world where there is toxic and racist behavior and violence. I personally don’t blame just the Government because in a sense, Every human is messed up. Most People these days have forgotten about Rationality and logic, to only get sucked into the idea that opinion is fact. I’ve made the mistake of letting my emotions cloud realistic judgement against subjects like Racism, LGBTQ+ phobia, Violence toward children, Religion, and Bullying. I would rather think about my family than post during a Life or Death situation at school because the situations are serious and not to be made into a joke. The thing is every human being is to blame not just the Government for the atrocities that are plaguing today’s society. It’s not only disappointing that teenagers my age are so toxic but the fact that we need to take real responsibility and take a stand. On the 4th July,2020 there was mass murder in New York and Chicago where CHILDREN were slaughtered. We need to change and stop giving each other hate and actually think about what humanity really needs. The world needs to make a change and do better than this. There is a pandemic and a wonderful movement to stop police brutality and end racism toward the African American Community. We need to think about future generations needs and not our own selfish desires. We need to end the Cyber-Bullying and the Pain. I’m sick of the world making the same mistakes over and over again. Hasn’t there already been enough harm?! We need to take action and think about the Reality. There is death and a social war in America that needs to end. We need to be better.


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    Mar 10th 2020 !⃝

    The way I interpret this song is that Melanie is talking to a hateful, heartless person and kind of trying to tell them that they are in a way, wasting their life away by being cruel to other people. She is trying to bring them to reality that your actions have affect on people and you shouldn’t waste your time worrying about how other people live their lives and you should focus on yourself because you never know when it will all go up in flames one day.

  4. infintysky
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    Nov 22nd 2022 !⃝

    I believe that it is about how she felt really left out of the world and did not fell welcome to put out her music but in the end we all love it

  5. anonymous
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    Aug 18th 2022 !⃝

    I think this song is from the POV of a teenage girl who was a victim of bullying. Instead of turning all that into a spiraling depression, she just gets angry. Not exactly angry to the point of doing the same thing- angry to the point she's mad it happened. She thinks it's all stupid.

    The majority of the song is her trying to tell them how stupid it all was and was trying to prove her innocence.

    She seems like the type of girl who's very forgiving and kind. She doesn't hold any form or resentment to the people who bullied her per se, but their actions and the reason for them. That's the type of person who gets bullied or outcast more than their peers. I should know- I'm one of those girls. I don't exactly hold any resentment for the people who don't talk to me, I mean I don't exactly like introductions. Anyways, back on topic (ADHD and I'm too lazy to erase that).

    I think the song is her also giving her bullies a little would you rather. I would assume it was somewhat difficult for them, as the majority of the people who bully her are little smartphone zombies and are the type of people that would go into cardiac arrest if they couldn't be within a foot of their phone for two seconds.

    Anyways I have school in the morning and I gotta wake up at 5am and im a little tired. Despite my melatonin, I nearly forgot to sleep yesterday as I somehow thought a school week was Monday through Tuesday. Goodnight/day to whoever is reading this!

  6. anonymous
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    Jun 18th 2022 !⃝

    This song is about people who don't accept Mel/Cry Baby because she's different and doesn't act like them.

    "Would you say bye to your family? Would you post about it?" means that some people don't even care about their loved ones, and post about the nuke hitting for likes and retweets...like it even matters and that their not gonna die in 20 seconds.

    Storywise, this song was supposed to be played at the end of K-12 when the school burned down. However, this was canceled, likely because of budget cuts, so the school was trapped in a bubble instead and Fire Drill was played during the credits.

  7. anonymous
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    Apr 1st 2021 !⃝

    I think it means that kids are so worried about what other people do on and what other people think about them on social media then their own lives, they bully people for acting themselves shame people for what they want to do with their life instead of worrying about their own. The verse "Fire drill what would happen if a nuke just hit? would you say bye to your family or would you post about it?" means that instead of telling your parents bye I love you mom! they decide too post stuff in the life and death situations. what I think the song is about is stop worrying about others online and worry about yourself and also spend more time with your parents because you never know when it can end.

  8. anonymous
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    Jan 5th 2021 !⃝

    To be honest, I think the song is about Teenage Bullying in general, Put Yourself In Crybaby's shoes, if you were to be Bullied That badly You would questoin the Bully's potential To being nice In their personal Life and choices, When you see them being Snobby at recess and Filming for social Media Or whatever You would Questoin if they would chose social media Over their own family, And you think, if They bully you that badly, how would they/do act With their own Mother? especailly If they were both at Death's Cliff

    Also I have a Conspiracy, You know how it was supposed to be in the film when Everyone escapes? how The school was supposed to be on fire but they didnt have enough money for it? I feel like it was going to be Crybaby singing about/to Kelly kind of thing and, In the actual Film, We see kelly Hesitating to get out of the school then after That we dont see her, That may be a Hint that Crybaby was aiming that song at HER!

    Thanks for Reading!

  9. anonymous
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    Dec 28th 2020 !⃝

    although this is a good song i’ve noticed that half of melanies songs are about actual problems and i don’t think a lot of people notice that. i’m not going to be talking about this song i just wanted to point that out i’m sorry

  10. anonymous
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    Dec 15th 2020 !⃝

    so I think this song is about bullies and how they only care about themselves and wouldn't care if their whole family died. like in the part where it says "what would happen if a nuke just hit, would you say goodbye to your family, would you post about it?" show that some people would rather post to their social media about something bad happened instead of trying to help someone in danger.

  11. anonymous
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    Oct 3rd 2020 !⃝

    Ok, so, it’s about Timothy Heller. Melanie was going to put it at the end of the movie, when they WERE going to burn the school down, but instead trapped it in a bubble, because they didn’t have enough money for that. So, Melanie put it in the credits. It’s also about Crybaby being bullied by other kids for not being the same.

    Sorry this didn’t really explain it! Have a good day/night! ☎️

  12. anonymous
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    Jul 3rd 2020 !⃝

    i think it’s about how people only care about views, and likes so if a nuke hits they would be more worried about posting a photo saying like #nukejusthit and they won’t be worrying about heir family that could be bleeding out at the moment

  13. anonymous
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    Jun 30th 2020 !⃝

    I think it's about bullies. And how annoying they are.
    Because in k-12 she struggles against bullies because she is different.

  14. anonymous
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    Jun 27th 2020 !⃝

    I think that this song is trying to tell people how the government is acting, trump on his phone and how toxic the world is today.

  15. anonymous
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    May 27th 2020 !⃝

    I think that it is about Melanie being an outcast. and that it hurts her but she doesn't care because she is more focused on family and that others should to because you never know like you could tell your mom you hate her for some reason but you know it's not true. then the next day you and your mom die from a nuclear attack( most likely from the middle east lol) and "I hate you" were the last words she heard from you. and also that we are under a brainwash by the government and they cause all this hatred and harm.

    sorry it is so long lol

  16. anonymous
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    Apr 28th 2020 !⃝

    In my opinion:
    In the opening of the song, Melanie explains how she feels like an outcast, and how other people question her unique style; this is shown when she mocks the others who ask her questions like, “Why aren’t you just like me?”. This shows how she, herself, and others view her as different. She is seen as different because she doesn’t follow the societal, modern standards set into place today, for instance, she doesn’t like to follow up on social media like everybody else is expected to do.
    She feels as if she is expected to do what everybody around her is doing, however she refuses to do so. But, she isn’t angered by all the children’s questioning and confusion, because she understands that these children have been brought up around this toxic environment, so she doesn’t blame them, more so, she blames the government - this is seen later on in the song.
    After in the chorus, she questions the other children morals; do they care about fakery or reality more? She does this by making up a scenario - if there was a fire, would they go straight to social media and post about it, or would they think about their family?
    Melanie knows that she would rather be in reality than sucked up into fakery and social media. She’s just trying to be more present in her life, however, in a way, the government are preventing this and taking away this opportunity from her.
    Although she dislikes the other kids, she views them as on the same side as her, as she knows they’ve been brainwashed but she’s been strong enough not to be pushed into all of the societal propaganda. (She blames the government for this as she feel s as if they’ve tricked society into following their standards so they can be distracted from the evil they’re doing).

  17. anonymous
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    Mar 15th 2020 !⃝

    I personally think it is about Melanie as a child, feeling wasted, though it's good she didn't "waste her life" because look at her now.

  18. anonymous
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    Mar 13th 2020 !⃝

    I think its about how Melanie never fit In at school and she was Trying to show that They should not waste their life like that because They never know what can happen.

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