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Let’s Go to the Hop - Ignore That Door’s Four Bunnies and a Beatbox

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If anyone asks, I will declare, without hesitation, that I know nothing about how music works. Take, for instance, this note I scribbled from somewhere around the middle of reviewing this album: “‘Wolfsheim’?, is not the answer; collapse into a circus noodle—and then kind of saunters off”. These are not the remarks of a musician, or even a music... Keep reading →

Forgotten Weird Music Videos of the Ancient 80s | vol 3

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Here we are buzzing along with our forgotten and weirdest MTV videos of the 80s. Volume 1 is here and volume 2 is here. Both of those were loosely grouped around some better ... Keep reading →

Forgotten Weird Music Videos of the Ancient 80s | vol 2

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The hipster joke of the 90s went, “I’m so old, I watched MTV back when it played music!” The inevitable march of reality TV devoured hour after hour of cable programming time, and series like MTV’s The Real World helped kick off the trend.

Eventually music videos recovered their popularity and we know the rest of the story. But we’re looking b... Keep reading →

Forgotten Weird Music Videos of the Ancient 80s | vol 1

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The thing to know about the launch of MTV in 1981, was that music videos were only just barely a thing at that point. True, MTV did not invent the music video any more than Facebook invented the social network or Microsoft invent the operating system. But by golly were they ever in the right place at the right time! Anyway, I’ve Keep reading →

Let’s Chase Taylor Swift Rumors

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Why? Because it’s a rainy day out there, and we’re restless and bored. And because, as a music blog rockin’ from way back when the blogs first started bloggin;, we cover Taylor Swift suspiciously little around here. It’s just that (gawrsh, you noticed?) we aim for a different beat from the usual media/culture site, especially when it comes to not reporting every award... Keep reading →

When the Beatles Touched Off a Movie War

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Unless this is your first time reading a music blog (how do you like it so far?), you should all be familiar with the Beatles’ A Hard Days’ Night. It’s the first movie the Beatles ever made, and it was all about – wait for it – what it’s like to be the Beatles. They scrounged... Keep reading →

When Mike Bloomfield Composed a Soundtrack For Andy Warhol

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In my latest side quest, I’ve taken to producing movie review videos for 366WeirdMovies. Which leads to some interesting connections back to my music interests here. Let’s detour for a quick recap:

Weird Movies, Weirder Music!

So far for POD366’s Weird View Crew, I’ve covered some movies with a music crossover interest:

Keep reading →

Yet Another List of Bad Song Covers

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It’s time again to shame the re-made unremarkable. As Hollywood seems stuck in a perpetual cycle of remakes of reboots of sequels of remakes, so musicians spend a surprising chunk of their time re-performing each others’ work. Which makes sense; song-writing takes time, you know! In between penning out lyrics, sometimes it helps blow out the creative cobwebs if you jam out a song... Keep reading →

Why Does Everybody Pick On Liberace?

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I was prodded to wonder the title question while working on another project for another client. More specifically, a movie review, in fact a movie which has rock n roll for a partial motif… and which could not resist taking a monkey shot at Liberace. The movie in question was released in 1999, some 12 years after his passing. It will come up a couple movies from now over at Keep reading →

Trainspotting Soundtrack Revisited : One of the Best Ever?

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Your humble blogger has a rare opportunity to tie together three of my steadiest, long-running gigs. First at 366WeirdMovies, I’ve been doing video movie reviews on their YouTube channel and I’ve drawn 1996’s Trainspotting as my next review, also with a post write... Keep reading →

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