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Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion: Bringing Back the Rap Feud

Posted Jan 30th, 17:57 by Penguin Pete

Wouldn’t it be a giggle if all I did was celebrity gossip like all the other entertainment blogs out there? Well, actually, probably not. Even though I could add wit and snark to the pile of hot takes, I’d still be just imitating what others do. But just this once…

Most people will barely care, and I’d not be addressing it, were it not for the deluge of news stories about Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion, apparently having a beef. Like me, once you’ve heard one too many headlines about them whiz by, you will turn to the nearest hip person and ask “Please give me the details in the fewest, least painful possible words.” That’s what I’ll provide here.

Hulk Narrate Feud: Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion

  • * They start best friends
  • * Make “Hot Girl Summer” together
  • * Megan make song with Cardi B, “WAP”
  • * Nicki no like Cardi
  • * Hulk no like “WAP.” Hulk still cry when remember “WAP”
  • * Nicki unfollow Megan on something call “Instagram”
  • * Nicki say mean thing about Megan on talk show
  • * Hulk wonder why not all show talk?
  • * Nicki sing diss song about Megan, “Red Ruby Da Sleeze”
  • * Megan sing diss song back to Nicki, “Hiss”
  • * Nicki drop diss track right back, “Big Foot”
  • * That all happen so far
  • * Hulk think funny, girl fight with song. Hulk fight with fist.

My Flaming Hot Analysis

My cynical side thinks this is all a big set-up between the two artists to snag a headline or two away from T_____ S____ for a change. Face it, without this feud, you’d have probably forgotten either Megan or Nicki existed right now, unless they were already installed on your playlist. So they stage a mock feud and both sell a few extra downloads.

In fact, “fake feuds” for publicity are a thing, and I’m far from the first to point them out. According to Chance the Rapper, the feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B was faked in the first place. I would “Hulk recap” the whole Nicki/Cardi feud, but I’ll turn that job over to someone even less literate, a People magazine blogger.

Just, you know, by the time a fight gets into analyzing who liked whose tweets, that’s, like, the definition of trivial. I sure hope no one holds me accountable to every like and re-share I’ve even done on social media. That’s my left thumb keeping itself busy while I eat a sandwich and watch the news, hardy paying attention.

In any case, it’s been suggested before and is probably the case this time, that this feud is overblown at least.

BUT… the non-cynical side of me hypothesizes (ever so credulously, because it’s less cynical) that maybe Nicki has a legit reason why her feelings were hurt. “WAP” was a smashing success - the first female rap collaboration to debut atop the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, in fact – and Nicki was left out of it. This is a pretty minor doubt though, because it’s not like the proclaimed “Queen of Rap” does have a nice fat career of her own.

BONUS BUCK: Sun Ra Revisited!

In case you’re just buzzing through our archive and could care beans about the rapper feuds, I’ll toss in a little side adventure of mine. Over at 366 Weird Movies’ YouTube channel, I’ve taken to full video productions of movie reviews. And what should the first official review of the Weird View Crew be but Sun Ra’s Space is the Place? Which, to cut to the chase, definitely belongs on our weirdest movies apocrypha.

Many moons ago, I wrote up the innovative experimental jazz musician’s one attempt at a concert-film / religious-tract. While it’s not the most coherent narrative in the world, and pretty offensive to whites and blacks alike in this day and age – not to mention NASA – the movie is still corny fun set around the Arkestra’s inspired music. Once again, I got to revisit that piece for the Weird View Crew, and twice is certainly sufficient for this effort.

I’ll just be sure to mention: I love Sun Ra’s music enough that it’s one of my go-to instrumental choices for background music, work or play. It’s even been my nap music. It’s worth pointing out that Sun Ra recorded over 200 albums in his lifetime, giving us plenty of room to dive in and explore. I’m on a mission to hear all of them at least once, something I make slow progress at whenever I get tired of listening to the other jazz artists on my favorites list.

So be sure to swing by that 366 Weird Movies channel, as I’m posting there roughly once a week. You’re reading here because you like my weird music blogs – why not enjoy weird movies too?

As for the Megan/Nicki feud – call us back when they scrap in person.



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